What To Watch For: College Football Week 11

This weekend, we have six ranked-ranked match-ups, including two top ten match-ups.  We’ve got important conference games, and a couple of upsets.  Buckle up.

Ranking reflect College Football Playoff Rankings

No.12 Baylor vs. No.15 Oklahoma

The Bears are coming off of a devastation of Kansas, winning 60-14.  KU sucks, but this team is in their groove, and truly should be ranked higher.  Oklahoma is also coming off of a blowout win, and look to pull an upset at home.  We all know by now the Bears put up a ridiculous amount of points, and have a rugged defense.  The Sooners though, can answer fast.  Both teams are top ten in the country in offense, and this game is going to be a complete shootout.  Giving that Baylor deserves to be ranked higher, they have a chance to get some credibility from the committee. Prediction: Baylor-52 Oklahoma-47

No.10 Notre Dame vs. No.9 Arizona State

(Homerism Possible)

Wait, the Sun Devils got in the top ten?  No way!  I’m pumped!  Let’s go to Dallas!

Not so fast, unfortunately.

This game couldn’t have came at a better or worse time for Arizona State.  Lose, and they fall out of the top ten in the Playoff rankings,  or win, and giving a possible upset somewhere else across America (Go Ohio State and LSU!), they may push for the top four.

Notre Dame’s defense has been absolutely phenomenal his year.  One really bad game puts them at 29th in the country, but their better than that.  We know it, and they do too.  A explosive offense resides on the other side of the ball.  Everett Golson has been great so far, making some incredible plays this season.

The real matchup of this game is the Irish defense vs. the Sun Devil offense, though.  Now, the Devils offense doesn’t have great stats, but giving that they had backup QB in for most of this season so far, it’s not bad.  Their 38th, but can put up points fast.  The offense is so much smoother with Taylor Kelly playing, which is going to help Saturday.  This is going to be a great game, and it will come down to who will stop the other.  Prediction: ASU-35 Notre Dame-30

No.7 Kansas State vs. No.6 TCU

(Homerism Possible)

Again!  Let’s go to Dallas!  Put the Wildcats at No.3 and the Devils at No.4, and there you go!

I wonder what the over/under is on this game?

The Horned Frogs have been playing great football the past three weeks.  They won a thriller in Morgantown last week against West Virginia, and before that, blew out Texas Tech and Oklahoma State.  Their offense has been on fire, as they rank 2nd in the country in points for.  Trevone Boykin, someone who after I’ve seen him play the last two weeks, has captured my heart.  TCU is in great shape for this game, but their opponent wants the opposite.

Like ASU, if Kansas State can win this game, they have a serious chance of pushing the top four. The Wildcats are a super balanced team, having explosive offensive power and a great defense. Jake Waters is a very good QB, displaying clutch skills and mobile feet.  Kansas State has risen this year.  FROM THE ASHES!  OUT OF NOWHERE!  Well, somewhat.  (What’s up with these Kansas sports teams coming out of nowhere? Goodness.)  I saw some interesting flashes last year, but didn’t expect this.  If the Wildcats win, watch out, we have a threat.

As much as it kills me, I’m not sure I can take my Wildcats, though.  I have trouble believing they can hang in it with TCU’s offense.  It’ll be too overwhelming.  Prediction: TCU-58 KSU-54

No.5 Alabama vs. No.16 LSU

I’m still a little confused on how the Tigers were ranked this high.  They’ve been so disappointing!  I expected Leonard Fournette to just come running out of nowhere.  Lately, he’s been better, but still, the running game is what has dragged them down this season.  Their defense though, is one of the best in the nation.  They allow less than 16 points a game, and last week, it showed when they pulled a upset over Ole Miss.  To keep up with the Tide, they have too score, and try not to give up to much to the Alabama offense.

Like LSU’s game last week, this could be another 13-10/10-7 game.  Alabama’s defense is also one of the best in the nation, and they’ve dominated everyone the past three weeks.  LSU hasn’t been great on offense this year, and if they shut down the Tigers, the Tide roll.  That’s as simple as it gets.  Prediction: Alabama-35 LSU-10

No.14 Ohio State vs. No.8 Michigan State

Kudos to the Buckeyes this year.  Braxton Miller hasn’t and won’t play a game this year, and they’re still a top 15 team.  It’s a great story, and hopefully it can get only better for them.

However, this isn’t the game to do that.  Un-Sparty-like, Michigan State has been putting up points this year, ranked 5th in points for in the nation.  Their defense has been good too, but the offense has over-shined.  Connor Cook has caught the eye of many NFL scouts, and man, he should have, way before this.  He’s been going off this year.

Ohio State, has been putting up points also.  Ranked 4th in the nation, they’re scoring around 45 points a game.  Since that really bad Virginia Tech game, they haven’t lost.  The Buckeyes have a big opportunity, and they could push the top ten with a win.  However, this thing is in East Lansing, and Sparty nation is going to be jacked.  FOR SPARTA!!!!!  Prediction: Michigan State-38 Ohio State-27

No.4 Oregon vs. No.17 Utah

Last week, the Utes were playing my Sun Devils, and almost made me pinch a loaf in my pants.  Watching that game was torture.  In overtime.  A team I knew almost nothing about.  Really, Utah deserves to be ranked.  It’s too bad it’s only going to last for a week.

Oregon should absolutely dominate this game.  It’s not that hard to figure.  If Oregon is in fact a Playoff team, then they need to show it big time tomorrow.  The Utes, unfortunately, don’t have a chance.  It’s going to get overwhelming for them, fast.  Prediction: Oregon-50 Utah-3

The Other Interesting Games part of this column is going away.  It’s a little bit of a waste, I’ve discovered.

Upset Alert

No.18 UCLA vs. Washington 

I write to much about UCLA.  Maybe it’s because I hate them.

Anyways, this a big game for UCLA.  If they win, they rejuvenate their season, and gain some more credibility.  If they lose, their regarded as sketchy and drop.  The Bruins defense isn’t great for a ranked team; it’s not like Washington’s is any better, which makes this a possible upset.  If Washington can get to UCLA where they lack, then the Huskies get a big win.

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