Stanley Cup Preview

We’ve made it to the Stanley Cup.  As hockey fans, and as Sharks fans (That “we” means a whole lot more this year.), the time has come.  Its the Cup.

San Jose Sharks vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

Its amazing that this Sharks team made it to the Cup.  Its nothing anyone, even the most optimistic Sharks’ fan, would have expected.

They’ve got here playing teams that play similar styles to them.  And have beaten them.

The Penguins are a team that plays a similar style to the Sharks, which is a good thing for San Jose.

Pittsburgh has gotten here in an interesting way.  While their stars are playing well, they haven’t been their top contributors this postseason.  Many other guys have stepped up.  Especially at goaltender. Matt Murray has been on fire this postseason.  I doubted him earlier in the playoffs.  He’s gained my respect, and is one of the few concerns I have about this series as a Sharks fan.

The Sharks have their stars playing their best hockey.  Brent Burns has been the best player of the playoffs.  Joe Pavelski has been amazing.  Everyone is producing.

I think San Jose’s offense is a little better than Pittsburgh’s, mostly due to the productive stars.

Its about whether the Sharks can get the puck past Matt Murray, which at times will be a tough task.

Pittsburgh most definitely has the goalie advantage.  If Pittsburgh’s true offensive producers can score, then Martin Jones needs to step up.  He’s been fine, but this is the Cup.  You have to play your best.

These teams are gonna beat the crap out of each other, which goes in the Sharks favor.  Big hits lead to penalties, and the San Jose power play is deadly.  If the Sharks can force Pittsburgh into commiting penalties, the Penguins will find themselves trailing in games.

Pittsburgh can win the series if they can overwhelm Martin Jones, which means getting contribution from their top liners.

I think San Jose’s offense and physical play wins this series though.  The Sharks have proved they can beat teams who play similarly to them. This is why I wanted to play the Penguins, as opposed to a speedy and crafty Tampa Bay team.

I’m excited for one of my teams to actually beat a Pittsburgh team for once.  Its literally never happened.

Pick: Sharks in 7