What To Watch For In Week 3

We’re gonna see a lot of points this weekend.  These matchups feature some of the best offenses in the country, including two matched up with one another.  The way I see this weekend playing out leaves three teams with a ton of questions to answer, as three losers will drop from the AP Poll.

No.2 Florida State vs. No.10 Louisville

Oh my, what a treat we have in Week 3.  I cannot wait for this game.

If you like points, you’ll enjoy this game.  Florida State can make any game a shootout, and Louisville wins every game in a shootout.  So yeah, chances are this game ends up in the high 40s.

Florida State is extremely talented in every aspect of the game.  Their defense is much more talented than Louisville’s.

Ironically, the Seminoles defense is tied with Louisville’s at 53rd in the nation.  But as I said above, we know Florida State is more talented.  Their ranking is low due to the Week 1 matchup against Ole Miss, a game where we saw many different forms of this Seminole team.

A rare form of this team is what Louisville needs to see Saturday morning, because even though we have a shootout on our hands, the Seminole defense may be able to get some stops.

If the Cardinal get the Seminole team we saw in the first half of the Ole Miss game, then Louisville certainly has a good chance of pulling an upset.

I don’t think Louisville’s defense is going to faze Deandre Francois though.  If he can turn his play around as fast as he did in the Ole Miss game, then nothing should bother him.  Yeah, the Rebel defense got to him.  But it was his first career game against a good defense.  Give him a break.

I hope this is a game where we can just sit back and enjoy, and I think it will be.  Its hard to analyze shootouts.  Here’s to possibly one of the best games we’ll see all year.

Prediction: Florida State-52  Louisville-48

No.1 Alabama vs. No.19 Ole Miss

This game could go two ways:  1) Shootout  2) Grudge-match

I have trust issues with both of these teams.  Ole Miss completely fell apart in the 2nd half against Florida State in Week 1.  That wasn’t entirely their fault, but this is an Alabama defense thats much better than the Seminoles’.

As for Alabama, its always the quarterback situation.  Now, Jalen Hurts has gotten better.  He’s definitely a play maker, but are we sure he’s gonna be consistent enough?  This Rebels defense is by the far the toughest Alabama has seen this season.  Its gonna be a test for the freshman Hurts.

The biggest advantage Ole Miss has is quarterback.  Chad Kelly is proven and is the best quarterback in the conference.  Going against the Tide’s D is a tough task, but if Kelly plays well, does Ole Miss have a shot?

Possibly.  Its gonna take a bad night from Jalen Hurts, which is possible.  Hurts has a very low completion percentage on the year, turning just over 50% of his passes into catches.

But the Rebels secondary is extremely weak, especially after Ken Webster’s season-ending injury.

Thats the way you beat Ole Miss.  Launch an air assault and don’t let the pressure get to you.  Alabama should be pretty good at that.

For Ole Miss to win this game, they’re gonna have to shut down the Tide wide receivers.  If Alabama opts for a rushing attack, then they have a good enough front seven to contain it.

Prediction: Alabama-35  Ole Miss-24 

No.12 Michigan State vs. No.14 Notre Dame

What a weird matchup.  Both teams aren’t what we thought they’d be.  Notre Dame looked very vulnerable in a Week 1 loss to Texas.  With that in mind, Michigan State definitely has a chance Saturday night.

DeShone Kizer is great, but the Spartans front seven is once again one of the best in country.  They’re gonna get to Kizer.  If that happens too many times, then the Irish are gonna be in trouble.

This is not the Notre Dame defense we’re accustom to.  They’re extremely weak in the secondary.  Michigan State should try and attack downfield, and score that way instead of a ground and pound gameplan.

Its still too early in the season to have real solid opinions, so we have to go off of the first two games (or in Michigan State’s case, one) and make a pick off of that.

The Texas loss was a real blow to the confidence I had in Notre Dame, and with the Spartans armory of offensive weapons, the Irish defense is gonna be in trouble once again.

Prediction: Michigan State-38  Notre Dame-28

No.3 Ohio State vs. No.14 Oklahoma

Similar to Notre Dame, this Oklahoma team looks super underwhelming.  Week 1 against Houston was embarrassing for many reasons.  First, their defense was torn apart by Greg Ward Jr.  The Sooners seem to be a team that when things don’t go well, they panic.  They lose their cool and they get pissy.

They completely collapsed against Houston.  Houston is great, don’t get me wrong, but Ohio State isn’t no Houston.

Ohio State can run or throw the ball.  They can pound you and wear you down, or gas you by moving fast and going long.

Oklahoma’s defense isn’t talented enough to withstand it.  I think there’s a chance this gets ugly, because of the way Oklahoma reacts when things don’t go their way.

When the defense doesn’t play well, Baker Mayfield doesn’t play well.  Whats up with Oklahoma athletes being sensitive to things?  We’ve got Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, and now Mayfield on the same list!

This feels like extremely dangerous territory for Oklahoma and their remaining season.  Do things collapse on Bob Stoops?  Do they drop from the Poll with another loss?

These are questions we’ll have answers to after the Sooners get blown out by the Buckeyes.

Prediction: Ohio State-45  Oklahoma-24