Editor’s Note

I try to limit these to about three a year.  Why?  Well, usually they don’t provide good news.  But that’s different this time.

First of all, I’m out of school.  I just finished my freshman year of high school, which went very well, and was a tad easier than I expected.  That’s why you saw more content from September to June this past year or so.  I have a lot of ideas for this Summer, and not all of them are coming from me.  My friends are such inspirations, and are constantly give me ideas.  Stay tuned for one of those.

Also, as I continue to work other people into this site, we are now on SoundCloud.  That’s for, well, as you might expect: A podcast.

I tried this earlier in 2014.  I bought all this equipment and tried to make it work.  I couldn’t figure it out, returned all the equipment, and was quite upset.  It’s always been something I wanted to try.  I listen to like 10 podcasts (all sports).  My biggest influences all have podcasts or radio shows.  It’s always been something I wanted to try.  And now, I’ve figured out a much simpler way, thanks to couple handy little Apple products.

I’m not promising that this is gonna work right away.  It’s gonna take a couple tries.  I’m gonna be bringing on people with no credentials and no professional experience.  It might be rough at first, on both sides.  I’m gonna bring on friends, family, and anyone else I feel like.  I won’t be hosting it myself (I’ve always found that weird).  I need people to bounce off of.

Also, this gives you guys a chance to hear my voice; hear me talk about sports.  I write my columns from the perspective of me as a fan.  I write columns just how I talk about sports.  What you see on here is what I think, and what I talk.

Whenever a new podcast goes up, I’ll post the link and description on the site (in a column format) and on SoundCloud.  You’ll be able to click on the link here and listen to it straight from SoundCloud.  No sign up, no nothing.

Thanks, I hope you continue to read the site, and be sure to listen to our podcast (s).  The first one should be up soon.


Email: hunterhippel@gmail.com

Twitter: Personal: @hips38  Site’s: @hippelsportshub

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/hippelsportshub