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Most kids like one sport.  It’s a problem when you like them all.

Hunter Hippel is the Owner and Editor of hippelsportshub.  He is 17 years old and is a high school senior.  Hunter lives in Lake Elmo, Minnesota, 25 minutes east of Minneapolis. He has lived in Phoenix, Arizona, Kansas City, Kansas, Rochester, New York, and Livermore, California, 45 minutes east of San Francisco. He was born in Arizona, and considers it his hometown.  Hunter lives at home with his Mom, Dad, Sister, dog, and rabbits.  He doesn’t live on a farm, but feels his house may be one with all the animals running around.  He is also the Online Sports Editor for his high school’s newspaper.  Hunter is a student, who understands that school comes first, and maintains his grades well enough that his parents allow him to run this site.

In addition to school and this site, Hunter has many other interests.  He is a music lover of all genres, and likes to watch movies from all ages.  Hunter also plays the bass guitar, electric guitar and a little bit of piano.

Hunter likes to write his columns in 1st person.  He wants his readers to not just read his column(s), but interpret it as a conversation between him and his reader.  He writes his columns mostly from knowledge (Plato has a great quote: “Opinions without knowledge are ugly.”), but uses stats to back himself.  Hunter loves statistics (espicially baseball and hockey), but feels they are over-used in today’s sports writing (in certain sports!  Football is not there yet with analytics.).   He can be a homer for his favorite team(s), so be sure to check out the My Teams before you read any column of his.

As you may have noticed, Hunter runs a Twitter feed in correlation to the website.  The Twitter feed isn’t only to provide news and scores, but it expresses Hunter’s humorous and sarcastic take on sports.  It’s worth a follow.  (Contact links at the bottom).

Hunter has many influences, whether it be writers or radio hosts, or any other sports personalities.  His biggest influences include: Bill Simmons, Dan Patrick, Rich Eisen, Craig Carton, Peter King, Bomani Jones, Zach Lowe, Kevin Pelton, Eric Koreen, Tom Verducci, Keith Law, Jonah Keri, Tim Kurkjian, Bob McKenzie, Sean McIndoe, Neil Greenberg, Pablo Torre, David Pollack, Adam Schefter, Jalen Rose, Pete Prisco, Sam Miller, Gregg Rosenthal, Robert Mays, and well, the list goes on and on.

All Contacts:

Email: hunterhippel@gmail.com

Twitter: Personal: @hips38  Site’s: @hippelsportshub

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hippelsportshub/1446225902352904?ref=hl

10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hippel von sportshub is a local legend and deserves to be in the hall of fame and is a fricken legend not tobe messed with. i would describe his basketbal player as a 3 way scrappy raw face up 4 with ability to hit the 3 ball from 35 feet+ and ball handling of a point guard.

  2. Danny Smith

    Just read my first hippelsportshub update! Well done. No Violent Femmes in the background, but still, well done young man. Say hi to Pop’s

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