NFL Week 10 Roundup

Since Week 10 has wrapped, we are truly seeing who is good, and who isn’t.  To save me words and time, I will writing about the games I choose too, not all of them like usual.  I will though, write about most of the games.  Games I won’t write about are games that are: Blowouts, boring, bad team vs. bad team.  The games I will write about: Above .500 vs. above .500, classics, crazy finishes, and unexpected good games.

For example, if a Houston-Jacksonville game ends in a crazy way, I will write about since it came down to the wire.  If it hadn’t, I wouldn’t write about it because those teams aren’t great.

Games not being written about this week: Browns vs. Bengals, Falcons vs. Buccaneers, Ravens vs. Titans, Cowboys vs. Jaguars, Giants vs. Seahawks, Broncos vs. Raiders

Byes: Indianapolis, Minnesota, New England, San Diego, Washington, and Houston

San Francisco-27 New Orleans-24 (OT)

Man, this was just a insane game.

The 49ers had a early 14-0 lead in the 1st quarter.  The 49ers running game had carried them to it, with Frank Gore and Carlos Hyde running in touchdowns.  Gore ended up finishing the game with 81 yards.

The Saints got a field goal at the end of the first, cutting the lead to 14-3.  In the 2nd, Drew Brees threw a bomb to rookie Brandin Cooks, a 31 yard TD pass.  Cooks has been a little quieter than we expected this year, but it’ll take him sometime.  The flashes though, have been there.

The 49ers went into halftime with a 21-10 lead; the score coming on a Anquan Boldin TD reception from Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick didn’t have a great day, and didn’t help me out in fantasy.  14/32, 210 yards, and a TD was his stat line.  He hasn’t been impressive so far this year, but it’s been a bum year for not only him, but his whole team.

A Jimmy Graham TD reception cut the lead to 24-21 in the late 3rd quarter, as the 49ers just didn’t have a answer for him.  He finished with 76 yards.  Drew Brees slang the ball around all day, throwing for 292 yards and three TD’s.

Mark Ingram didn’t run for TD, but had 120 yards rushing for the 3rd straight game.  He’s really broken out this year.  Even though he missed six weeks with a injury, Ingram has ran for 431 yards and six TD’s this year.  He’s turning into more of a featured back, rather than a complementary back.

The ending of this game was totally insane.  Jimmy Graham caught his 2nd TD of the game with 1:52 left.  That gave the Saints the 24-21 lead.  The 49ers had a huge opportunity, to possibly save their season.  It payed off.

Colin Kaepernick lead the 49ers down the field, and Phil Dawson kicked a game-tying field goal with 44 seconds left. That was the start of what was to come.  Yes, with 44 seconds left.

New Orleans got the ball back at their own 20.  Drew Brees marched them down to the SF 47.  It’s as far as they got, but was so, so close to being all they needed.  With four seconds left on a 2nd&10, Brees threw a Hail Mary to right side of the end zone.  In a gobble of players, Jimmy Graham caught the ball.  TD Saints!  Winners on a Hail Mary!


It’s a little hard to tell, but Graham pushed off on Perrish Cox, causing offensive pass interference.  The problem with it was, that Cox, actually flopped on the play.  He totally sold it.   The referees saw it, and threw the flag.  It ended regulation time, and we went OT.

In OT, each team had two possessions.  It wasn’t until after almost 10 minutes of OT that the 49ers capitalized.  On New Orleans second possession, Drew Brees fumbled at his own 15 yard line, giving the 49ers the ball in the red zone.  On the first play, Phil Dawson kicked the game-winning field goal.

Honestly, (and homerly), the 49ers shouldn’t have won this game.  The offensive pass interference call was somewhat bogus, but you can’t blame the refs entirely.  The Saints should have played better in overtime, though they kinda got screwed on that play.

This was a must win for the 49ers.  Dropping to 4-5 would’t have been good, especially in their division.  It might have just saved their coach’s job, too.

New York Jets-20 Pittsburgh-13

Now, this wasn’t as close as the score says.  The Jets took a 17-0 1st quarter lead, and really didn’t turn back.  Michael Vick started again for the Jets, and played very well.  Though he didn’t throw for a ton of yards, Vick had 2 TD passes, and only threw eight incompletions.

It was the complete opposite for Ben Rothlisberger.  After throwing 12 TD’s in his last two games, Sunday didn’t treat him well.  Two picks put the Steelers in a hole.  Though, he still threw for 343 yards and a TD.  Still, he didn’t help his team, and that’s what matters.

The picks were only two of Pittsburgh’s turnovers.  Antonio Brown, one of the league’s best receivers, had two fumbles during the game.  It only made a bad day worse for the Steelers.  Rookie Martavis Bryant though, had another game he won’t forget.  Bryant had 143 yards and FOUR catches, including a 80 yard TD catch from Big Ben with 1:16 left.

Part of the Steelers fiasco day was their inability to get their running game going.  LeVeon Bell only had 36 yards, and nobody else helped him out.

Now, it’s not like anyone on the Jets side of the ball played any better than Steelers.  Heck, the Steelers may have had the better stat line, minus the turnovers, than the Jets.  The Jets just executed better than the Steelers.  It’s what got them the half-baked win.

Dan Hanzus of Around The NFL on made this statement on Twitter during this game.  (He is a Jets fan, however)


I had them at five wins.  They have six, currently.  

So look, the Ravens won Sunday, so they redeemed themselves after three weeks of awful football.  Cincinnati laid a egg against Cleveland on Thursday night, and the Steelers got dominated by the Jets.  Your guess is as good as mine.

Kansas City-17 Buffalo-13

(Homerism Possible)

For most of the first half, the Bills controlled this game.  A early Kyle Orton TD pass gave Buffalo the 7-0 lead.  It would be the Bills only touchdown of the game, which is just anther example of why this team is super overrated.

See, I don’t care how well your doing, record wise.  Your QB is Kyle Orton.  He’s been decent, but when your playing a good team like Kansas City, one touchdown isn’t going to get it done.  If people want to them in Wild Card contention, fine, but against Kansas City, a team who’s making a playoff push itself, they lost.

The only score of the 2nd quarter was a Dan Carpenter field goal, giving the Bills a 10-3 lead at halftime.  Field goals dominated this game, as the Bills hit another in the 3rd, which gave them a ten point lead.

Once the 4th quarter started, the Chiefs took over.  Jamaal Charles had a huge 39 yard TD run early in the quarter, which made it a more reasonable deficit for Kansas City.

Even with the loss, Kyle Orton did have a good game with 259 yards and a TD.  His accuracy still remains a huge issues with him, which is why he’ll never be a consistent starter.  The Bills ran for 111 yards as a team, which is reasonable giving the Chiefs stubborn run defense.

With 8:59 left, the Chiefs drove down the field once again, and Alex Smith ran in TD, which ended up being the last score of the day, giving the Chiefs the win.  Smith had 176 yards and no TD’s, but he did enough to get the job done.

Time will tell with this Chiefs team.  Once San Diego returns front their bye, it will be interesting to see how they look.  Coming off of that embarrassing loss to Miami two weeks ago, Week 11 will prove to leave a huge impact on the Chargers, and that will affect the Chiefs.

Detroit-20 Miami-16

I’m not sure how much hype there was for this game, but whatever is was, it sure lived up to it.

I tweeted that.

Anyways, it was a great game.  The Lions came out hot.  Calvin Johnson caught a bomb from Matthew Stafford late in the 1st quarter, which gave the Lions a 10-0 lead.  Over the course of time, Miami eventually pulled itself together, and by the end of the 3rd, Miami had a 13-10 thanks to two field goals and a Mike Wallace TD catch.

Ryan Tannehill didn’t have a great game.  The accuracy issue is still the main problem.  He finished with 176 yards, a TD and a pick.  I like Tannehill, but this was his make-or-break year, and it’s gone both ways so far.  It really could come down to a playoff berth or not.

The 4th quarter had no shortage of tension.  Matt Prater tied it at 13 early in the quarter, and Caleb Sturgis kicked another one with 4:19 left, which set up the Lions for a game-winning drive.    They took advantage of it.

Matthew Stafford threw 17 and 18 yard passes to Golden Tate and Calvin Johnson on the drive with 3:13 left.  Stafford is just an animal when it comes to leading this type of drives.  It was his 15th of his career on Sunday, as he threw a short TD pass to Theo Riddick with 36 seconds left.

Stafford finished with 280 yards and 2 TD passes.  He really steered the ship for the Lions, because the running game just couldn’t get going.  Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate both had monster games, as demonstrated on that final drive.  Neither team really ran the ball, which made sense giving who was playing QB on both sides.

Arizona-31 St. Louis-14 

(Homerism Possible)

My emotions about this game are all over the place.

Well, I really don’t know what to say.  My Arizona Cardinals are 8-1, and our QB who we just guaranteed $20 million to, blew out his ACL for the 2nd time in his career.  It’s a beautiful disaster.  It’s a stark mixture of happiness and hopelessness.  As for the rest of this season, I don’t have any expectations.  I’d be stoked if we made the Playoffs, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t win another game.

As for Sunday, the Rams struck first in the latter 1st quarter.  Benny Cunningham ran in a TD on a long drive for St.Louis.  The second quarter provided lots of excitement.  Andre Ellington kicked it off with a three yard TD, tying the game at 7.

The earlier part of the game was all about three&outs.  Nobody really got anything going, unless  a big play occurred, and that would set up a long drive.

The Cardinals took the lead with a field goal with around five minutes left in the 1st half.  Chandler Catanzaro has had a great season, and was perfect until later in the game, when he missed his first of the season.

St.Louis regained the lead at halftime after a bomb from Austin Davis to Jared Cook, which was a 59 yard TD.  Davis finished the game with 216 yards, that TD, and two picks.  I’ll be honest, I was a little worried at halftime.

Nothing happened in the 3rd quarter.  Nothing.

Then the 4th quarter hit.  Filled with heartbreak and happiness.

On the sixth play of the 4th, Carson Palmer went down.  It was totally non-contact.  He tried to avoid a defender, somehow tweaked his knee, and went down all by himself.  It was heartbreaking to watch.

So in came Drew Stanton.  The Cardinals went 2-1 with him playing QB, though the loss was to Denver, and he got hurt during that game.

And my god, Stanton just makes stuff happen.  His first series in; it took him four plays to find rookie John Brown, again, in the end zone for a 48 yard TD pass.  It was absolutely incredible.  The Cardinals went up with a 17-14 lead at that point.

His dance was the best part

Right after that, it took Austin Davis four plays to throw a interception to Patrick Peterson.  Arizona couldn’t do anything with the drive; which resulted in a punt.

Austin Davis though, decided he would throw another pick.  To the same guy-Patrick Peterson.  Patrick Peterson took it into the end zone, and it put the Cardinals up 24-10 with 5:13 left.

I was feeling pretty confident about us at the time.  Up 10, playing the Rams, five minutes left.

All the Cardinals did was solidify it.  Kareem Martin sacked Austin Davis deep in his own territory, causing a fumble that was recovered by Antonio Cromartie, and guess what he did?

It’s not that hard.

The Cardinals won 31-14.  Cromartie took that fumble into the end zone, and that sealed it.

You know, maybe the Carson Palmer injury won’t be that big of deal.  Maybe it will.  We’ll just have to see.  Darren Urban, who covers the Cardinals for their website, summed it up perfectly.