Breaking Down All Of The Recent MLB Trades

Friday’s MLB Trade Deadline has gotten quite a head start.  We’ve had multiple moves over the weekend, and are expecting more.  I’m gonna run through all the latest trades.  And trust me, there’s more coming.  That’ll be addressed later.

I am so, so bad at writing intros.  

Marlins get: Kyle Barraclough

Cardinals get: Steve Cishek

I was a little surprised the Cardinals were trading for bullpen help out of anything.  Heck, I’m surprised the Cardinals traded for anything at all.  Just don’t screw it up St. Louis.  Cishek has struggled bit this season, with a 4.50 ERA and six losses as a reliever.  It’s low risk for St. Louis, which is okay with the way they’re playing.

Mets get: Juan Uribe, Kelly Johnson, cash

Braves get: John Gant, Robert Whalen

The Mets aren’t done with moves, even after getting Tyler Clippard (more on that later).  Juan Uribe gives the Mets a huge boost to a desperate offensive team.  Uribe’s produced a 1.1 oWAR this season, and has already surpassed that as a Met after hitting a walkoff double on Sunday.  Kelly Johnson can slide in anywhere with the Mets.  He’s a utility player, which makes trading for Ben Zobrist unlikely.

Again, the Mets aren’t done.  They’ve realized the time is now.

Royals get: Johnny Cueto, cash

Reds get: Brandon Finnegan, John Lamb, Cody Reed

With this trade, the Royals have gotten their ace.  Kansas City’s rotation ranks 23rd in WAR at 4.5.  Their starters are getting 6.1 innings per start, which is good compared to the rest of the MLB, but the Royals need an ace that’ll get them seven innings or more.  That’s what you need in the playoffs.  They didn’t have that last year.

This’ll probably be a rental for the Royals, but Cueto has a ton going for him with this move.  A playoff chance, a great defense behind him, and a more pitcher friendly ballpark.  And he’ll look good in blue.

Losing Brandon Finnegan is a tough blow for Royals fans.  He was fantastic in the playoffs last season, but Finnegan didn’t have the starter potential we once thought he did. That’s what made this easier for the Royals to part with him.  Neither prospect was in the Royals top 30, which is a cover UP way of saying I have no clue who they are….  Sorry.

Angels get: Shane Victorino, cash

Red Sox get: Josh Rutledge

Boston has finally cleared a little bit of space in that crowded outfield with this trade.  Shane Victorino was huge during the 2012 postseason, but he’s been battling injuries for awhile now.  The Angels are the perfect fit.  They’ve been wanting that third outfielder for awhile, and with Matt Joyce struggling immensely this year (slash line of .178/.274/.298), Victorino immediately becomes an upgrade.  Los Angeles now has quite an outfield with Mike Trout, Kole Calhoun, and Victorino.

Mets get: Tyler Clippard

A’s get: Casey Meinser

Lots of people weren’t happy with the Mets trading Casey Meinser, their 15th ranked prospect.  It made prospect expert Keith Law unhappy.


Yes, there’s some risk here.  But the Mets were about average when it came to bullpen WAR, at 2.3.  Tyler Clippard is a fantastic setup man. He has a 2.79 ERA on the season and strikes out a ton of guys.  Yes, he won’t pitch much, especially with the depth of the Mets rotation, but he’ll get you out of jams when others can’t.

Blue Jays get: Troy Tulowitzki, LaTroy Hawkins

Rockies get: Jose Reyes, Miguel Castro, Jeff Hoffman, Jesus Tinoco

The first blockbuster to happen prior to the deadline went down while I was sleeping last night.  When I woke up, I checked my phone, and the headline was “Carlos Gonzalez on trade block following Troy Tulowitzki deal”.  I had no clue.

I’d been under the impression that if the Rockies were going to move Tulo, it’d be to the Mets, and that was even after their (Mets) trade Friday.  I really didn’t think the Rockies would move him at all, but he’d been on Toronto’s radar for awhile now.  The Blue Jays had the pieces to get something done.  Colorado was open for business, apparently, and that’s how this deal was made.

My biggest problem with this trade was the fact that Toronto got rid of pitching prospects they haven’t replaced, yet.  Jeff Hoffman is the 69th rated prospect in all the Majors.  The Blue Jays surrendered three of their top 30 prospects to get Tulo, and 42 year old LaTroy Hawkins (who is effective!  I just like to make fun of his age.)

Getting rid of Jose Reyes was a no-brainer with Tulo coming in.  Tulo’s a huge upgrade at that spot, as he’s batting .300/.348/.471 compared to Reyes’ line at .285/.322/.385.  Tulo’s been below average defensively this year, but his -1 DRS is a lot better than Reyes’ at -9.  There’s also questions as to whether Reyes will remain in Colorado.  Reports suggest they could flip him somewhere, as they have multiple shortstop prospects.

Getting Tulo gives Toronto’s offense even more potential.  They’re already the best scoring team in the MLB, and with Tulo’s 1.8 oWAR, gap hitting and power (the power may diminish a bit with the new park), it gives Toronto a whole new dimension on offense.   It’s a huge splash.  A splash that tells us they’re all in.  Now they just have to catch up to the Yankees.  Toronto has a run in them, they just need some arms.

After the deadline, there will be a column wrapping up all the moves….