We Need Baseball Season ASAP

We are 49 days from Opening Day, and it can’t come soon enough.  If you’re the sports fan I am, you should never be bored.  Except for right now.

A very exciting NFL season just ended, though I’m probably overhyping it because both of my teams were in the playoffs for the first time in awhile.  Others aren’t so fortunate when it comes to that.

We’re in the middle of what has been a pretty crappy NBA season.  I mean, we got 15 games into this season and knew not only who was gonna win the title and MVP, but knew that no one even stood a chance.  The trade deadline is Thursday.  There’s a ton or rumors like usual, though this year there are bigger names involved in those rumors.  Theoretically, there are two teams that could beat Golden State: San Antonio and Oklahoma City.  The Warriors have beat both of them, but the Thunder played them close, and the Spurs didn’t have Tim Duncan.  Take the Spurs game with a grain of salt though.  San Antonio got killed down low in that game.  Duncan’s absence was huge.

We’ve seen the Clippers and Cavaliers get killed by Golden State.  Major moves are gonna have to be made by Thursday if they want a shot.  And yes, I’m talking about Kevin Love and Blake Griffin.  Even if those moves are commenced, there’s no guarantee to beating them.  This is how good Golden State is, and somehow, some people are still underrating them.

This is your current state of the NBA.  The title already belongs to Golden State, the MVP to Stephen Curry.  And the only thing that can disrupt that is themselves.  It takes one injury to Golden State to change the landscape of the rest of the season, but lets try not to think that way.  MVP-wise, well, an injury to Steph is the only way he loses the award, but it’s not like this would be a total tragedy to the Warriors.  2nd in-line for the award is Draymond Green, at least on my ballot.

Shifting leagues, its been a good hockey year!  It has!  It’s been a little underrated because the teams everyone hates are good, my friends’ team now sucks and just fired their coach, and Canada’s teams all suck.

This backs a theory that I had at the beginning of last season, where I claimed that the Canadian teams suck and only one would make the playoffs, that being Montreal.  Five of the seven Canadian hockey teams made the playoffs last season.

Turns out, that theory is now taking shape this season, surprisingly.  Currently, no Canadian hockey team is in the playoffs.  Montreal has completely fallen apart, them being the only team anyone would seriously consider to make a playoff run.  Ottawa just made the Dion Phaneuf trade, which I liked for the Senators, but they sit eight points out of a playoff spot as of today.  Every other Canadian team is pretty irrelevant and not worth talking about.

It has been a good hockey season.  There’s a lot of contenders.  Baseball and hockey are similar.  It seems like going into every postseason, more than half the teams have a shot.  That’s how last year’s MLB and NHL playoffs were.

Still though, baseball needs to get here.  This could be an epic year.  I couldn’t find the column to link to, but as appeared on MLB.com, you could make a case for all 15 AL teams to win the World Series this year.  There’s a lot of new teams contending this season, and there are divisions where you can make cases for all five teams to win.

It’s gonna be long, but 49 more days till baseball.  We need it ASAP.