What To Watch For: College Football Week 5

Don’t you love when there’s a fantastic college football weekend and you’re day is completely taken up by ACT prep?

Yeah, welcome to high school.

Thankfully, my ACT prep goes only 30 minutes into the beginning of Wisconsin-Michigan and Tennessee-Georgia.

Stanford-Washington wasn’t so lucky, as work tonight will prevent me from seeing the game.

Anyways, here’s previews for tomorrow’s three biggest games.

No.8 Wisconsin vs. No.4 Michigan

Wisconsin made a big statement against Michigan State last week, and now they face the arch rivals of the Spartans.

The Badgers left me convinced last weekend.  I picked the Spartans and the Badgers let me know that was the wrong decision.  They let me know they can win big games.

I think they’re gonna do it again.

Michigan seems a tad overrated at No.4.  They’re super talented, score a ton, and have a good defense, but they haven’t exactly played anyone great yet.  Their wins are all expectedly large.

The Badgers have beaten two top ten teams already this year, and have what might be the defense in the country.  Michigan has a great and creative rushing attack, but I don’t think the Badgers will be fooled.  Vince Biegel’s injury hurts, but the Badgers have other talented-enough guys to make up for it.

Wisconsin is still figuring out their quarterback situation, but can play ground and pound; typical Wisconsin football.  If they can win the physical game and do their thing, then the victory is in sight.

Prediction: Wisconsin-24 Michigan-20

No.11 Tennessee vs. No.25 Georgia 

This has turned into a pretty underwhelming matchup.

The Volunteers pulled one out of their butt against Florida last weekend, experiencing a Florida State-like 2nd half turnaround.  If not for Joshua Dobbs being the playmaker he is, Tennessee would not have won that game.

The Bulldogs, dealing with sketchiness of their own, have Dobbs to deal with.  They didn’t handle Ole Miss well last weekend.  Now, they have to face Tennessee without star running back Nick Chubb.

Chad Kelly picked apart the Bulldogs’ defense, so much so that the Rebels didn’t blow their lead like usual.

Kelly and Dobbs are different types of playmakers.  Dobbs is dynamic, while Kelly is a pro-style quarterback.  If this Bulldogs defense couldn’t stop Kelly, there’s no way they’re gonna stop Dobbs.

Not having Chubb is gonna hurt against a very good Vols front seven.  This and defensive troubles is gonna send Georgia to 3-2 on the year.

Prediction: Tennessee-35  Georgia-24

No.3 Louisville vs. No. 5 Clemson

Its a defensive coordinator’s nightmare.  The game of the year is gonna be full of offense, as Lamar Jackson and Deshaun Watson get to trade touchdowns tomorrow night.

How is the over/under only 68.5?  Take the over people!  Are we sure one of these teams isn’t gonna score 68 points?  I mean, when you’re dealing with these high octane offenses, anything is possible.

Lamar Jackson has put up video game numbers this year.  Its unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  DeShaun Watson has been great too, but the Tigers are barely 4-0.  Some believe them to be overrated.

I think, if there’s a game where you need to make a statement, then this is the one.

The Tigers are gonna be home.  That should give them all the motivation in the world to come out and light up the Cardinals defense.  The Tigers shouldn’t feel too cocky though, but should have the mindset that they can score on Louisville’s defense.  The Cardinals have a tough test on their hands with Clemson’s speed.  Watson’s rushing skills are some of the best in the country, not to take away from Jackson.

The difference here is that Clemson’s defense can somewhat contain him.  They haven’t ever seen someone like Jackson; no one has.  But they’ve at least done well in controlling mobile quarterbacks.  They can adjust quickly to plays changing and QBs improvising.  I worry about the Cardinals in that aspect against Watson.

No matter what, this game is going to be tight.  The weaknesses each team has won’t play too much of a factor.  This game will most likely come down to the final possession.

Shootouts are so hard to predict.  They’re anyone’s guess.

I think Saturday night’s game is going to an incredible statistical show.  The box score will look like something from a NCAA Football 14 game with 15 minute quarters.

But in the end, its all about the little things in this game.  Clemson has a more talented defense to help defend against Lamar Jackson.  I can’t trust the Cardinals defense to do the same against Watson.  He’s too smart.  Jackson might be a better improviser, but the Tigers D can manage it.  Louisville’s can’t.

Prediction: Clemson-48  Louisville-40