Breaking Down The CFP Committee’s Rulings

ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick had a tweet Sunday morning.  It was a good tweet.

Turns out, the world is not perfect.  There’s still gonna be arguments and debates, no matter how right or wrong the committee is.

This year, I thought the committee got it right.  Its the first time I’ve believed they’ve gotten it right in the three years we’ve had this thing.

  1. Alabama
  2. Ohio State
  3. Clemson
  4. Washington

Lets just go one-by-one here…

Alabama is the surefire No.1 team in the country.  Their defense is outstanding; no one comes close.  Jalen Hurts has really evolved throughout the year, and has proved to me that he’s a capable quarterback.  His wide receivers have certainly helped him out, however.   The Alabama running backs are unstoppable again.  Damien Harris and Bo Scarborough come to mind first, as Harris can break a big run at any time and Scarborough is the more power-oriented back.  And by the way, Jalen Hurts sneakily has the most rushing touchdowns on this team.  His athleticism hasn’t only been huge for his team, but is one of the main reasons he’s proved me wrong.

The people who campaigned for Ohio State to not make the playoff are looking at the wrong things.  Yes, Penn State won the Big Ten, and yes, Penn State beat Ohio State.  And yes, the Big Ten is the best conference in football.  But, look at the way that Buckeyes-Nittany Lions game played out.  Penn State didn’t exactly dominate them.   It was extremely flukey.  I think thats a game where, if you play it ten times, Ohio State wins eight or nine of them.

The catalyst in all of this was Michigan, who’s playoff chances were dashed after Ohio State beat them (Lets not forget that people!).  The funny part about this debate is I don’t see anyone making the case that Penn State is a better team than Michigan.  You have to be better than Michigan to be better than Ohio State!

If Penn State made the playoff over Ohio State, then the committee is practically putting the 3rd best team in the conference in over the two best.  That is why Penn State didn’t make the Playoff.

Clemson was a surefire bet to make it unless Virginia Tech upset them Saturday night, which never really came close to happening.  Hey though, credit to the Hokies.  They didn’t give up, and I had a feeling they wouldn’t.  (Side-note: I went 5/5 in my picks this past weekend!)

No one dared to say Clemson shouldn’t make the playoff, and the case wasn’t really there, but I could see how it could begin to take shape.  Clemson hasn’t exactly laid the smackdown in all their games, and they’ve looked extremely unimpressive throughout this year.  But they have won, and thats what matters.

It took me awhile to hope on with the Huskies, but now I support them fully.  This offense is explosive and the defense is stingy.  There was an extremely small faction that wanted Washington out, citing a weak conference, and replaced with Penn State or Michigan.  I think the only valid point there is that both of those games probably end up in shootouts, which are extremely hard to predict since they always come down to the wire.

So yeah, while some would argue the committee went against their own rules, they did get it right.  Its about time.