Thunder-Warriors Series Preview

Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Golden State Warriors

No matter who won between Oklahoma City and San Antonio, we were going to get an epic Western Conference Finals.

We have.  And this series has been totally rejuvenated by Oklahoma City, whos playing out of their mind.  Kevin Durant is having an amazing postseason, Billy Donavan’s not acting stupid, and Dion Waiters is actually doing stuff!  Oh boy, I’m already making fun of Oklahoma City.

They beat the Spurs, which was a great accomplishment, but they’re still so easy to pick on.  It feels just a little funny that they’re here, right?

Durant was amazing against the Spurs, which was so unprecedented since Kawhi Leonard was guarding him most of the time.  We found out two things: 1) Kawhi is human.  He can’t guard everyone.  KD is a tough enough assignment.  A hot KD was just too much.  Thats the main reason Oklahoma City won the series.  2)  If this continues, then the Warriors need to be afraid.  This is nothing to take lightly.

There is no point in saying one point guard will do better than the other in this series.  Russell Westbrook and Stephen Curry are the two best point guards in the league.  They’re both so polished all around.  I think they check each other out a bit.  Meaning that Curry doesn’t have an amazing series, but neither does Russ.  They’re both good enough defenders to limit one another.  At the same time, Russ doesn’t possess the three-point threat that Curry has.

This could be a big series for Klay Thompson, especially if Steph is limited a bit.  The Thunder have no good defenders for him.

Klay is gonna have to step up.  Draymond Green is the most unique player in the league, but the Thunder have a nice rotation of bodies they could throw at him.  Steven Adams has really came on for them.  Enes Kanter has played well, though his defensive skills, are, well, not great.  Serge Ibaka needs a rejuvenation, but its not like he’s gonna be in a pressure spot.

Even with some of the defensive liabilities the Thunder’s big men have, its still fresh bodies consistently being thrown at Draymond.  Thats a huge plus, and goes far if they contain him a bit.

If you’re the Thunder, you’re not gonna stop the Warriors.  You have to contain them, then answer.  They can answer, and they’re capable of containing.  But sometimes your best is just not enough.

Steph Curry is gonna still have big games in this series.  I just think it will come in spurts.

Golden State is not gonna be able to guard KD.  If Kawhi Leonard couldn’t, there won’t be anyone who will have a chance with him on the Warriors.

But if you’re the Warriors, do you feel good about the Splash Brothers against KD?

Its a tough call.  If Curry has no problems against Russ, I think that matchup goes in the favor of Golden State.

If thats the way it goes, these teams might average 120 points a game this series.

Russell Westbrook’s defense is the X-factor in this series.  Its about effort with him.  You’d think considering what is at stake for OKC, that full effort will be displayed.

This has been a somewhat sketchy Thunder team, mostly due to their coach.  Because of that, its hard to see Russ showing up in every game.  I think there is a little bit of “My team, your team” with him and Durant, and its affecting Russ’ effort sometimes.

I’m taking the Warriors.  This is going to be an amazing series.

Pick: Warriors in 7