Sucks To Be You: USC, Alabama, And A Whole Lot Of Other Fun

Saturday was one of those days that really made me think about why I love college football.  The amount of madness happening at once Saturday night was insane.  Just insane.  At one point we had two upsets in the making, plus a very fun BYU-UCLA game taking place.  Oh yeah, about those upsets.

I completely forgot to mention the Stanford-USC game in Friday’s column.  I think I was just scared to mention Stanford at all after what they’ve put me through already this season.  Even when I remembered that game was gonna take place, I didn’t have much confidence.  I had picked USC to make the Playoff (and win the Pac-12, duh).  That’s why Saturday’s game meant so much.  It just wasn’t supposed to happen.

The Cardinal wouldn’t have done it without Kevin Hogan, who’s 97.7 QBR barely beat out Cody Kessler’s.  He just kept making throw after throw, and big play after big play.  Hogan takes a ton of heat for “not being good enough”.  Saturday night shut those critics up.

Christian McCaffrey’s 115 yards were sneakily huge.  I say sneakily because his longest rush was only 14 yards, making him very consistent throughout the night.

USC’s loss dropped them to No.19 in the latest AP Poll.  Stanford’s upset moved them back in to No. 21.  The loss by the Trojans was unexpected, but it’s not like this isn’t a normal occurrence.  USC every year has had some kind of loss that either kills the season or is a setback.  Last year it killed the season, but so much had gone wrong before that.  It’s only Week 3, so “that” loss came earlier than usual.  For Trojans’ fans, that can only be a good thing.

Unlike USC’s loss, Alabama’s was expected.  At least by me.  From Friday’s column:

“Are you feeling it?  It’s that weird vibe I’m getting.  That… oh… that wonderful word.  Upset.  I’m getting an upset vibe.”

So yeah, I called it.  I also had Ole Miss by five points in the contest.  They won by six.

This game was one of the most insane things about Week 2.  Let’s first start with this:

I mean, when I saw the play happen, I started laughing.  Out loud.  I mean, for that play to go right in any way would have been a success for the Rebels, giving the way it began.  And then to pull off what happened after the snap was just insane.  It reminded me greatly of this Auburn play.

And somehow, Ole Miss’ play might have been greater.

This game lasted forever, and by forever, I mean, the 4th quarter took 71 minutes to complete.  This game kicked off around 8:15 PM CST Saturday, and didn’t end till around 12:30 AM.  But man, were those four hours were so fun.

Alabama really couldn’t stop shooting themselves in the foot.  They committed five turnovers, including three interceptions by the combination of Jake Coker and Cooper Bateman.  Coker made some terrible decisions with the football Saturday, backing up the point I’ve been making for quite some time that Alabama doesn’t have a true, reliable quarterback.  Ole Miss did.

Chad Kelly was phenomenal in this game.  He threw for 341 yards and three touchdowns, and made multiple big throws.  With his arm, we knew those throws were coming.  It was just a matter of whether the Tide could stop them.  As I said Friday, they weren’t gonna be able to.

Ole Miss’ win bumped them all the way to No.4 in the AP Poll, which is playoff position.  I’m not gonna get too far ahead of myself, because I do believe there is a better team in the SEC, but the Rebels have made it known they’re here to stay.

Quick Hits on other games:

  • Um, you’re gonna have to be better than that, Florida State and Clemson
  • BYU-UCLA was a thrilling game.  It kept me up till 12:30 AM.
  • I can’t believe I am but I’m writing off Auburn.  There’s not a lot of exciting things happening with that team anymore.
  • Close call Buckeyes!  Games like those are why it’s so nice to have the quarterback situation Ohio State does.
  • I need to see it one more time from Notre Dame.
  • AP Poll is in good shape besides the fact that it’s now turned into a power ranking poll.  Ole Miss and Alabama essentially switched places!