Rui Hachimera Might Be This Draft’s Most Underrated Player

The last installment of the “I have too much to say about this guy” series ends with Gonzaga’s Rui Hachimera.  My full mock draft will go up tomorrow morning.

No.9, Washington Wizards- Rui Hachimera, Gonzaga

The drafts that are considered the less talented ones are dangerous.  Since there is usually only one or two “guys”, it causes all the other “guys” to be shuffled around in a ton of different ways.  Big boards in less talented drafts are much more variable.

Cam Reddish and Rui Hachimera are perfect examples of that on my board.  Those are two guys who are widely considered to be consensus passes with high high picks.  They’re both in the top ten of my mock draft, and are within the top eight of my big board.

The reason I fell in love with Hachimera was the scoring ability.  Your team is nothing and is going nowhere without a No.1 scoring option who can get you buckets in big games.  Multiple rosters in the league lack that; that type of player is the one piece holding them back.  That was Toronto before this season.  Look at what they did.

Hachimera can get buckets.  He’s got a variety of moves in order to get them.  The jump-stop was one he used and dominated defenders with.  He can drive to the rim using his graceful athleticism.  He reminds me a bit of Carmelo Anthony offensively, although he’s a lot more efficient about his game than Melo ever was.  He’s also way more athletic.

Hachimera’s got the three point shot in his arsenal too, and can use his massive frame to be a tough cover for anyone chasing him around off the ball.

Defensively Hachimera is there too.  The athleticism really shows on that end.  He’s a pest on the ball, and flies around blocking shots, getting steals and jumping screens off the ball.  He might even have a little bit of rim protection in him.

The Wizards are in a tough spot.  With the brutal John Wall contract hanging its ugly head over the future, and Bradley Beal an underrated superstar in his prime, Washington probably has no other choice but to try and compete.  There’s no sense in trying to rebuild with an overpaid, overzealous Wall on the roster for years to come.

Hachimera is the type of guy who could make an impact now for a team that needs a wing scorer after trading away Otto Porter Jr.  Him and Beal, assuming Beal is on the roster, could be a deadly scoring duo next season.  Adding Wall clutters things, but that’s not for a couple years now.

Some worry about Hachimera’s rawness and ability to play at a NBA tempo, but the smoothness to his game should translate to better efficiency soon.

I think Hachimera is someone the Wizards can get value out of next season, the seasons with Wall back and the seasons after the Wall contract.  He’s the perfect long, athletic scorer and defender that the league covets so highly these days.