Editor’s Note

Note from me….

I’ve been totally stoked about the growth of the site.  Since launch, I’ve gotten views from family, friends, and others.  I’ve also gotten international views, from countries like Germany, New Zealand, and Russia.  That’s really cool, and means a lot.

In case you’re getting worried, we aren’t shutting down.

I’m posting this column from the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  This week is my spring break from school, and me and my family are in Maui, Hawaii.   Because of the trip, no columns will be up this week.   The Twitter feed will also be inactive until I return home.  It’s simply a short hiatus.

Also, incase your wondering, and have noticed since the beginning of the season, I don’t cover college basketball.  I do watch it.  I watch everything.  It’s just, my passion for it has slipped a bit in the past year or so.  There’s lots of reasons for it, but the main one: These guys are getting great opportunities to play college basketball, and then leave after one year.  That’s where I’m leaving it.

With Selection Sunday being yesterday, I am filling out brackets from Maui.  I’m super excited for the NCAA Tournament, as I always am. Don’t expect a column on it though.  Don’t expect anything on Twitter about it either.

I like college basketball.  It’s not my favorite thing to watch.  Perhaps I watch it for the NBA Draft, and get a scoop on the prospects.

Thanks for the understanding.

Again, we aren’t shutting down.  Be back in a week or so!