What To Watch For: College Football Week 3

This weekend’s slate has some games that have a ton of potential.  I can’t wait to see BYU against their first true test in UCLA, and also can’t wait to see Alabama fa-…. I’ll tell you later.

No.14 Georgia Tech vs. No.8 Notre Dame

Is it fair yet to compare these two teams on a “Who’s better basis?”.  Seriously, with all the injuries Notre Dame has suffered, this team is gonna start to drop.  Unless they beat the Yellow Jackets tomorrow.

Georgia Tech has rushed for 457.5 yards a game this season, and um, that’s pretty good.  Best in the country, actually.  The Yellow Jackets have scored an average of 67 points a game this year, and have allowed an average of eight.  Eight!  That ratio is insane!  And I don’t think Notre Dame’s gonna be able to stop it.

The Irish’s injuries are on the offensive side of the ball, for the most part.  That’s the good news.  However, this defense has not looked good this year.  The stats are still pretty decent, but this defense almost let Virginia score more points than them.  Granted, a lot of other things went wrong for Notre Dame last week.  But they’re supposed to be good.  I sound like someone complaining, even though I’m on the complete opposite end of complaining when it comes to this Irish team.

Bottom line: Notre Dame is gonna have to score, a lot, if they want to win this game.  That’s where the next problem is.

It’s not that I think DeShone Kizer isn’t good, because he had a great game last week when he came in.  It’s the fact that, that’s all we’ve seen.  I need to see it again, maybe twice more.  Kizer has a good skill set, but I haven’t seen enough from him to make me think he can win this game for Notre Dame.  They don’t have a lot else.  The Irish have lost their starting quarterback, running back, and tight end to injuries lately.  Kizer’s gonna have to be a one man show.

Pick: Georgia Tech-42  Notre Dame-30

No.18 Auburn vs. No.13 LSU

This could be one of the crappiest games of the week, but somehow both teams are ranked.

So let me get this straight…. LSU is No.13 because one game got rained out and they beat one the sketchiest teams in the whole country.  Oh, and they were ridiculously high in the Preseason Poll, which always helps.  Auburn beat a sketchy Louisville team, and barely hung on to avoid what would have been the greatest upset of all-time.  Yeah… there’s a lot of crappieness here.

LSU plays old fashion football.  Hammer the ball, and stop the run.  They have the running back and defense to do it.  I really think, if they stick to their style of play, they have this in the bag.

Auburn has nothing on their team that sticks out.  They just play and pray, really.  There’s not one spot on this team that I can really trust.  Maybe offensive weapons?  But do I really trust Jeremy Johnson?  Nope.  Not really.

That Tigers team(s) (Wait…. I just realized both these teams are the Tigers!  Ha!) that I had in the Fiesta Bowl is really no longer a threat for a New Years Six game.  There’s too many areas of concern already.

Pick: LSU-28 Auburn-17

No.15 Ole Miss vs. No.2 Alabama

Are you feeling it?  It’s that weird vibe I’m getting.  That… oh… that wonderful word.  Upset.  I’m getting an upset vibe.

The reason why this isn’t in the ‘Upset Alert’ category is because this game is between two ranked teams.  I’m really excited for this game.  Ole Miss’ offense has been insane this season.  Alabama’s defense hasn’t exactly been that.  It’s been pretty disappointing this season.  Ole Miss needs to come with the gameplan, thinking that they can attack them.

If they can do that, then this is gonna be the Rebels’ game.  Alabama’s offense goes through the running game, which won’t be enough to counter Ole Miss.  I don’t totally trust them anywhere else, and there’s no reason Ole Miss should either.  I think it’s pretty clear where the matchups differ in this game.  Ole Miss has to come in with that confidence.

Pick: Ole Miss-35 Alabama-30

No.19 BYU vs. No.10 UCLA

It never fails with BYU.  It doesn’t matter who their quarterback is.  Really, nothing matters with this team.  They just get it done.  UCLA’s probably their biggest test of the season.   That’s what could make this game the best of the week.

The Cougars are the 15th best passing team in the country.  Again, this team can do anything with anyone playing.  Tanner Mangum has been great since he stepped in, which isn’t a huge shocker since he’s been with the team awhile and was highly rated out of high school.

This game should be dominated by the pass.  The Bruins have a good secondary, but BYU’s high power offense could catch them off guard elsewhere, leading to collapses everywhere.  Like other teams this weekend, BYU just has to stick to their game and trust themselves.

I think BYU has the chance to really make themselves scary this weekend.  They’re still, somewhat, underrated.  There’s a lot of “Believe it when I see it” people with the Cougars.  This weekend is when those people see it with BYU.

Pick: BYU-42 UCLA-24

No upset alerts this weekend.  I already picked a big one.  Enjoy the weekend!