What To Watch For: College Football Week 2

After not being available for the Week 1 games, What To Watch For and Sucks To Be You is back.  It’s the first of the season, and we have some good games to kick it off.

No.19 Oklahoma vs. No.23 Tennessee

This is game is gonna get so underrated due to the matchup below.  Both teams crushed their Week 1 opponents, though neither looked that strong.  The Sooners may or not may have an iffy quarterback situation coming into this game.  Baker Mayfield was pretty good last week, with a 69.7% completion rate and 388 yards thrown.  However, this is the first true test.

The Volunteers’ defense didn’t look too great last week, putting up one of the worst performances in the country against Bowling Green.  However, last season Tennessee was the 36th best defense in the country, and they’re returning most of their starters.  If the Sooners do have an iffy quarterback, then this will be the game it shows.

There’s something in me that thinks we could have an upset here.  How would that occur?  The Volunteers ran for a ton of yards last week, and that’s what they’ll continue to do throughout the season.  I don’t totally trust Oklahoma’s defense…. Their offense might be what got them ranked so high in the beginning.  I think, if Tennessee can find holes and burst through them, they can win this game.

My SEC hatred though, kinda gets in the way here.  As we saw with the latest AP Poll (which is a complete disaster in my opinion), there were 10 SEC team ranked.  There’s 14 teams in the SEC.  That’s 71% of the conference.  There’s no way everyone’s that good.  So yeah, sorry Tennessee.

Pick: Oklahoma-28  Tennessee-20

No.7 Oregon vs. No.5 Michigan State

Even though I had neither of these two teams in the College Football Playoff, this is a playoff caliber game.  It’s our first top ten matchup of the season.

The Spartans underwhelmed last week against Western Michigan.  Though they won by 13 points, I mean, it’s Western Michigan!  You should blow them out!  It’s a tad concerning, and that’s not good considering this matchup has me very worried about the Spartans.

There’s two areas of concern.  1): Can Michigan State control’s Oregon’s still-insane offense?  2):  If not, can the Spartans score enough?

  1. What makes Oregon’s offense so powerful is their run game.  The Spartans have the best run defense in the country.  This is the key matchup.  However, Oregon has a new weapon in Vernon Adams.  Using him more may catch the Spartans off guard, producing big plays.
  2. I don’t expect Michigan State to completely stop Oregon, but there will be stops, and that’s huge for the Spartans’ offense.  They have to do what they do, because trying new things against Oregon is risky.  They have the quarterback to do it.

Michigan State’s gonna keep this close for most of the game.  Really, this could come down to the wire.  However, Oregon’s creativity on offense is going to trick the Spartans.  Michigan State defense is great, but it’s too conventional.  Oregon will exploit that.

Pick: Oregon-51 Michigan State-40

No.14 LSU vs. No.25 Mississippi State

This just might be the “Wait, how are these teams ranked?” game.  OK, that’s a little harsh.  But seriously!  I have no clue how LSU got ranked so high in the preseason poll.  Then, after their first game got cancelled, held the same spot.  I want the Playoff Poll to start sooner!

Mississippi State got overlooked by everyone, and honestly, they should have been ranked prior to Week 1.  Still, this is not that great of a game.

It seems LSU is still figuring things out, which goes in the Bulldogs favor, but LSU is way more talented, which immediately wins games.  Dak Prescott was a Heisman contender for most of last season, let’s not forget.  He does everything for Mississippi State.  Dominance can kill a defense, and that’s what Dak does.

For LSU to really get going on offense, Leonard Fournette has to have a great game.  He disappointed last season.  This is his time to shine.  The Tigers’ have to rely on him throughout the year.  This is the game it starts.

There’s a good chance this game is pretty boring, and low-scoring, with lots of dumb things happening, but hey, if Leonard Fournette’s playing, I’ll watch.

Pick: LSU-20  Mississippi State-14


Upset Alert:

Fresno State vs. No.17 Ole Miss

Ayo!  Welcome back, you infamous Upset Alert!  You broke my heart last week, with two of my favorite teams losing in upset fashion.  This week, a SEC team could be the one to fall.  Perfect revenge.

This isn’t about Fresno State actually being good, but more about Ole Miss being much weaker.  Their defense is still strong, but Bulldogs running back Marteze Waller is a beast.  If he can get going, then Fresno State will stay in this.  Both teams are somewhat familiar with each other, as this is the 3rd meeting between the two since 2010.

The Rebels have an iffy quarterback situation, which is something Fresno State can only take to their advantage.  If the Bulldogs get enough pressure, this could turn their way.  However, it kinda seems like too many things have to go right.  I think Ole Miss will pull out in a close one.