Editor’s Note

I try to limit these notes, because they usually don’t have great news.  That’s (kinda) the case with this one.

Today is my first day of school.  I’m starting my sophomore year of high school.  I’m expecting a workload I’ve never had before with school.  Yeah, I said that last year, and I feel like I say it every year and it never pans out.  But it’s starting to get serious when it comes to education.  I mean, crap, I’m gonna be in college in three years.

With school starting up again, there’s the possibly of content being reduced.. much more this year than others.  The quality will always be the same.  Everything is always from me and always will be unless I note otherwise.

Balancing this site, school, a social life and everything else has been easier than I thought.  This is the year that could change.  You gotta prepare for anything.

If school takes over my ability to write on here, then something will have to change.  I’ve thought about what will happen, and what changes I’ll have to make.  It may include a new site, it may only cover one sport, which sucks.

Nothing’s official yet, and maybe, like last year, nothing will change.  Maybe I’ll be able to hammer out those 2-3 columns a week I’ve been doing the past 15 months.  But again, you gotta prepare for anything.

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