Super Bowl Week Media Mania: DeflateGate And The Josh Gordon Suspension

I’m doing all football this week.  It’s the Super Bowl baby!

If the media didn’t have enough to cover this week, I don’t know what else.  I don’t consider myself media.  I’m 14.  School is my first priority.  This is a side job.  But anyways, it’s just more for me and the media to cover this week.

The DeflateGate Scandal/Controversy/Stupid Thing is a mess, yet the media coverage over it is ridiculous.  It’s overblown.

Now, I’m not going to go over what happened.  We don’t know what happened yet.  Were going to find out, just not as soon as we expected.  The NFL is in the process of investigating what happened, and who was/is to blame.  This isn’t coming out before the Super Bowl.  Some thought, as a punishment for the scandal, the NFL could pull the Patriots from the Super Bowl.

That was madness.  I floated it, but also said there was 5% chance of it happening.

Whatever the investigation finds, I care about the punishment.  I’m interested in what it finds, but the punishment is my concern.  It could, depending on who’s to blame, have a major impact on the Patriots.

With SpyGate in 2007, the NFL levied fines of $750,000 against the Patriots and Bill Belichick, and took away their first round draft pick.  I don’t believe it will be that severe, but if we find out that Tom Brady and Belichick are lying about this whole thing, then it may be extremely severe.  I couldn’t imagine how bad that would be.

I believe the Patriots.  I think they are telling truth, from both Belichick press conferences and Brady’s.  It would shock me if they weren’t telling the truth.  This relationship between the two, the team’s history, and this dynasty, would be completely altered if they weren’t.

Bill Belichick’s press conference on Saturday was incredible.  I found it totally boring. But still, it was fascinating listening to him talk about physics and pressure and all this.  Thank god my science teacher is more enthusiastic than that.  He’s great.  I love him.  Anyways, that was fascinating.  That solidified my belief that he is telling the truth.

As of right now, the NFL is reportedly looking into a Patriots locker room assistant.  It contradicts what Belichick said, as he blamed the weather for the deflation of the balls.  He walked the media through what their (the Patriots) preparation is for the footballs.

It’s great that the NFL is looking into who is to blame, and it’s better that they have proof, with a video they have their hands on.  But, I’m wondering something?  How can the NFL find this tape so easily, when they couldn’t get the Ray Rice elevator video that TMZ had the whole time?! Or, did they just not try?  Just something to think about.

On Sunday morning, it was announced that Josh Gordon had been suspended for the entire upcoming season for substance abuse.

Now, this isn’t his first run-in with the policy.  It started in college, where he was suspended twice for drug abuse.  Once in the pros, he was suspended two games in 2013.  Then, over this summer, was arrested for DUI in North Carolina.  Gordon entered the league’s program, which was supposed to help him recover.

But in August, the league announced that he was suspended yet agin, this time for 10 games.  It didn’t totally effect the Browns, since they were already beating expectations, but it certainly might’ve helped them make the playoffs.  And now, we have this.

Look, Gordon obviously has a serious problem.  It’s so serious that it could end up costing him his career.  This also proves Gordon hasn’t had substantial help, or at least help that would cure him of his addiction.

It’s a shame.  I said over the summer that he’s wasting his career.  We knew he needed help, and it’s obvious he hasn’t gotten it.  The question is pretty simple:  Drugs or money?  Money that you would earn because you deserve it.  He’s special.  Gordon is true talent at wide receiver.   He is really good at what he does.  He hasn’t realized that.  That’s why it’s shame, and it’s still heading in the wrong direction.

One more suspension and he’s out of the NFL.  That’s how serious this is.  He’s out of job, and won’t be let back in.  Football can’t be his priority.  He has to get clean.  If he does that, he’ll earn his money.  He’ll earn it through his talent.  He’ll earn it so that he can pay for his future.  So that he can be happy.

As for his NFL future, Gordon is done as a Cleveland Brown.  There is no way that they can keep him.  You have to move on at some point.  His issues are ones that they can’t contain. The help has to come from somewhere else.  If you’re Cleveland, you can’t wait around any longer.

Gordon being suspended for this year allows him to get clean, and make a comeback.  He’ll be a free agent, most likely.  Depending on how he’s earned his reputation back, some one will offer him.  He’s too talented.  Some one will take a chance.  It won’t be huge.  It’ll be a one year deal, for a minimal amount of money.

That though, is a long time away, and unfortunately, it may not happen.

Also, I don’t want to hear about the rules or the policy.  Josh Gordon has a problem.  It needs to get fixed.