NFL Free Agency Wrap Up

It’s been busy times for me, but my Spring Break allowed me to write a monster recap of the NFL’s free agency period.  I hit practically every guy you’ve heard of, and a couple under-the-radar signings that I liked.

Who?: Jeremy Kerley

Where to where?: Re-signed with 49ers

Contract: Three years, $10.5 million

The 49ers added a bunch of offensive weapons this free agency period.  Kerley was probably their best one, considering the value of his contract.  Kerley essentially becomes their 2nd or 3rd weapon, depending on how you feel about the Marquies Goodwin signing.  However, collectively, as I’ll get into later, these moves don’t make a ton sense considering the state of this team.

Who?: Jack Doyle

Where to where?: Re-signed with the Colts

Contract: Three years, $19 million 

The Colts decided to swap Dwayne Allen for Jack Doyle, which seems smart until you realize Indianapolis traded Allen to the Patriots, where he’s almost certain to emerge as a better player.  Doyle’s been a little more consistent than Allen over the years, and with what Andrew Luck currently has to deal with, consistency is key.

Who?: Brandon Marshall

Where to where?: Jets to Giants

Contract: Two years, $12 million

I loved this signing by the Giants.  You simply can’t run an offense that is reliant on one guy breaking away for a yards-after-contact catch every time.  Sterling Shepard is still emerging, Victor Cruz is gone.  Marshall provides the Giants with a go-to receiver who still has it, while also giving them a veteran presence, which might be desperately needed considering some of the attitudes on that team.

Who?: Pierre Garcon

Where to where?: Redskins to 49ers

Contract: Five years, $47 million 

Yeah, here is where the 49ers’ decisions become questionable.  Garcon is 30, is probably gonna decline, and just now got the biggest contract of his career.  With no real quarterback throwing to him, this seems like wasted money spent by San Francisco.  There’s no point in investing big money in weapons if you don’t have a young quarterback for those receivers to develop chemistry with, especially a guy who’s exiting his prime.

Who?: Brian Hoyer and Matt Barkley

Where to where?: Both from Bears to the 49ers

Contract: Two years, $12 million (Hoyer), no terms on Barkley

A whopping congratulations and thank you to the 49ers for essentially relocating the Bears quarterback battle (That is, if they don’t draft someone) to the San Francisco!  This is probably the most underwhelming QB battle we’re gonna have this Summer, unless the Browns work something up (Which is completely possible).

I just don’t understand why teams sign Brian Hoyer anymore.  You know what he is, you know where he’s getting you (Nowhere).  He’s a backup at this point, and the fact that the 49ers are even going to give him a chance at starting shows the unfortunately early incompetence from this new regime.

I like the Barkley signing though.  He showed some minor flashes last season; he looked a little frisky.  I like the risk by San Francisco.  Worst case he doesn’t work out and you find a guy in the coming drafts, or best case: He turns into a franchise guy.  I’m not predicting that, but if the flashes turn into consistency, then he is one.

Who?: Kenny Stills

Where to where?: Re-signed with Miami

Contract: Four years, $32 million

There was a lot of public debate on this one.  I like Kenny Stills and always have, and I think the Dolphins are smart to re-sign him.  First of all, you have to understand that Ryan Tannehill’s competence hinges on good weapons.  The Dolphins have them (and only added with the trade for Julius Thomas).  Secondly, Adam Gase is a magician.  He can make any piece work.

While $20 million guaranteed is kinda a lot, the annual salary of $8 million is pretty good value for the Dolphins.

Who?: Kyle Juszczyk

Where to where?: Ravens to 49ers

Contract: Four years, $21 million

“Who?” is right.  I honestly had no idea who Kyle Juszczyk was before this singing.

Two things stick out about this signing:  1) Kyle Shanahan is going middle fingers at everyone and is acquiring whoever he wants to help run his offense in San Francisco.  2) Juszczyk, a fullback, is gonna make more than a decent amount of running backs, checking in at just over $5 million per year.

I’m not knowledgeable enough about Juszczyk to have a strong opinion, so I’m gonna put my trust in Shanahan at this point.

Who?: Danny Woodhead

Where to where?: Chargers to Ravens

Contract: No terms

I like this signing for Baltimore.  Their run game was putrid last season, and they need another dimension on offense.  I’m not sure Woodhead really moves the needle, but he’s a nice guy to have.

Who?: Ronald Leary

Where to where?: Cowboys to Broncos

Contract: Four years, $35 million 

Though they play different positions, replacing Russell Okung with Ronald Leary is a nice upgrade, and is an awesome when you consider the value.  Leary lost his job in Dallas, which is usually not a good thing for most, but considering the fleet of lineman the Cowboys posses, it’s not very concerning.

Who?: Barry Church

Where to where?: Cowboys to Jaguars

Contract: Four years (No financial terms)

The Jaguars added a ton of talent to their defense for the 2nd straight year, and that includes an underrated signing in Barry Church.  Church isn’t a star, but he’s a solid safety.  Plus, adding him into a secondary group that now includes Jalen Ramsey, A.J. Bouye and Tashaun Gipson can only make him better.

Who?: Robert Woods

Where to where?: Bills to Rams

Contract: Four years, $39 million

This contract might be the most indefensible of any of the deals we’ve seen so far.  Robert Woods has been a 3rd option most of his career, and never really made an impact in Buffalo.  I understand that the Rams are trying to help Jared Goff, but they’re putting together a receiving core full of 2nd and 3rd options.  Close to $10 million a year for guy who hasn’t shown us anything is insane.  I guess playing in his college stadium might help??

Who?: Tony Jefferson

Where to where?: Cardinals (sad face) to Ravens

Contract: Four years, $36 million

(sad face) (sad face) (sad face)

Ugh, I knew he was gone when free agency hit, but it was too surreal when he actually left.  Watching him come out of nowhere the past few years has been awesome as a Cardinals fan.  He was an important part of the dominant secondary we’ve put together, but the Cardinals were not gonna fork over $9 million a year for him giving the cap situation.

As for his fit in Baltimore, I’d say that him and Eric Weddle form a pretty nice duo.  I would not want to throw the ball over the middle against that secondary.  They still need another cornerback.  If they don’t get one, Weddle and Jefferson can cover for those mistakes.

Who?: Calais Campbell

Where to where?: Cardinals (sad face) to Jaguars

Contract: Four years, $60 million

(sad face) (sad face) (sad face)

While we’re on the Cardinals, we might as well just get this over with.

This one hurt.  I really didn’t see this one coming.  Calais Campbell has been a fan favorite for years.  He’s been the heart and soul of the team since he’s been a Cardinal.  For him to leave sucked, but I can’t blame him.  It’s about money, and the Cardinals just didn’t have a lot of it this offseason.  We knew Campbell was gonna get paid.  He did and man, does he deserve it.

This was one of Jacksonville’s three big signings, adding to their haul from last offseason.  It is a scary defense now.  Calais Campbell, Malik Jackson, and Dante Fowler Jr. on the same defensive line?  I don’t want to block that.  No thanks.

Who?: Mike Glennon 

Where to where?: Buccaneers to Bears

Contract: Three years, $45 million

Analysis: Lmaooooooo


The whole “starting quarterback money” thing needs to go.  It’s a terrible scale to pay guys on.  Just look at Brock Osweiler last year (More on him later).

The Bears convinced themselves Mike Glennon is starter-quality, which is, well, not great.

I don’t think Mike Glennon is terrible though.  I just think he’s extremely average, and average play doesn’t earn you $15 million a year, no matter what the quarterback pay scale is.

I would have been completely okay with the Bears signing Glennon if it had been for  $8 million a year.  It’s not Glennon the player, it’s the contract he’s about to earn.  I don’t see him being franchise QB and/or starter.  I think he’s a bridge guy, and he should have been paid like one.

My other question about this accqusiton:  Why would the Bears pay Glennon $15 million a year when they could have brought Matt Barkley back for cheap, and possibly could have had a shot at developing him further?

Ryan Pace is clearly fighting for this job, and he better hope Glennon works out.

Who?: Nick Perry

Where to where?: Re-signed with Packers

Contract: Five years, $60 million

I thought this was quite much for Nick Perry, who had the perfect contract year with Green Bay.  It’s unusual to see the Packers fork out money like this, but I guess they know more than me.

Who?: Luke Joeckel

Where to where?: Jaguars to Seahawks

Contract: One year, $8 million 

If you had to put this offensive line market in nutshell, this contract would be your example.  Matt Kahlil has a good case too (More on him later).

This deal shows how truly desperate the Seahawks are at offensive line.  Joeckel’s a draft bust who just never figured it out, and still managed to rake in $8 million.  Check getting ‘dem checks!

Who?: Stephon Gilmore

Where to where?: Bills to Patriots

Contract: Five years, $60 million

This was another one of the most shocking deals of free agency.  Gilmore has been pretty sketchy his whole career.  He takes plays off and is too aggressive, leading to mistakes.  But when’s 100% in he’s a No.1 cornerback.

The Patriots clearly believe they can keep him that way, and I don’t doubt them.  I mean, what else is there to say about New England anymore?

That’s why I’m hesitant to rip them for this deal.  I believe the numbers are insane, as Gilmore fluctuates between a No.1 and No.2 corner, but this is Bill Belichcik we’re talking about.  He can make anyone good (Except Tim Tebow).  If anyone’s gonna take Gilmore to the next level, it’s him.  Belichcik will make Gilmore worth his contract.

At the same time, this signing was so un-Patriots-like.  They never hand out money like this.  They know more than me, and clearly they see something I don’t.

Who?: Andrew Whitworth

Where to where?: Bengals to Rams

Contract: Three years, $36 million

Hey look!  The Rams did something smart!

Andrew Whitworth is old, but he’s still extremely effective for his age.  He solidifies Jared Goff’s blindside, which is important considering how much he was on the ground this  past year.  When developing a young QB, you have to make sure he’s protected.  That wasn’t the case last season.  Secondly, this slides Greg Robinson inside, which is a big deal.  I’m not sure it will help him, cause the jury’s out on his skill in general as an offensive lineman, but at least he won’t be as much of a liability this year.

Who?: Kenny Britt

Where to where?: Rams to Browns

Contract: Four years, $32 million

Another extremely puzzling move.  The Browns paid Britt, a guy who’s been very sketchy his whole career, and didn’t have a great season until this past year, like a No.1 receiver on a team that’s going to have God-knows-who at quarterback this season.  You’re not living up to the hype, Paul DePodesta.

Who?: Torrey Smith

Where to where?: 49ers to Eagles

Contract: Three years, $15 million 

After being released by the 49ers, Smith’s market was going to be small.  A favorite of mine for awhile, he just never figured it out there.  Crazy situations didn’t help.  That said, it’s not like Smith is very good.  He’s a boom or bust receiver, and I’m okay with the Eagles taking a flyer on him.  $5 million per year is pretty cheap.  I’ll get into this later, but the Eagles have gone from having zero weapons to possessing an intriguing arsenal for Carson Wentz.

Who?: Antoine Bethea

Where to where?: 49ers to Cardinals 

Contract: Three years, no terms

Man, I never thought I would have to route for Antoine Bethea in my Cardinals lifetime of fandom.  I’ve despised him for awhile; it’s nothing more than a 49ers-Cardinals rivalry thing.

We lost two safeties (Jefferson and D.J. Swearinger), so something had to be done.  Bethea has a little bit left in the tank, and I believe our defense makes guys better than they are.  So in the end, I’m okay with it.

Who?: Jonathan Cyrpien

Where to where?: Jaguars to Titans

Contract: Four years, $25 million

Cyrpien isn’t a star, but he’s a very good player who is a major upgrade for the Titans at safety.  They were putrid at that position last season.  The Titans defense still has a ways to go, but Cyrpien is a nice addition at a good price.

Who?: Kevin Zeitler, J.C. Tretter

Where to where?: From Bengals (Zeitler), From Packers (Tretter)

Contracts: Five years, $60 million (Zeitler), Three years, $16.8 million (Tretter)

Now here’s what I did like about the Browns’ offseason (There’s one more move that I liked that I’ll talk about later).  They completely re-did their offensive line, which is smart considering they probably won’t have a quarterback next season.  Who knows how long it is until they find the guy.  But building the offensive line allows them to use a rushing attack to help out their bridge QB; Isaish Crowell is good, and he’ll see an expanded role this season.

Right tackle is still a bit of a question mark.  Cameron Irving could end up out there, but who knows with him at this point.  His downfall has been stunning.

Overall, the decision to build up the offensive line was the smartest decision the Browns have made this offseason.  You have to protect your QB, whether he comes this year or in three.

Who?: Matt Kahlil

Where to where?: Vikings to Panthers

Contract: Five years, $55.5 million

Analysis: Lmaoooo


I honestly thought, when the deal announced, that the decimal point was in the wrong place.  This is another contract that we can add to the indefensible list.

I have so many questions…  Did the Panthers look at any injury reports?  Did they watch any game tape?  Did Matt’s brother Ryan negotiate the contract?

This contract pays Kahlil as one of the best offensive lineman in the league.  He is so, so far away from that title.  I know Vikings fans that wanted him cut early in the season before his injury.

I understand Carolina is desperate for offensive line, help but there were other options.  I mean, paying Luke-freaking-Joeckel $8 million is much better than this.

Who?: Larry Warford

Where to where?: Lions to Saints

Contract: Four years, $34 million 

The Saints had one weak spot in their offensive line, and Larry Warford provides a massive upgrade at left guard.  What was a lilbailty for quite some time is now a asset for the Saints.  Their offensive line is now Armstead-Warford-Unger-Peat-Streif, which is big, strong and talented.

Who?: DeSean Jackson

Where to where?: Redskins to Buccaneers 

Contract: Three years, $35 million 

This is a beautiful pairing.  Jackson has always seemed like a Buccaneer; the speed, the explosiveness, it just fits.  And Jamies Winston probably approves too.

Tampa Bay now has Mike Evans, Vincent Jackson, and DeSean to use as weapons.  Pretty good!  Running back is question mark, but this is a pretty scary offense now.

Who?: Alshon Jeffrey

Where to where?: Bears to Eagles

Contract: One year, $14 million

This was just as weird of a deal as it was good.  The Eagles essentially gave him a franchise tag-like contract; a prove it deal that respected his annual value.  If Jeffrey stays healthy, then he’ll cash in next offseason.

As I mentioned above, the Eagles are doing pretty good.  Their receiving core is now complete by Alshon Jeffrey, Torrey Smith, Jordan Matthews, Nelson Agholor and Zach Ertz.  Not bad!

Who?: Micah Hyde

Where to where?: Packers to Bills

Contract: Five years, $30 million

This is a big loss for the Packers, who possibly had the worst secondary in the league this past year.  Hyde provided them with competence, and with him gone to Buffalo, the Packers are now desperate for safeties and corners.

I like the addition for the Bills.  It gives them more versatility, something they’ve totally lacked in past years.  Plus, they got him on a bargain.

Who?: Nick Fairley

Where to where?: Re-signed with Saints

Contract: Four years, $30 million

I’m happy for Nick Fairley.  That dude had a lot of issues and was almost out of the league.  After a monster year, Fairley cashes in with a sweet deal.  The Saints defense needs a lot of work, and keeping Fairley will help them stuff the opposing run.

Who?: Dre Kirkpatrick

Where to where?: Re-signed with Bengals

Contract: Five years, $50 million

I mean, congrats?  I don’t think I would have paid $10 million per year for Kirkpatrick, but he’s one of the best players on the team, so they felt pressured to do it.

Who?: A.J. Bouye

Where to where?: Texans to Jaguars

Contract: Five years, $65 million

It’s a ton of money for a breakout player, but I really think Bouye is the real deal.  He’s a No.1, shutdown corner, and will help convert Jalen Ramsey to the position too.  The only thing holding back Jacksonville now is their quarterback.

Who?: Russell Okung

Where to where?: Broncos to Chargers

Contract: Four years, $53 million

This wasn’t as indefensible as the Matt Kahlil signing by Carolina, but it was close.

First, it has been forever since Okung has been effective as a blocker.  Secondly, why are the Chargers attempting to sign any free agent offensive linemen?  D.J. Fluker and King Dunlap were a disaster (OK, Dunlap had one good year with the Chargers), and now you’re gonna sign Okung who’s been injury prone and terrible for most of his career?

This is why Leary was so important to the Broncos on a competency scale.  Re-signing Okung would have lost some trust between me and John Elway.  Fortunately, he’s a smart dude.

Who?: D.J. Swearinger

Where to where?: Cardinals to Redskins

Contract: Three years, $13.5 million

The loss of Swearinger didn’t hurt me as much as the Jefferson/Campbell/Minter (Oh my god we lost another guy) losses.  Swearinger came in at the beginning of last season as a flyer and made an impact.  We revived his career, and I’m proud of that and happy for him.

Who?: Brandon Williams

Where to where?: Re-signed with Ravens

Contract: Four years, $54 million

This was a meaty contract.  The numbers came in much higher than I expected for Brandon Williams.  The Ravens love to build their defense, and while I wouldn’t have paid Williams that money, it shows how important the defensive front is to Baltimore.

Who?: Logan Ryan

Where to where?: Patriots t0 Titans

Contract: Three years, $30 million

This is more about the Titans adding than the Patriots losing.  They’re New England.  They’re gonna lose Ryan and possibly Malcolm Butler and will be okay.  They’ll figure it out.

The Titans secondary was a putrid group last season, and adding Logan Ryan will provide them with some competence back there.  Teaming him with Jonathan Cyrpien is the start of good group in Tennessee.

Who?: Prince Amukamara

Where to where?: Jaguars to Bears

Contract: One year, $7 million

It’s a little more than I would have paid, but Amukamara is a decent corner who can give this Bears secondary some stability.  He never lived up to the expectations, but maybe Chicago can give him a boost in re-booting his career.

Who?: Julius Peppers

Where to where?: Packers to Panthers

Contract: One year, $3.5 million

“Thats why I’m back up at the Super Bowl, with Julius Peppers”

Oh yeah.  Sing it Nelly.

The Panthers probably aren’t going back to the Super Bowl with Julius Peppers, but this is the perfect swan-song for one of the most dominant pass rushers of my lifetime.

Who?: Karlos Dansby

Where to where?: Re-signed with Cardinals

Contract: No terms

This was the good news I needed after the Cardinals lost dude after dude in free agency.  Dansby isn’t the player he was when he strip-sacked Aaron Rodgers in the playoffs, but he’ll be part of a linebacker rotation which is going through heavy revamping in Arizona.

Who?: Lawrence Timmons

Where to where?: Steelers to Dolphins

Contract: Two years, $12 million

This Dolphins defense has been just a couple guys away from being really good forever now, and Timmons gives them a nice veteran presence to help clean up some of the mistakes from last year.  At only 30, Timmons has a lot of time left, and is extremely reliable, something the Dolphins desperately need.

Who?: Terrelle Pryor

Where to where?: Browns to Redskins

Contract: One year, $8 million

This contract was the subject of much debate on Twitter when it happened.  Some couldn’t believe the Browns didn’t pay up, some applauded them for not doing it.  Some thought Pryor was insane for betting on himself.

Football wise, Pryor is an awesome weapon to have.  He’s a physical receiver who you can trust.  You can use him in special package situations and in trick plays at quarterbacks.

Contractually, what Pryor did was extremely unique.  He’s getting out of Cleveland, which is a positive in so many ways.  Pryor is showing that, in order to win, he’s willing to take a pay-cut.  If he has a big year with Washington, he’s locking himself in for a multi-year, $10+ million contract.  If he falters, which is hard to foresee with a good quarterback and DeSean Jackson gone, then he’s searching for a job.  But being hogged by the Browns is probably the worst situation to be in, and Pryor was smart to see the light.

Who?: Riley Reiff, Mike Remmers

Where to where?: Lions to Vikings (Reiff), Panthers to Vikings (Remmers)

Contract: Five years, $58.7 million (Reiff), Five years, $30 million (Remmers)

All the Vikings fans were waiting for Minnesota to address their offensive line, and these signings made them very happy.

The Reiff contract was a lot for me, but it was better than paying Matt Kahlil the same amount.  Reiff is solid, Kahlil is incompetent.  Both the Vikings and Panthers were desperate, but the Vikings landed the better player.

Remmers was the better signing by Minnesota.  He’s criminally underrated, and was the only stable piece on Carolina’s o-line.  It’s better value than Reiff, but both signings will allow Minnesota to run a more functional offense.

Who?: Martellus Bennett

Where to where?: Patriots to Packers

Contract?: Three years, $21 million

I’m very excited to see how Aaron Rodgers uses Martellus Bennett in this Packers offense.  He replaces Jared Cook, who Green Bay surprisingly let walk right out the door.  Green Bay also signed Lance Kendricks, who will serve as more of a blocking tight end while Bennett will be used primarily as a pass-catcher.

Who?: D.J. Fluker

Where to where?: Chargers to Giants

Contract: One year, $3 million

This is an acceptable flyer by the Giants, who get a decent tackle at a cheap price.  Though Fluker had struggled lately, anyone is an upgrade over Ereck Flowers, who’s probably not an NFL lineman at this point.  Then again, do you really trust any former Chargers offensive linemen?

Who?: TJ Lang

Where to where?: Packers to Lions

Contract: Three years, $28.5 million

The Lions lost Larry Warford and Riley Reiff in free agency, but adding TJ Lang might make up for both of those losses.  Lang is quietly one of the best linemen in the league, and his contract is a steal compared to what other guys are making.  I love this signing by Detroit.

Who?: Cordarelle Patterson

Where to where?: Vikings to Raiders

Contract: Two years, $8.5 million

I don’t think the Vikings are upset about losing Patterson.  He had become useless to them; not being able to catch passes or return kicks and punts at length.  For the Raiders, it’s an expensive flyer (There’s no way I would have paid more than $3 million a year), but perhaps having Derek Carr throwing passes now will make Patterson effective.

Who?: Eddie Lacy

Where to where?: Packers to Seahawks

Contract: One year, $5.5 million

Ah, the running back market finally hit us.  It took awhile!  It’s a combination of two things:  1) Running backs just don’t have the value they used to.  2)  This running back draft class is incredible.  Team would rather use a draft pick on a guy they’ll have for 3+ years than waste money on a one year deal.

The Lacy signing made zero sense to me.  Ever since Marshawn Lynch retired , Seattle has struggled to fill the hole he left.  But, there’s potential now.  Thomas Rawls is really good when healthy (Which is always a question).  I fell in love with C.J. Prosise when he was active, but a broken leg derailed his season.

One of Prosise or Rawls has to go with Lacy in the backfield.  You essentially have two primary backs and a 3rd down back, but with Lacy’s weight/health, who knows.

Seattle has built a backfield of the most injury prone backs in the league.  If two are hurt, then that’s trouble.

What’s incredible is Eddie Lacy’s number.  Latavius Murray got the same salary ($5.5 million) over three years.  I know who I’d rather have.

Who?: Latavius Murray

Where to where?: Raiders to Vikings

Contract: Three years, $15 million

I loved this signing by Minnesota.  Murray isn’t a beast, but he’s a good running back, and is definitely an upgrade over Adrian Peterson.  Plus, having Murray over Lacy at the same number is a bargain for the Vikings.  Hopefully Murray can relax some of the pressure on Sam Bradford to make plays.

Who?: Datone Jones

Where to where?: Packers to Vikings

Contract: One year, $3.75 million

Jones was another quality signing by the Vikings, and at a bargain to.  He adds to an already very good defense.

Who?: Dont’a Hightower

Where to where?: Re-signed with the Patriots

Contract: Four years, $43.5 million

Hightower made the rounds before re-signing, and it really seemed like he was gone.  If he did leave, it probably wouldn’t have been that big of a deal, giving that Bill Belichick is a biblical figure.

Anyways, Hightower was a key part of the defense last season for New England, and made multiple plays in the Super Bowl.  He probably would have been a bigger contributor elsewhere, but whats better than winning?

Who?: Adam Thelein

Where to where?: Re-signed with Vikings

Contract: Three years, $27 million

I’m extremely happy for Thelein, but am a little worried this is one of those “Thanks for having one good year!” contracts.  He has a great story, so the big money is cool, but this might backfire on Minnesota.

Who?: Dontari Poe

Where to where?: Chiefs to Falcons

Contract: One year, $8 million

I know they play different positions, but Dontari Poe and Luke Joeckel are on the same contract for this upcoming season.

Anyways, this is an awesome addition for Atlanta.  Though it’s probably a prove-it year for Poe, he gives the Falcons a veteran presence, but also possesses the youth to be effective.  If he shines, then he’ll be getting paid next Spring.

Who?: Jared Cook

Where to where?: Packers to Raiders

Contract?: Two years, $12.2 million

As if Derek Carr needs anymore weapons…

Who?: Connor Barwin

Where to where?: Eagles to Rams

Contract?: One year, $6.5 million 

Barwin was a surprise release by the Eagles, and I knew he was going to land a decent deal.  No one coming off getting cut is getting a big deal, but Barwin got a nice little contract to add to the feriouscity of this Rams defensive front.  If only they can become competent offensively…

Who?: D.J. Hayden

Where to where?: Raiders to Lions

Contract?: Five years, $5.25 million

I’ve always like Hayden.  He’s underrated and unknown, but he’s a solid starter.  The Lions desperately need help in the secondary.  Hayden is a big upgrade.

Who?: Ted Ginn Jr.

Where to where?: Panthers to Saints

Contract: Three years, $11 million

I have no idea what to think of Ted Ginn Jr. anymore, but if anyone’s gonna figure out the right way to use him, it’s Drew Brees.

Who?: Manti Te’o

Where to where?: Chargers to Saints

Contract: Two years, no money terms

There’s some good catfish in Louisiana…

Who?: Kevin Minter

Where to where?: Cardinals to Bengals

Contract: One year, $4.5 million

Minter is betting on himself here.  I expected him to leave for a massive, $8+ million per year deal, not a one year flyer.  Arizona has a lot of holes to fill, but with the way we’ve drafted in the past, I’m not too worried.

Kicker stuff:

  • Never thought I’d say this thank God for Phil Dawson!  Chandler Catanzaro has competition!  Rejoice Cardinals fans!
  • Hey Bucs, thats why you don’t take a kicker in the 2nd round.

Other topics:

On the Brock Osweiler trade…

I really liked this move by Cleveland.  The only way I can criticize them for it would be due to the fact that Brock Osweiler is still on their roster.  The Browns, when making the trade, had the intention of flipping or cutting him.  Neither has happened, and you wonder whether either will happen at this point.

Flipping him is the latter option.  I personally believe that no NFL team is going to give up any value whatsoever for Osweiler.  Not even a 7th round pick.  His trade value is as low as Rajon Rondo’s was at the NBA deadline.  If you’re starting Osweiler at quarterback, you’re essentially throwing away your season.

Maybe thats what the Browns intend to do.  If they can’t find a team to flip with, then maybe the Osweiler trade was a Hinkie-esque, “I’m gonna suck as much as I possibly can” move.  Osweiler is nothing at this point.  He’s not even a bridge guy.  He is the epitome of crappiness.

It’s almost heartbreaking if you’re a fan, but getting a 3rd round pick out of it is pretty nice.

The QB of the future for Cleveland is not in this draft.  He’s either in New England or is coming in a couple years.  Until then, be as bad as you can, because it’s not like it can get worse.

On what the Jets and Texans are gonna do at QB…

For Houston, the Osweiler trade was the admittance of “Oh my God we might be terrible at our jobs.”  Granted, the Texans have a pretty nice roster, which is why getting rid of Osweiler was important.  With Osweiler at quarterback, you’re wasting your team’s window.  Now, all you need is a plug-in.

Who is that plug-in?  Tony Romo is sitting right there for them.  It feels like a hostage situation right now.  Dallas wants a team to surrender an asset, suitors feel like Dallas should do them a favor and release him.  It’s all about who eats the money.  Trading for Romo means you’re on the books for $24.7 million (Granted, you can always restructure).  Signing Romo means you give him whatever money you want, but that leaves Dallas buying out his massive contract.

Morally, Dallas should let him go.  Sign the check to make him go away.

Houston should be and is the most likely suitor.  Some would say Denver, but at this time I’m not sure how much of an upgrade Romo would be over Trevor Siemian.  The Texans are contenders with Romo.  That defense is insane, and they have enough offensive weapons to make things easier for the 36 year old.

As for the Jets, oh the Jets, well, I guess Josh McCown is gonna be the guy, which just as if not less riveting than Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Again, this is not the draft to take a quarterback in early.  The Jets are in a similar situation as Cleveland: Wait for your guy.

But the difference with New York is that, this roster might be closer than people think.  The offense is a work in progress, but the defense is restocked with a lot of young talent.  Darron Lee and Leonard Williams haven’t been unleashed yet, and there’s other quality/competent (Still waiting for Morris Cailborne to breakout) players.  Put Romo at quarterback, add another weapon or too, and that’s a frisky team.  It’s not at a level Houston would be, but the Jets could push for the playoffs with a roster construction similar to my proposal.

On the Redskins front office and Kirk Cousins rumors…

Can it ever be calm in DC these days?

Anyways, Scot McCloughan is gone, and Kirk Cousins is probably staying put under the franchise tag.

To have both of these messy situations going on at the same time is so Redskins, but lets dive in on the Cousins saga first.

My book on Cousins is this:  I think he is a good quarterback who makes mistakes at the worst times.  I think he is somewhere in the 14-15-16 range in the QB rankings, making him average.  I think I would pay him $15 million a year to be my quarterback.

Thats a lot, but it’s also not enough when you consider how quarterbacks are paid these days.  Franchise guys start at $20 million per season.  That’s the standard teams and players have set, and it’s the way contract extensions are signed.  The Redskins are playing an unfair game.  Cousins is not worth that, but in the market he is.

Thats why these rumors surfaced.  Both are fed up with each other.  Tensions have reached this summit because they’re both technically right.  Washington is not paying Cousins long-term, and the tag is a way to 1) Extend negotiations so that Washington can try to retain him 2) To put a quality team on the field with a capable QB, so that the event of losing Cousins in free agency for nothing doesn’t happen.  It’s a delay that works on two fronts, which the reason Cousins asked for a trade.

Next offseason this will finally come to a head.  Cousins could be let go, traded or retained.  For now, the drama just sits there.

The Scot McCloughan firing isn’t a huge deal since 1) The Redskins are in good football shape and 2) Dan Synder is running/burning the team single-handily.

On the Brandin Cooks and Kony Ealy trades…

Patriots get: Brandin Cooks, 4rd round pick

Saints get: 1st round pick, 3rd round pick

The price on Cooks was extremely high, expectedly so.  Cooks gives the Patriots yet another short, speedy receiver to work with.  The difference with Cooks is that he’s amazing after the catch and with his feet, something that Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola aren’t as good at.  Good luck to opposing defenses having to catch him along with defending all the other weapons New England possesses.  I would like to see the Patriots go get a deep threat, but it’s Belichick.  He’ll be fine without.

Patriots get: Kony Ealy, 3rd round pick

Panthers get: 2nd round pick

I did not understand this trade by Carolina.  They traded Ealy, still 25, and a 3rd rounder for a pick only one round higher?  It was a bad value trade by the Panthers, no matter how you feel about Ealy.

It’s an awesome pickup by New England, who just continue to add talent on every front.