NFL Week 9 Roundup

Well, that was interesting.  Over the weekend, we saw highly anticipated games not live up to the hype, and games no really cared about turn out great.  With massive passing performances, and bus crashes, Week 9 had it all.

New Orleans-28 Carolina-10

Led by Mark Ingram for the second straight game, the Saints dominated the Panthers in primetime.  Ingram had 100 yards rushing and 2 touchdown runs against a Carolina defense that has absolutely collapsed.  (Fantasy owners, you feel me)  Drew Brees had a good game, throwing for 297 yards and a TD.

On the other side, Cam Newton played awful, which lead to this Saints blowout.  Newton threw for 151 yards and a interception in the loss.  His running backs didn’t help him, so he scored the Panthers only TD by taking into the end zone himself.  It was a really bad game for the Panthers, who after their decent start, are beginning to crumble.

Minnesota-29 Washington-26

RG3 returned after a seven week bench trip, only for the team’s two buses to crash.B1cYitbIYAAfJ8m.jpg-large-850x560

The crash occurred in downtown Minneapolis on the way to TCF Bank Stadium.  Nobody on the buses were hurt, by a police officer who part of the escort was.  He is now okay.

That was just the start of the day for the Redskins.

Teddy Brigdewater threw for 268 yards and a TD in the win, while his running provided some backup.  Matt Asiata ran in three touchdowns, which helped solidify the Vikings win.  Minnesota’s only breakout was Asiata, and he proved to be enough for them.

RG3 did very well in his first game back, throwing for 251 yards and TD.  Griffin didn’t run much, which is probably a good thing if your Jay Gruden or anyone in the front office.  Alfred Morris had a great game with 92 yards rushing and two TD’s.  Morris has finally gotten into his trend this season, even though we expected it sooner.

Desean Jackson had 120 yards receiving and a TD to lead the Redskins, but with everything they put up, it just wasn’t enough.  RG3 had a chance at the end of the game to lead a wining drive, but couldn’t get into field goal range, forcing a punt.  Neither of these teams should be a playoff team, though Washington has big opportunity approaching them.

Miami-37 San Diego-0

We all saw this one coming, right?

Ryan Tannehill looked like Dan Marino as he tossed three TD’s and passed for 288 yards in the dominating win.  He spread the ball around to 10 different receivers, making the highest individual receiving mark only at 65 yards.  Lamar Miller also ran in a TD to contribute.  It was all Tannehill Sunday.  He looked great, and the Dolphins, even though I don’t trust them, look like they are in very good shape.

On the other side, Philip Rivers threw for only 138 yards.  He also had three turnovers, throwing picks left and right.  Nobody had a good game for the Chargers, and not scoring any points isn’t something their used to.  This team needs to get back on track, because they are declining fast.

Cincinatti-33 Jacksonville-23

My first thought about this game was: This shouldn’t have been this close.  Really, it was closer than the score showed.  Blake Bortles had a great game, throwing for 247 yards and 2 TD’s.  He threw a pick, but it’s Blake Bortles, he’s thrown a pick in about every game he’s played in.  Denard Robinson had a awesome game running the football, rushing for 94 yards and a score.  He looks like the real deal, though Storm Johnson should be getting some touches.  Allen Hurns (Who?) had 112 yards catching the ball and 2 TD’s.  He’s been a breakout start, and I recommend you try to pick him up in fantasy.

Though, with the great performances on the Jaguars side, the Bengals are the better team, and showed it.  Andy Dalton threw for 233 yards and 2 TD’s, with one going to AJ Green, who retuned after his toe injury (Sounds funny, doesn’t it?).  Green had 44 yards, but the leader was Mohhamed Sanu, again!  Sanu had 95 yards, on 4 RECEPTIONS! FOUR!

He also scored a touchdown, but this guy is one of the more underrated deep ball guys in the league, and I probably haven’t given him the right amount of respect.

Jacksonville is a young team.  They’re going to lose close games.  They’re going to lose games they should have won.  It’s going to happen, and it will take a while, but I love what their doing there.  They have a bright future.

Kansas City-24 New York Jets-10

(Homerism Possible)


I’d hate to be rude, and I know this is a commonly used term to describe this team, but I haven’t used it yet.  That time has come, however.  The 2014-2015 New York Jets are a dumpster fire.  They might be even worse than that, but I won’t go that far.  If you know a Jets fan, please pray for them tonight, and acknowledge to yourself what they are going through.

The Jets Sunday didn’t turn the ball over.  They didn’t have absolutely awful stat lines.  They just can’t play good football.  Like ever.  When Matt Simms has to play QB for your team, who might as well shut the TV off.

That’s what happened Sunday.  Michael Vick got hurt (What else is new?) and Matt Simms had to play QB in the National Football League.  He only there eight passes, completing three of them, though.  Vick eventually returned, and had a decent game.  Only throwing seven incompletions, he had 196 yards passing and TD.  Percy Harvin, in his second game as a Jet, went off for 129 yards, leading the team.

The Chiefs though, dominated this game.  Alex Smith threw for 199 yards and 2 TD’s in the win, while Jamaal Charles also contributed a touchdown.  Smith spread the ball around quite well, throwing to nine receivers.  Overall, this was super boring, and if your not a Jets fan, then you were probably laughing the whole time.

Philidelphia-31 Houston-21

Even though the Eagles won, a massive blow was dealt to them early in this game.  Nick Foles only threw for 124 yards and a TD, but broke his collarbone in the game, and didn’t return, leaving Mark Sanchez to take over the reigns for the rest of the game.  Sanchez did well, but threw two picks.  Completing 15/22 for 202 yards and 2 TD’s, Sanchez will be the QB for the Eagles until at least Week 14, with Foles’s injury being a 4-6 week thing.

Otherwise, LeSean McCoy and Jeremy Maclin had great games.  McCoy had 117 yards on 23 carries, while Maclin had 158 yards, 2 TD’s on SIX catches.  Look for McCoy to be featured more now that Foles is out.

On the other end, Ryan Fitzpatrick didn’t have a good game, and really no one did for the Texans.  DeAndre Hopkins though, as expected, had 115 yards and a TD on SIX catches.  Arian Foster couldn’t get going against the Eagles defensive line.

The Eagles are now in a pickle without Foles, though some believe it’s not a downgrade.  Foles hasn’t been great this year, but he is a guy who is perfect for Chip Kelly’s offense, and I’m not sure Sanchez is, at all.

Arizona-28 Dallas-17

(Homerism Possible)

(Let me get something out of the way)


(Back to non-homer me)

Brandon Weeden had to play QB for the Cowboys on Sunday, which didn’t go so great.  He threw two picks and a TD, with 183 yards.  The Cowboys couldn’t get DeMarco Murray going, and nobody had a good receiving day for the Cowboys.

The Cardinals really dominated this game, and Carson Palmer threw for 249 yards and three TD’s.  He did start the game with a ugly pick six, but rebounded and totally took control.  Andre Ellington had 95 yards on the ground, and Larry Fitzgerald lead the Cardinals receiving wise.  The Arizona defense keep holding back the Cowboys, which led to the win.

The Cowboys have no reason to not win the NFC East.  Tony Romo will be back for Week 10 against Jacksonville in London, and with the Eagles probable collapse, they should take this thing.  The Cardinals now have the league’s best record, and are way up there in multiple power rankings.  They play in a tough division, but their main competitors haven’t done so well so far, leaving a massive opportunity for the Cardinals.

Cleveland-22 Tampa Bay-17

This was a thriller, wasn’t it?

Brian Hoyer actually had a decent game Sunday, throwing for 300 yards and 2 TD’s, but also threw his two regular picks.  The Browns couldn’t get the running game going, which lead them to have Hoyer throwing the ball a dizzying (for him) 34 times.  The Browns still got the half-baked win, because when you look at the box score, the Buccaneers should have won this game.

Mike Glennon had a similar game to Hoyer, throwing for 260 yards, 2 TD’s, and two picks.  I’m not giving up on Glennon; I think they should give him the rest of the year, because it’s not like they have anyone behind him who’s reasonable.  Josh McCown will probably be the starter again when he returns, but if Glennon does well the rest of the year, he may take over.

St. Louis-13 San Francisco-10

I’m really starting to get worried about this 49er team.  Colin Kaepernick threw for 237 yards and a TD against the Rams defense, which is a tough one, but the 49ers are a better team than this.  The running game couldn’t get going, which plagued the 49ers throughout the game.

In a pretty boring, but close game, it came down to a 49er drive with 3:11 left.  San Francisco had a great drive, and got the ball down to the St. Louis one yard line with nine seconds.  On 3rd down, Kaepernick sneaked up the A gap, and fumbled in process, ending the game right there.  It would’ve been a game-wining touchdown, which is a absolutely killer way to lose a game.  Now, the 49ers lost the game on that play, but they had other chances, and couldn’t capitalize off of them.

Austin Davis threw two picks, and had a touchdown in a pretty bad game for him.  Tre Mason contributed to the win, but really, the 49ers lost this game, the Rams didn’t win it.

New England-43 Denver-21

I really can’t believe this is how the game played out.  I truly thought that this would come down to the wire, but exactly the opposite happened.

Tom Brady had 333 yards and 4 TD passes in the blowout win, throwing all four to different receivers.  The Patriots, surprisingly, didn’t run the ball, giving the weather that morning, but hey, it’s Tom Brady, he does fine in any weather.

On the other end, Peyton Manning threw for 438 yards and 2 TD’s, but had two very costly picks, which could have given the Broncos more scoring opportunities.  Denver didn’t run the ball either, having 43 yards as a team.  Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel sNADERS both had over 125 yards receiving, though caught no TD’s.

Denver is still a top three team int he league, and i wouldn’t draw to much concern for them after this blowout.  It was more about the Pats showing the world that they aren’t anyone to mess with, and really, they never went away.  It’s very likely this is a playoff matchup, so Denver will know what they have to do different.

Seattle-30 Oakland-24

This game shouldn’t have been anywhere near this close.

My family and I had finished dinner, so most of us sat down to watch this game.  At the time, it was the only interesting game on, giving some blowouts.  At one point, Oakland was playing visibly better than Seattle, and i really thought they would win this game.

Visualizations like that are concerning, especially against the league’s worst team.  Seattle, even with their struggles this year, are still a good team, with tons of talent.  Part of the score had to do with Russell Wilson’s poor game, only thorn gofer 179 yards.  Seattle had trouble running the ball, even though Marshawn Lynch had two TD runs.

The Raider couldn’t run the ball either, leaving it to Derek Carr to throw 41 passes.  He threw two picks, but had two TD’s with it.  It wasn’t a great game for him, and against a good defense, it’s understandable.

Seattle’s should be okay, but their definitely not in great shape.  If they want the NFC West title, they have to play better all around.  I think they still will make the Playoffs, but in the NFC, you can’t goof around.

Pittsburgh-43 Baltimore-23

Ben Rothlisberger had a record setting Week 8, and Sunday night, he added to it.  Throwing six TD’s, he lead the Steeler s to a dominating win over the Ravens.  He only had 340 yards, but SIX touchdowns in back to back weeks is insane.  Rothlisberger threw his touchdowns to five different receivers.  The defense shut down Baltimore, by stuffing their running game, which they rely on.  Joe Flacco had 303 yards and two TD’s, but the Ravens secondary was busted the entire night, and that costed them.

Indianapolis-40 New York Giants-24

Even though the Giants lost, Odell Beckham Jr. had a incredible game, and after having himself on the Giants nerves earlier this year, he sure looks worth it.  Beckham Jr. had 156 yards Monday,  in a game he probably will want to forget, giving the outcome of the game.  Andrew Luck threw for 4 TD’s in the rout, and man, he looks like the real deal.  Now, he may have already, but it’s not just how the team is preforming.  The type of throws Luck made last night were incredible, and I’ve really never seen anything like it.  He took over the reigns Monday, and with a just okay surrounding cast, he kinda has to.

On to Week 10….




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