NFL Week 12 Roundup

The parallels between a couple of the divisions in the NFL and college football are strikingly similar and different right now.  In the NFL, we have no clarity in some divisions.  Divisions where teams with losing records may win it.  There is also divisions where there are four teams with playoff capability.

In college football, the top four playoff teams didn’t change last night.  That’s a source of clarity. The committee knows who is truly worth a Playoff spot.  I did too, frankly, minus the order.  On the opposite end, a clutter of teams exist between the No.10-No.15 spots, where multiple teams with the same record are jumbled.  We see this with the AFC Playoff picture, where multiple teams are fighting for one spot, which will leave some body getting left out.

See?  There’s clutter and clarity, but that’s what makes football great, right?

Games not being written about: Titans vs. Eagles, Lions vs. Patriots, Jaguars vs. Colts, Bengals vs. Texans, Seahawks vs. Cardinals, Bears vs. Buccaneers, Packers vs. Vikings

Byes: Pittsburgh, Carolina

Oakland-24 Kansas City-20

(Homerism Possible)

When Latavius Murray ran in a 90 yard TD run to put the Raiders up 14-0 Thursday Night, I knew the Chiefs were losing.  It was the beginning of the second quarter, and I still knew it.

Murray had four carries the entire game.  He finished with 112 yards.  Now, that was in mostly due to his 90 yard run; he’s a little like one of those one-game studs.  (Like a one-hit wonder)

Kansas City was down 14-3 at halftime, having not played well at all.  Alex Smith had a pretty bad game, even though the stats show otherwise, finishing with 234 yards and 2 TD’s.  The Chiefs real problem was the running game.  But again, the stats weren’t bad.  Jamaal Charles had 80 yards, but didn’t score, and they have to feed him it.  That’s what wins them games.

Kansas City rallied in the 3rd and 4th quarters, after being down 17-3 at one point in the 3rd.  With 9:03 left, the Cheifs held a 20-17 lead, due to two Alex Smith TD’s and a field goal.  They definitely battled back, but it wasn’t enough, and against the 0-10 Raiders, it was a little embarrassing.

With 1:42 left, the Raiders scored the game-winning TD, which was preceded by a 17 play, 7:21 drive.  It was ridiculous and incredible.  Derek Carr looked great, finishing with 174 yards and TD.  The game-winning drive was phenomenal; it’s too bad they were playing the Chiefs though.

Kansas City is still a good team.  They’re making the playoffs (IMO).  I don’t want to here “The Chiefs suck”.  That’s exactly what people who aren’t knowledgeable say.  Yeah, they lost to the Raiders, but they aren’t bad.  They just get slammed by the media and get the title “You gave the Raiders their first win”.

So chill out.  Yeah, it was nasty, and I’m in no way happy about it, but they’ll move on.

San Francisco-17 Washington-13

Oh look, just another we-pulled-this-one-out-of-our-butt win by the 49ers.

This game had nothing to do with how good the 49ers are or not.  They’re decent.  They have talent, and it just won’t come together this year.  However, they’re on a three game win streak, and do have a chance to get into the Playoffs.

As for this game, it remained a little to close.  San Francisco scored first on a 30 yard bomb from Colin Kaepernick to Anquan Boldin, putting the 49ers up 7-0.  There was a low amount of excitement in this game.

Alfred Morris tied the game just after the halfway mark of the 2nd quarter; he finished with 125 yards and that TD.  San Francisco has played very good defense over the past couple weeks, though the run defense continues to struggle.  Aldon Smith had two sacks in his return, which gave the 49ers a little boost, but will hopefully give them more stability later this year.

The Redskins kicked a field goal in the third quarter to tie the game at 10, and that was ALL that happened there.

The 4th though, gained more steam.  Another Redskins field goal put them on top 13-10 with 7:42 left; it was their last score of the game.

The 49ers answered on the next drive, going 75 yards on eight plays, which took a gaudy 4:43.  Carlos Hyde ran in a TD, which gave the 49ers the win.  The Redskins had a chance with 1:29 left, and they were pinned deep in their own territory, which didn’t help.

It didn’t matter though.  On the fourth play of the drive, RG3 was sacked, and fumbled.  The 49ers recovered and ended the game.

So why do the Redskins suck?  Well, it’s not all RG3.  Yeah, he’s injury-prone, and you cringe every time he gets hit, but he’s getting hit because nobody can protect him.  Washington has no offensive line.  When that happens, your QB gets hit and sacked.  When your QB is RG3, he gets hurt.  Pick your poison.

That is how I feel about the benching.  Paragraph above was written before his benching, and it still has my take on it.

Denver-39 Miami-36

Man, what a great game.

Miami had a lot to prove here.  They really did show us, even with the loss, they’re a good team, and they have proven that to me.

The first quarter put the Dolphins up 7-3, due to a Daniel Thomas TD run and a ridiculously long 7:12 drive by the Broncos, which only resulted in a field goal.

The 2nd quarter had no shortage of excitement.  Miami went up 14-3 on a Ryan Tannehill TD pass; the first of his three on the day.  Denver answered right back, with Peyton Manning leading another long drive and finding Demaryius Thomas in the end zone.  Putting the Broncos on top, Denver found themselves in a tight game the rest of the way.

Ryan Tannehill played absolutely outstanding on Sunday.  With 228 yards and 3 TD’s, he’s adding on to his great season.  He’s also proving himself to the Dolphins.

After two more scoring drives by each team before halftime, Miami led 21-17 at the break.

Do you want to tell me who C.J. Anderson is?

Just kidding, I know who he is.  But he went off on Sunday.  Carrying the ball 27 times, he ran for 167 yards against Miami.  Both teams scored a lot of points, so it wasn’t a horrible defensive day for the Dolphins, but giving up that many yards to a rarely known running backs is a little concerning.

Nothing happened in the third quarter until the Dolphins finally got something going, and ended scoring with 2:11 left in the quarter.  The Tannehill TD pass put Miami up 28-17, leaving Denver’s work cut out for them.

The Broncos didn’t let it get to them though.  They scored three straight TD’s on three possessions, and by the time that was over, the Dolphins were down 39-28 with 3:13 left in the game.  It was a Denver offensive explosion, not a Miami defensive collapse.  Two of the TD’s were Manning passes, and the other was C.J. Anderson’s run.

Basically, Denver proved to us they’re still super good, and Miami told us that they can hang with anyone and will make your life tough.  Sounds like playoff teams.

San Diego-27 St. Louis-24

I’ve said this before.  The Rams will ruin your weekend, or come close to it.  Sunday, they came pretty close to it.

After a 3-3 first quarter, the Rams got something more exciting going in the 2nd.  Philip Rivers threw a pick six, which went 99 YARDS for a TD.  Yes, Rivers threw that pick on the one yard line, when they were just about to score.

The Chargers kicked a field goal to close out the first half, giving the Rams a 10-6 lead.

Shaun Hill started this game for St.Louis, and didn’t do so great, but really, no one has for the Rams this year.  Hill went 18/35, 198 yards, a TD, and two picks.  Hill is not good, but he’s doing just enough to keep fans of their opponent scared.

The Chargers came out of the half blazing, and scored two unanswered TD’s, which put them up 20-10 with 9:29 left in the 3rd.  The second TD, occurred off of a Shaun Hill fumble.

St.Louis though, never backed down.  Tavon Austin ran in a TD with 6:18 left in the third.  They never go away; it’s ridiculous.

Really, the Chargers did control the rest of the game.  Scoring with 8:09 left, they went up by 10 points.  The Chargers playoff fate is still very undecided, since a rise of Miami has booted them out. They’re still in the thick of things, but have to play better football the rest of the year.

Cleveland-26 Atlanta-24

This was just insane.  Absolutely insane.

It was also ridiculous.  These are two possible playoff teams, who suck.  And they showed it on Sunday, both of them.

Oh yea! Julio Jones caught a TD pass! It was the first score of the game, and led 7-0 about halfway through the 1st.  The Browns answered right after, on a TD run by Isaiah Crowell with a minute left before the end of the quarter.

The Browns really showed their inability to produce on offense when they opened the 2nd quarter with two field goals.  Brian Hoyer played awful, going 23/40, 322 yards, and three picks.  It was an awful showing.

The Falcons scored right before the end of the half on a Jacquizz Rodgers TD catch, putting Atlanta up 14-13 at halftime.

One thing worth noting: Josh Gordon returned for this game, and even with his QB’s struggles,  he hauled in 120 yards on eight catches.  He also threw a pass, strangely.

The second half, oh boy.  This game was just ridiculous, filled with turnovers, mistakes, bad coaching (like really bad coaching).

The Browns held all the points in the third quarter, kicking a field goal early, and Isaiah Crowell running in a long TD.  The two scores put them up 23-14 at the end of the quarter, which set up the final one.

The Falcons really couldn’t run the ball on Sunday, but it’s not like we’re shocked they didn’t.  They haven’t been able to all year!  They ran for 63 yards as a team, which isn’t good considering who’s on their roster.

Matt Ryan threw for 273 yards and 2 TD’s against the Browns.  I will say this: He is not the problem with the Falcons.  He is a very good QB, who has no offensive line and no running game to help him.  Trade him or help him, please.

Atlanta though, lit it up in the 4th.  Scoring a TD with 9:31 left, it kept the game close for the Falcons, at 23-21.  Then, with 2:42 left, Matt Ryan led what was supposed to be the game-winning drive, and put the Flacons on top due to a Matt Bryant field goal.

With 44 seconds left, the score being 24-23 Falcons, the Browns got the ball back, led by the miserable Brian Hoyer.  Four pass plays of over 10 yards helped move the Browns down the field, and Billy Cundiff hit a 37 yard field goal as time expired, giving Cleveland the 26-24 win.


Baltimore-34 New Orleans-27

Definitely the better one of the Monday Night games, this game was exciting and confusing.  At this point, these two teams both play in weird divisions, and are both trying to make the playoffs.

And both knew and played like they were fighting for a playoff spot.  The Ravens got on the board first on a Steve Smith TD catch, with the Saints answering back with a Jimmy Graham TD catch.  Smith had a big day with 89 yards on four receptions with that TD.

In the second quarter, Justin Forsett ran in a TD six minutes in, putting the Ravens up 14-7.  Forsett has had up&downs this year, but he went off on Monday Night.  Rushing for 182 yards, he only added to his large season total at 903.  He’s really been a very nice replacement for Ray Rice.

New Orleans answered back, however, and took a 17-14 lead at halftime, due to a field goal and a beautiful TD pass to Marques Colston.

Baltimore dominated the 3rd quarter, opening with a field goal to tie the game, and a WILL HILL PICK SIX! WILL HILL!


Anyways, that was highlight of the 3rd.  A Will Hill pick six of Drew Brees put the Ravens up 24-17 heading into the 4th quarter.  That is all.

Joe Flacco had a great game, going 18/24, 243 yards and a TD.  Drew Brees on the other hand; his night wasn’t so good.  Brees did throw for 420 yards and 3 TD’s, but threw the costly pick-six, and was caked four times.  Overall, it shows you who had the better night, not only as a player, but as a team.

The Ravens kicked a field goal to give them a 10 point lead early in the 4th.  The Saints answered with one of their own, cutting the deficit to one possession.  With 2:43 left though, Justin Forsett made his major statement of the game, with a 20 yard TD run that put the Ravens up two possessions.  That was the dagger.

The Saints are now 4-7, and will probably end up winning the NFC South.  So this is supposed to be “competitive” football?

The Ravens find themselves fighting for the AFC North with the Bengals, who are anyone’s guess right now.  The North is impossible to figure out.  Some think there’s four playoff teams (in terms of talent and record) and some think there is one.  It just depends on who ask, and that’s what this generation is about, right?

On to Week 13….