Sucks To Be You Column: Some Clarity, But Not Much

Well, we know coming into every Saturday that some kind of crazy upset will occur.  Seven occurred this past weekend, but at this point, it’s about who loses, and whether their playoffs hopes are dashed or not (slowly shedding a tear over ASU).

No.1 Mississippi State, No.6 Arizona State, No.9 Auburn, No.16 Nebraska, No.17 LSU, No.18 Notre Dame, and No.21 Duke all lost Saturday in upset format, including No.24 Texas A&M, but that wasn’t an upset in my opinion.

Now that were at this point in the season, I’m writing about the upsets that matter.  Like the NFL, we know who’s in it.  We know what matters.

So instead of writing about all seven, I’m taking:

Mississippi State, Arizona State, Auburn, Nebraska

Three of those teams still had some shot at the Playoffs heading into Saturday, and one of them still does, even with their loss.

What a weird game between the Bulldogs and Crimson Tide.  At the end of the 1st quarter, it was 5-0 Alabama, a baseball score, as Verne Lundqvist put it.

My previous Heisman front-runner Dak Prescott had a horrible 1st quarter, and overall a horrible game.  He didn’t turn the ball over until the second quarter, but could barely complete a pass in the first half.

Both teams ran the ball decently, with Prescott being the Bulldogs leading rusher.  82 yards was his total.

This was a surprisingly boring game, with Alabama leading 19-3 at halftime.  Blake Sims didn’t have a great stat line, finishing with 211 yards and a TD, but the guy can make plays happen at the right time.  He did just enough to get the job done.

The Bulldogs though, didn’t let Alabama extend their lead much.  Dak Prescott threw his first TD pass early in the 4th, which made it a ball game all of the sudden.  The Tide were now up only 19-13.  They needed some kind of a spark.

Blake Sims led a 15 play, 76 yard drive that took 6:07 minutes that resulted in a T.J. Yeldon TD run with 8:09 left.  It was huge.  It put the Tide up by 12, as the two point conversion failed, but definitely put the Bulldogs in a hole.  It was a hole they couldn’t get out of.

No.5 Alabama pulled off an upset against the best team in the Nation.  It wasn’t a shocker, giving Alabama was favored by 10, but I did pick the Bulldogs to win.  Dak Prescott let me down.  He finished with 290 yards, 2 TD’s, and three really costly interceptions.  The turnovers killed Mississippi State.

As for Alabama, it’s quite possible they take over the Bulldogs spot.  That though, is up to the committee, and me at the end of this column.  Mississippi State shouldn’t and won’t (in my poll) fall out of the Playoffs.  This is an okay loss.  Their still a great team; they have to play like it the rest of the season though.

The second big upset of the day was actually one of the last games on.

I’m crying as I write this.  (Homerism Possible)

The dream is over.  It’s such a bummer.  I don’t know what it is with ASU.  They always have such a big opportunity for something great, and they just can’t get it done.  We saw it last year with them, but this year is different.  It’s the fact that at this point in the season, all the games are must win.  Last year, I didn’t expect us to be in the BCS Championship.  We were playing for a trip to the Rose Bowl.  With the new playoff system this year, it actually helped our chances.  Win out, and you have a good shot.

The one game though, that you’d expect Arizona State to win, is against Oregon State.  Now, the Beavers have some talent.  But overall, they aren’t great.


The Beavers struck first on a 78 yard TD run by Storm Woods, which didn’t set a good tone for the Sun Devils.  The first quarter was pretty exciting, but at the end of it, it wasn’t going the Devils’s way.  Another ridiculously long run by the Beavers put them up 14-3 with five minutes left, but ASU answered with just over a minute before the 2nd quarter.

ASU dominated the 2nd.  Scoring twice, the Sun Devils had a 24-14 lead at half-time.  A Taylor Kelly TD pass started it, and a Beaver fumble recovered by Antonio Longino went back to extend the lead.  I was feeling pretty confident by then.

Then the 2nd half came, and, well….

Arizona State scored a field goal the entire second half.  The offense did absolutely nothing.  The Beavers had cut the lead to three by the 4th.  Mannion threw a bomb with 10:55 left, giving Oregon State a 28-27 lead.  Sean Mannion had a great game for the Beavers, with 251 yards and 2 TD’s.

By then, I knew we weren’t winning.

The Devils did have a great opportunity with 2:59 left, but that drive ended when Taylor Kelly threw a pick-six on the fifth play of the series.  I was so mad.  That was our last hope.  It ended the Playoff dream.

As for how far the Sun Devils will slide, it will probably be out of the top ten, but then again, it may be No.9.  I’m expecting the worst, but it’s not like it matters anymore.

The Auburn Tigers were a team that I defended last week.  I had them at No.6 last week after their upset loss to Texas A&M.  But Saturday, they hit a new low.

This was supposed to be about scoring, that’s it. It didn’t work out that way.  One team scored, the other didn’t.  Auburn’s offense just didn’t play.  Like literally, they didn’t play.  Nick Marshall had 112 yards passing and a pick.  Cameron Artis-Payne had a good statistical game, but he didn’t help his team out.  It was a disaster.

Georgia, on the other hand, dominated on offense.  In Todd Gurley’s return, the running game was outstanding.  Gurley had 138 yards and a TD, while Nick Chubb had 144 yards and 2 TD’s.  Gurley left the game late in the 4th with a knee injury

I had 250 words about how great the combination of Gurley and Chubb was, but-

That knee injury turned out to be a torn ACL.  In a absolutely tragic way, Gurley’s season ended.  After the suspension, and now this injury, it just wasn’t his year.  Yea, he made a mistake with the autograph investigation, but that’s a dumb rule anyways.  He was suspended four games, came back, rushed for 138 yards and had a great game, then blows out his knee with five minutes left and ends his college career.  Can you imagine what that would be like?  I feel so bad for him.

I will say this:  Someone come late April is going to have a steal in the 2nd round of the draft with Todd Gurley, and that’s if he falls that far.


The loss easily put Auburn out of playoff consideration, and who knows how far they will fall.  Being No.3 a week ago is stunning when you see how bad this team has been playing.  It’s possible their in the 20’s.

Georgia is going to move up, a lot.  I bet you they’re a top ten team tomorrow night.

The last big upset of the day went down early Saturday, and really, it wasn’t much of an upset.  I’m writing it about because a record was broken.  A pretty big record.

I kinda ripped on Melvin Gordon Friday.  I claimed that Ameer Abdullah was better than him, and he was more of a stats guy.  Well, that made a whole lot of sense.

Gordon ran for 408 yards Saturday.  408.  He broke Ladainian Tomlinson’s record by two yards, set in 1999 at TCU.  Gordon ran all over the place.  It was completely ridiculous.

Oh yeah, did I mention he did it THREE QUARTERS?


That’s all you need to know about this game.

I usually don’t throw news into my columns, but University of Florida fired head coach Will Muschamp  yesterday.

It was time for Muschamp to go.  I said right before the Georgia game earlier this year he was living on a week-to-week basis.  This was the final stand.  The way they lost to South Carolina Saturday was so bad, yet so hilarious.

Muschamp will coach the final two games of the season, and his tenure will end as soon as the team’s last game takes place.  Rumors have floated about possible options to replace Muschamp, but lets not get ahead of ourselves.  Most of the candidates whose names are being floated have a good shot at the Playoff this year.

As Aaron Rodgers said: RELAX.

Playoff Poll (My opinion)

1. Oregon

2. Florida State

3. Alabama

4. Mississippi State

5. Baylor

6. TCU

Heisman Poll

1. Melvin Gordon, Wisconsin

2. Marcus Mariota, Oregon

3. Amari Cooper, Alabama

4. Ameer Abdullah, Nebraska

5. Dak Prescott, Mississippi State