College Football Playoff Prediction Column+Other Picks

Last year, I went through every bowl game, and made picks.  It was a pain.  This year, I’m only picking the New Years Six bowls.  Before I jump into that, let’s identify the playoff contenders in each of the Power 5 conference, plus my non-Power 5 contenders.

Big 12: TCU, Baylor

Big Ten: Michigan State, Ohio State

ACC: Clemson, Georgia Tech, Florida State

Pac-12: Oregon, Stanford, USC

SEC: Georgia, Alabama, Auburn

Non Power 5 contenders: Notre Dame, Boise State

Now let’s recap the Conference winners, since they’ll get first look at a playoff spot.

Big 12: TCU

Big Ten:  Ohio State

ACC: Clemson

Pac-12: USC

SEC: Georgia

Non Power 5 contender records:

Notre Dame: 9-3, Boise State: 10-2

Alright, I’m gonna predict the New Years Six Matchups, and the National Championship.  I won’t pick a National Champion, however.

New Year’s Six:

Peach Bowl: Clemson-Stanford

Sugar Bowl: Baylor-Alabama

Rose Bowl: Michigan State-Oregon

Fiesta Bowl: Boise State-Auburn


Semifinal #1 vs. #4: Ohio State-Georgia

Semifinal #2 vs. #3: TCU-USC

Championship: #1 Ohio State-#2 TCU

Now that the picks are out of the way, let’s do some even more fun stuff!

Heisman Trophy: 

  1. Ezekiel Elliot
  2. Trevone Boykin
  3. Nick Chubb

Most disappointing team:

  • Notre Dame
  • Alabama
  • LSU
  • UCLA

Most surprising team:

  • Georgia Tech
  • Arizona
  • Wisconsin

Let’s hope for an awesome college football season.  Again, there is no What To Watch For or Sucks To Be You for Week 1 due to the lack of top 25 matchups and myself being out of town for Labor Day weekend.  All regular content will resume in Week 2.   Have a good Labor Day weekend….