What To Watch For: College Football Week 8

Wait, it’s already Week 8?  This season has flown by so far.  This Saturday features five more ranked-ranked match ups, with one game that will have major playoff implications (It feels so nice to say “playoff”).

No.14 Kansas State vs. No.11 Oklahoma

(Homerism Possible)

In a conference that doesn’t have a championship game, every time you play a conference opponent, it means so much more than any other game.  Both of these teams have only one loss, and they sit 2nd and 3rd in the conference, only behind Baylor.  The Sooners have a defense that is comparable to a brick wall.  The defense has to contain an explosive Wildcats offense, which puts up 40 points a game.  If Oklahoma’s secondary can buckle up the Wildcats wide receivers, they win.  If Kansas State’s wide receivers get open, they win.  Prediction: Oklahoma-21 Kansas State-10

No.21 Texas A&M vs. No.7 Alabama

I really not sure how the Aggies are even ranked coming into this game, because there are some serious issues with them.  After a blazing first game, quarterback Kenny Hill has looked awful.  I’m not sure his vision is great, which is leading to the accuracy issues.  Even though Hill hasn’t played great, he puts up massive numbers, and in certain games can put someone away.  Last week, they were blown out by Ole Miss.    The Tide, though, are rolling, and have proved me wrong this year.  The loss last week doesn’t mean much, because Mississippi State is really good, like No.1 good.  Anyways, Alabama’s defense should be able to stop the Texas A&M offensive attack.  If they can play ball-hawk and take advantage of Hill’s accuracy issues, the Tide roll.  Prediction: Alabama-35 A&M-17

No.15 Oklahoma State vs. No.12 TCU

With TCU on fire, the Cowboys have a tough task ahead of them.  This offense slings the football, and that’s all they do.  Combining that with a stellar defense, TCU sets up perfect for this game.  Though, the last time they matched up, Oklahoma State dominated, and TCU’s offense collapsed.  It’s possible, but unlikely.  This will be a lower scoring game, because I’m not sold on the Cowboys offense, but another good BIG 12 defense helps them out.  Defense will win this game, no matter what.  Prediction: TCU-21 Oklahoma State-10

No.5 Notre Dame vs. No.2 Florida State

This is hopefully the one game I will be able to catch this weekend, but wow, we have a showdown here.  This is going to be a phenomenal game.  Both teams have the offenses and the defenses to win,  so it’s a matter of who executes.  A game like this is hard to predict because there are very few advantages going for either team.  The game is being played in Tallahassee, which is a plus for the Seminoles, giving the weather in South Bend the past couple of weeks.  Expect a lot of points in this one.  My pick, probably won’t be right with this one. Prediction: Notre Dame-47 Florida State-42

No.23 Stanford vs. No.17 Arizona State

(Homerism Possible, for both teams)

Now I’m rooting for the Sun Devils here, mostly because they need the win more than Stanford does.  Now these team’s rankings disagree.  Stanford is a better team than ASU.  Even with Taylor Kelly at QB, Stanford’s defense is just too good.  ASU shot up the rankings because of Kelly’s return for this game, which automatically raises ASU’s chances.  The offense was a disaster without him, even though the Devils beat USC.  Stanford, on the other hand, has the lower ranking, but has a little bit more relation with the committee and has more success in previous years.  We know what the Cardinal can do, and it’s more than likely they do it here.  Prediction: Stanford-24 ASU-14

Other Interesting Games

 No.4 Baylor vs. West Virginia

This West Virginia team is a shock compared to last year, and at 4-2, it’s a little intimating.  This game though, is going to be a tough one for the Mountaineers.  Baylor is coming off of the highest scoring game ever between top 10 teams, and with a odd ending that resulted in a Baylor win.  The Bears have offense, that’s obvious.  If West Virginia wants to keep this thing close, they have to do all they can on defense.  Prediction: Baylor-45 West Virginia-17

UCLA vs. California

UCLA isn’t ranked after the blowout loss to Oregon last week, which is somewhat of a shock to me.  This team is super talented, and they just haven’t been able to put it together this season.  California is surprisingly very sneaky, and were in first place in PAC-12 North at a point this season.  This is going to be a measuring stick game for the Golden Bears.  A win would surely get them ranked, and would send UCLA down the hole.  Prediction: California-28 UCLA-24

Missouri vs. Florida

Both of these teams should be ranked, and giving that Marshall is, well, that tells it all.  Florida has surprised me this year, because I thought they would be terrible.  They’ve redeemed themselves after almost pulling off a upset over Alabama.  The Tennessee win got them recognized more, which sets this game up.  Missouri has been in&out of the rankings this year.  They beat South Carolina, then laid a egg against the Todd Gurley-less Bulldogs.  I loved this Missouri team, but they’ve collapsed since, and this could be the dagger.  Prediction: Florida-31 Missouri-17

Upset Alert

No.10 Georgia vs. Arkansas

The Bulldogs will again be without star RB Todd Gurley, and really, it’s not looking good for Gurley to play the rest of this season, which would end his college career.   The Gurley thing is something that’s hard not to bring up, like the James Harden trade with Oklahoma City and Houston.   Anyways, without him, this could be a dangerous game.  Even though the Bulldogs steamrolled Missouri last week without him, Arkansas matches up differently.  The Razorbacks haven’t won a conference game this year, and sit at 3-3, but a powerful and sneaky offense can keep them in it.  If Arkansas can pull it off, they will gain more national attention, lose, and well, yea.  Georgia should win this game.  It would keep assuring everyone until November 15 they’re fine without Gurley.

Todd Gurley Suspension: The Start Of Something Bigger Than Football

Remember before you read this, this isn’t a rant, this is strictly a idea with a prediction.  

I woke up last Friday morning sensing that something newsworthy was going to break that day. It just felt like it.  I waited all-day, through school and all that.  It was about an hour after I got home when it broke.


There it was.  I was shocked.  I tried to gather anything I could on it.  The news broke, and then exploded.

That was all I had for quite awhile.  It wasn’t until about 45 minutes after until the violation specifics were released.

Todd Gurley was suspended indefinitely for selling autographed memorabilia.  The NCAA prohibits this, as we all know by now.  The NCAA has some absurd rules regarding their athletes.

The NCAA is supposedly non-profit.  But yet, they drive in billions and billions of dollars from fans, schools, and TV networks.  The organization is a total powerhouse, and really, it’s a like a dictatorship.

They allow their athletes to do absolutely nothing.  The rules range from the water they use on campus to getting gifts from friends.  It’s crazy.  None of this has anything to do with sports, it’s all about the money they want to drive in.

Now, some people don’t realize, and maybe even I don’t, how busy these athletes are.  They are in class, on the practice field, playing in a game, lifting weights, or on a plane.  There is no way that they have anytime for a job.  So they have no money coming in, at all.

Here’s the thing, however.  If you’re a prospect, you’ve got a good shot of going pro and making millions.  That’s a plus.  But as Shabazz Naiper said after winning the NCAA Tournament in April “I go hungry at night”.

And really, I believe him.  That’s why something has to give.  Whether it be a breakaway or rule change, something has to done.  And that’s were the options pile up.

I wouldn’t be surprised if, by 2020 or sooner, we have two separate college athletics leagues/organizations/associations (leagues sounds to professional).  If that were to happen, the Power 5 conferences would split from the NCAA.

Let’s be honest.  In college football, the revenue that the NCAA drives in from games, comes mostly (that’s probably a understatement) from Division 1, let alone the Power 5.  Division 1 is what we care about.  It’s what the media and TV networks care about.  So, it’s where the money comes from.

Now I’m writing this from a football standpoint.  With college basketball, it gets to messy.  That’s where this whole thing gets derailed.  Now again, it’s not just football players who are getting in trouble for things like this. And really, they shouldn’t be getting in trouble for it.

College athletes should be able to sell their name for money.  As said above, these guys can’t hold down a job.  They’re to busy.  So why not make a little cash over autographs?

Now don’t get me wrong, Gurley and these other athletes know the rules, and if those rules are in place, they should follow them.  They know if their caught, there will be consequences.

Or on a less controversial standpoint, why can’t I buy a Andrew Wiggins Kansas Jayhawks jersey?  I can, but it won’t have his name on it.  Why?  The NCAA won’t let it happen.  They fear the athletes would be making money off it.

Now I’m against game salaries or yearly salaries.  That’s taking it a little to far.  This isn’t a grueling season for basketball or football.  45 games max for basketball, 15 for football.  C’mon, your playing for a career, not money.

The Power 5 schools are rich enough that they could pay their players per game.  But, they would have to split.  That would take balls and a lot of money.

It would be fun to see two college leagues.  One we would care about and has the best teams and events, and then others would be the NCAA.  I’m for Division 1 splitting away, not just the Power 5.  Let’s keep Division AA, they have the NAU Lumberjacks.  (Homerism alert).

With the new Playoff system we have, it would be devastating for the NCAA to lose it, since they spent so much money on it.  The NCAA would become a laughing stock compared to the new league/association.

We need a name for it, even though it’s not going to happen for the next six years, and maybe not at all!  I can’t think of a good one.

You maybe thinking I’m getting ahead of myself.  Well, this is going to happen soon, and fast.  It’s going to happen within the next six years.

College athletes deserve to be able to make money off their name and memorabilia.  Yea their young, and they have to be smart with that money.  This may not be the issue the causes a possible split, but if it were to happen, then it it would definitely be one of the main reasons.

The other option, which seems a little bit out of reach and complicated, we be for the NCAA to let athletes sell their name and make money off of it.  A rule change, actually.  Though, who would be allowed?  You would HAVE to allow all athletes, from all divisions, conferences, and schools, and all athletics, be able too.  If not, it doesn’t go through.

This is issue could cause a massive riff between schools and the NCAA.  Honestly, it’s going to be a riff that won’t be solved.

Prediction: Division 1 (FBS&FCS) split from NCAA before 2020, citing multiple issues with NCAA rules and restrictions.

NFL Week 6 Roundup

In a weekend where we had a tie, other games stole the spotlight, even the games that there wasn’t much expected of.

Indianapolis-33 Houston-28

I think the match up was actually Indianapolis vs. JJ Watt.  I’ll have to double check.  Anyways, the Colts opened the game on fire.  They took a 24-0 lead at the end of the 1st quarter as it looked really ugly for the Texans.  T.Y. Hilton had a monster game, and if you had him on your bench in fantasy (like me!), you paid for it.  Hilton had nine catches for 223 yards and a touchdown.  He lit up the Texans secondary.  The Texans rallied in the game, but ultimately succumbed to the explosive Colts.  JJ Watt, the so-far MVP, had a 45 yards fumble return for a TD, so that ended the night on a positive note for the Texans.

Green Bay-27 Miami-24

In a crazy, close and exciting game, the Packers fought and eventually got it done, right at the end.  The Packers scored first in the game, and the scoring never let up.  Aaron Rodgers had a great game, and made a incredible pass to Randell Cobb later in the game.  Neither team ran the ball well at all, which lead to the great passing performances.  Ryan Tannehil played decent, throwing two picks to go with two TD’s.  He has to limit the turnovers.  It bites him and is hindering his success.

The Packers found themselves down three with 2:00 minutes left, and knowing how they preform, I had no doubt Green Bay was going to win.  Sure enough, it happened.  With three seconds left, Rodgers threw a four yard pass to Andrew Quarless, stunning the Dolphins and their home crowd that probably doesn’t exist.

Cleveland-31 Pittsburgh-10

Who saw this coming?

The Browns completed dominated the Steelers, bottom line.  The Steelers scored the first points of the game, going up 3-0.  They didn’t score till the 4th quarter, and let the Browns jumped to a 31-3 lead.  Brian Hoyer only threw the ball 17 times, which is probably the most the Browns wanted him to throw anyways.  Passing for 217 yards and a touchdown was decent, but it was the running game that carried the Browns.  Ben Tate and Isaiah Crowell both had over 70 yards, and three TD’s combined.

In a embarrassing loss for the Steelers, Ben Rothlisberger completed only 50% of his passes and threw for 228 yards.  A TD and a pick followed.  It was kinda weird how they got blown out so bad, because the stat line was decent for Pittsburgh.  A combination of a productive Cleveland offense and a great defense forced the Steelers to lay a egg.

Carolina-37 Cincinnati-37 (OT)

Yes, you read that right.  A tie.

I debated it, but I’m going write about.  They’re both good teams.

This game remained close throughout, obviously.  I knew this would be a great game at the start, and it surely paid off.  Both QB’s were making noise due to match-up of two of the better QB’s from the 2011 draft, Cam Newton and Andy Dalton.  The two QB’s played pretty well.  Both threw the ball over 40 times, both threw for over 280 yards, and both threw 2 TD’s.  The running game for both teams was strong, with Giovanni Bernard rushing for 137 yards and a touchdown.  Newton was the Panthers leading rusher with 107 yards and touchdown.

And with all this excitement, the game ended in a tie.  (Sigh)

New England-37 Buffalo-22

For the second straight week, Tom Brady redeemed himself after rumors of his unhappiness in New England by completely dominating.  The Patirots dominated the Bills Sunday, which included four TD passes by Brady.  Three Pats receivers had over 90 yards, and Brandon Lafell had two TD catches.  Overall: Complete domination.

It was a shock the Bills put up this many points.  Kyle Orton had a decent game, completing 24/38 passes and 299 yards.  The Bills couldn’t run the ball at all, which is usually what they do best.  CJ Spiller hasn’t looked great this year, and that has to be concerning.  It’s not a big deal yet, but if he continues to decline, there is a serious problem developing.

Detroit-17 Minnesota-3

Another game where a domination was evident.  The Vikings were humiliated at home Sunday.  Teddy Bridgewater actually looked like a rookie QB, and the running game couldn’t going.  Without Adrian Peterson though, it has pretty low expectations.  Bridgewater threw three picks in the loss, and had trouble relying on anyone.

The Lions on the other end, won this game.  Matthew Stafford didn’t do much, but he didn’t really have to.  Even with Calvin Johnson and Reggie Bush out, the Vikings turnovers played such a big role, that nobody really registered a huge role.  Joique Bell had a good game rushing the ball, while Theo Reddick had great receiving game.  This Detroit defense played great, with turnover and sacks.  That ultimately led to the win.

Denver-31 New York Jets-17

How was this even this close?

I had hopes for the jets this year.  I thought they could possibly contend for a Wild Card spot if Geno Smith played well enough.


That was a big if, and it’s proving itself.  Geno Smith has been horrendous this year, and it’s time for a change.  I noted that they have a solid backup if things were to turn ugly.  I’m still sticking with that, even though I hate his guts.

As for the game, Peyton Manning did Peyton Manning things, and that overall led to the win.  Manning had 237 yards passing and three touchdowns as he inched closer to the record for most TD passes in a season, which is currently held by Brett Farve.  Demaryius Thomas had a great game again, and the Jets just couldn’t stop the Broncos offensive attack.

Geno Smith had a pretty bad game.  23/43, 190 yards, two TD’s and a pick.  Not great.  It’s not what the Jets need in a game like this.  The running game was really bad, but this Denver defensive line is pretty good.

The Jets lost to a bad team, and I’m surprised it was this close, but from a overall performance standpoint, it needs to improve.

Baltimore-48 Tampa Bay-17

It was pretty amazing the Ravens didn’t score 80 points, because for a while, it looked that way.

At the end of the 1st quarter, it was 28-0 Ravens.  This was ugly from the start.  Torrey Smith, after a tough start to the season, finally got his mojo back and had a killer game.  Catching the first two TD’s the Ravens scored was only two of the five that Joe Flacco threw.  It was a incredible preformance.

Alright, I was a little harsh there.  I like Joe Flacco, I think he’s a really good QB.  He proved me he was Sunday even against a bad team.

Speaking of that, the Bucs seem really bad.  Worse than I thought.  This was a terrible performance at home.

Nice showing, Bucs fans.

Tennessee-16 Jacksonville-14

(Do I really have to write about this game?)

Yea somewhat.

Nobody tells me to write.  I’m my own editor. I’m not getting paid.  It’s for fun, so if I trash your team here.  Well, don’t complain to my boss, cause I don’t have one.  

This was a thriller, wasn’t it?

How bad can these AFC South games get?

Anyways, Blake Bortles played great.  He threw for 336 yards and a touchdown in the loss. Cecil Shorts, the Jags best option at wide receiver, had a good game with over 100 yards receiving.  It’s a shame they couldn’t pull it together.

The only reason the Titans are winning games is…

whitehurst shoot
I might just put this photo in every column.

Yup.  That’s it.  Both teams suck, on to the next game please.

San Diego-31 Oakland-28

First of all, how was this game so close?

Second of all, how did the Raiders score 28 points?

This game beat me.  I really don’t know how to feel about it.

In a great game from Derek Carr, he almost led his team to a massive upset over the Chargers.  Carr had four TD’s, with two of them going to Andre Holmes.  Darren McFadden had a great game, surprisingly.  With 14 carries, he had 80 yards.  Philip Rivers had another Philip Rivers game, continuing his great season.  Rivers threw three TD’s and 313 yards.  A huge game from Brandon Oliver (Yup, Brandon Oliver) contributed to the win, carrying the ball 30 times and for 101 yards.  Malcolm Floyd had a great game, adding another 100 yards to the Chargers offensive performance.

Overall, Tony Soprano infused this team with something.  Keeping up with the Chargers is no easy task.  Derek Carr looked great, and for someone like me who didn’t like him at all, he looks like he can lead this team.  Carr looks like the best player on this team.

Chicago-27 Atlanta-13

The Bears absolutely dominated this game.  Jay Cutler threw for 381 yards on 26 passes and a touchdown.  Matt Forte had two TD runs and ran for 80 yards (also gave me about 28 fantasy points!).  Alshon Jeffery and Brandon Marshall both had over 100 yards receiving.  The Bears played great on both sides of the field, even on the defensive side.  Matt Ryan didn’t have a great game, but played decent.  The problem isn’t him, though.  This Atlanta team has nothing else around him besides some stud receivers on the outside.  The Falcons offensive line can’t block and help out the running game.  It is terrible how bad they are.  There are a lot injuries, but it doesn’t matter.  The defense is horrid, too.   The Bears have a good offense, but giving up 100 yards to TWO receivers and 80 yards to a running back isn’t good.  Matt Ryan is wasting years, and GM Thomas Dimitroff needs to go, now.

Arizona-30 Washington-20

(Homerism Possible)

In Carson Palmer’s return, the Cardinals won a somewhat sloppy game over the Redskins in the desert.  Though the Cardinals didn’t turn the ball over, the defense had trouble tackling and defending Desean Jackson, who racked up 115 yards.  The Redskins had four turnovers, three of which were Kirk Cousins interceptions.  Cousins did throw for 254 yards and two TD’s, but made some awful decisions.

The Cardinal’s defense, giving all the injuries and criticism still played great.  The secondary is living up to the hype, minus Patrick Peterson, who hasn’t had a great season so far.  The defensive line is is still stellar, and shut down Alfred Morris Sunday.

The real show, however, was on the offensive side.  In Carson Palmer’s first game since Week 1, he threw for 250 yards on 28 passes and two TD’s.  It looked like he didn’t even get hurt.  The shoulder had no issues.  Larry Fitzgerald had his best game so far this season, with six receptions for 98 yards and TD.

The Cardinals are 4-1 and are travelling to Oakland next week.  This team has their QB back, which is huge.  Expect the Cardinals to continue to surprise everyone, including me.

Dallas-30 Seattle-23

DeMarco Murray, again, had a incredible game.  Rushing for 115 yards on 29 carries and touchdown led the Cowboys to upset win in Seattle.  Russell Wilson played poorly, which drove the Seahawks into a hole.  The game was close throughout, but the Cowboys were visibly the better team, The Seattle stat line was miserable, and part of it had to with Wilson’s rough game.

This Cowboys defense has been a shock so far.  The defensive line has played very well, well enough to get this team to 5-1.  I had them at 5-11 this season.

As for Seattle, there isn’t any need for concern.  The secondary isn’t playing like they did last year, but they’re still really good.  The offense has to get back on track.  That’s the key.

Philadelphia-27 New York Giants-0

So much for the Giants getting the offense together.

This game was ridiculously lopsided.  Unfortunately, to add to the rough night, Victor Cruz torn his patella tendon in his knee, and is out for the season.  The hardest thing to watch is a very popular player get hurt that seriously.  People reported hearing his screams and his balling on the field.  Watching from home, you could tell it wasn’t good, and he knew it.  Giving how quickly the injury was confirmed was even worse.

I’m not going to get into the stats or how the game played out, because it was so lopsided.  Adding to that, I didn’t watch much of it, but I was just in time, unfortunately, to see the Cruz injury.

San Francisco-31 St. Louis-17

What a weird game.  The Rams opened with a 14-0 1st quarter lead.  Austin Davis looked like Drew Brees, as Jon Gruden kept comparing him to before the game.  That eroded pretty quickly.  The 49ers got their act together made it a four point game at halftime, partly helped by a ridiculous 80 yards touchdown pass from Colin Kaepernick to Brandon Lloyd.  The rest of the night belonged the 49ers as they scored 24 answered points, and ended up taking the game.  The Rams defense collapsed, and gave up way to many big plays.  Kaepernick had a great game with 313 yards and three touchdowns  The 49ers running game really didn’t show up, not that it had to.  As the game went on, Drew Brees 2.0 turned to Brandon Weeden 2.0, and completely fell apart.  Austin Davis completed only half of his passes, due to poor communication between him and his receivers.  The simple answer to this game is the 49ers won a game they should have, no matter how they started.

On to Week 7… 



Sucks To Be You Column: Arizona, Georgia Tech, And A Lot Of Really Close, Almost Upsets

Saturday was really interesting.  We had five ranked-ranked match-ups, and a good amount of games that came oh-so close to becoming a major upset.  TCU-Baylor scored 119 points combined.  That final score was 61-58, where TCU almost had a incredible upset.  That game though, ended in a surprising way, with Baylor kicking a field goal as time expired to win.

That was just one game on Saturday.  Others included the much-storylined Georgia vs. Missouri game, where without Todd Gurley, the Bulldogs cruised.  I will have a column on Gurley later this week.

Let’s start with the Arizona Wildcats, and, as always…

(Homerism Possible)

The Wildcats were ranked 10th in the country coming into the showdown with USC.  One team had came off a massive upset, and one had came off a devastating loss.  The Wildcats were at home, and had tons of momentum.  I was really skeptical of their ranking and their chances with this game.

The Wildcats were dominated early.  The Trojan running game couldn’t be stopped.  Arizona had no chance defending it.  The halftime was 14-6 USC.  It felt a lot worse than that.  It wasn’t just the pounding of the running, it was the fact that the Trojans broke tackles and went for long gains.  Arizona couldn’t tackle, and it really cost them.

Anu Solomon, Wildcats QB, threw 72 passes in the game, and completed 43 of them.  That’s a pretty evident sign that things weren’t in the Wildcats favor.  Solomon isn’t very accurate, but does have a cannon.  Relying on the Freshman was tough, mostly because the Wildcats couldn’t run the ball at all.  That’s what caused 72 passes to be thrown.

However, all of that didn’t lead to disaster yet.  The Wildcats rallied after being down two possessions at the end of the 3rd.  First, a 41-yard touchdown pass cut it to 28-20 around 10 minutes in the 4th.  After that, it got wild.  At least, not for another nine minutes.

The Wildcats answered again with just over a minute left.  That cut it to two points.  As anyone would, Arizona went for two.  A pass interference on the first attempt gave the Wildcats a second chance.  Instead of throwing a bubble screen pass, they ran the ball straight up the gut, and failed.

Now I was pretty mad at Rich Rodriguez.  I thought he would take the chance of throwing it.  Tat might’ve been the safer bet.  But no, instead, he let Leonard Williams spoil it.  Williams, who had a incredible game, boosted his already high draft stock for late April.  The kid should be a top 10 pick when we get their.

After the failed two-point conversion, Arizona went for onside kick.  They recovered, and my esophagus almost came out again.

So I, feeling pretty good about the drive, which started at the USC 47, was pretty confident they would get it done.  After two nice passes, Anu Solomon lost it, and threw two terrible incompletions.  It doomed the Wildcats, majorly.  The Wildcats hadn’t been kicking the ball well all night, having one blocked in the first half.

With 12 seconds left, Arizona set up for the field goal, and guess what.


At first, I thought it was blocked, so I wasn’t totally surprised.  Under further review, he actually missed the field goal, ending a pretty bad night for Wildcats.  It was a bad loss, mostly because they had the opportunities to win the game.

That pretty much summed up the night.  The missed field goal, the constant inability to stop the run.  At home, the Wildcats should have won.

However, the loss didn’t plummet their ranking.  In the new AP Poll, which I rely on, the Wildcats rank 16th in the nation, previously at 10th.  That’s fine with me.  They were ranked to high coming into the game anyways.  16th is about where they belong.

USC, on the other end, was unranked coming in to this game (surprising, right?).  The loss to ASU hurt (them, not me) but that necessarily wasn’t their fault.  It was a great offensive play.  Anyways, at 4-2, the Trojans rank at 22nd.  It’s not that they aren’t good, it’s more about the win-loss record and the teams that are better than them.

The other real upset Saturday took place down South, in Atlanta, where Duke upset No.22 Georgia Tech.

I don’t have much to say here….

The Yellow Jackets had only been ranked one week before losing to Duke Saturday.  Duke, a team that I’ve always liked and who almost pulled off a incredible win over Texas A&M last year, went into Atlanta and rolled over Georgia Tech.

The Blue Devils got their running game going, which ultimately put Georgia Tech on their heels.  The Jackets couldn’t stop it.  Too add, Georgia Tech couldn’t hold on to the ball with three costly turnovers in the game.

A thunderstorm delayed the game over an hour, and adding to the misery, Georgia Tech gave up a ridiculous amount of points after the delay, putting themselves in a hole.  Down 31-12, the Yellow Jackets pulled themselves out, and made it a six point game with a minute left.  The rally didn’t pull through, as the final score was 31-25.

The Yellow Jackets fell from the rankings, and Duke got much respect, but not enough, being one of the lead vote getters to not make the poll.

As for Duke, the win was big, and a somewhat easy schedule the rest of the way could make them very interesting the rest of the year.

Heisman Poll

With Todd Gurley most likely out for the year, the Poll has been majorly shaken.

1. Dak Prescott, Mississippi State

2. Amari Cooper, Alabama

3. Ameer Abdullah, Nebraksa

4. Marcus Mariota ,Oregon

5. Melvin Gordon, Wisconsin

NLCS Preview

This match up doesn’t quite have the story lines the ALCS does, but it will be fun.  These two teams have been the best two teams in baseball since 2010.  The Giants winning the World Series in 2010 and 2012, and the Cardinals winning in between in 2011.  The two are both great, and have constantly proved it, but one of their season ends with this series, and it’s my decision to figure out who’s it will be.

The Giants had one of the more up&down seasons this year.  Coming out of the gate steamrolling everyone in late April and early May, they looked World Series bound.  A massive tailspin followed the hot start, which set the tone for quite a while, until after the Jake Peavy trade, which swung things.  Since August, it’s been a roller coaster.  It was no doubt in my mind they would make the Playoffs, since I know, from being a fan of this team and watching them the past four years, the San Francisco Giants play their best baseball in September and October, and man, they just continue to prove it.

So the Giants find themselves here, playing for a trip to a Series they are no stranger to.  The opponent though, is no easy task, as if any task this time of year is.

So what do the Giants have to do to get there?

Hit the baseball.  Hard, and a lot.  The Cardinals have a good pitching staff, but they fall to momentum and get rattled easily.  If the Giants can pile on runs, they will win the series.  In a column talking about the Giants Wild Card Game against Pittsburgh, I used “Panik” (in reference to Joe Panik, a fan favorite who looks promising for the Giants) instead of panic, and that was golden.  After the column was published, Panik had a great and clutch series, with seven hits and three runs in five games.  The momentum carried the Giants, and the young guys through Washington, and now, it’s something the Cardinals have to deal with.  Have fun.

If how fun this team is on and off the field isn’t enough, the lineup is loaded with P’s.  P’s, the last names of the batters.  For example: Posey, Pence, Panik, Panda (Pablo Sandoval).  That’s the heart of this team, and it’s totally marketable.  Anyways, the Cardinals strong pitching staff has to shut them down, and if they don’t, another NL title won’t be returning to St. Louis.

On the other end, the Giants pitching staff has a clutch and strong Cardinals line up to get by, and it’s start with…

Kolten Wong?

Yep, Kolten Wong.

Now Wong didn’t put huge regular season numbers, or become a superstar, but he has been clutch, and as we’ve seen him do it not only this postseason, but since April.  Wong has done nothing but good things for this club.  For a 23 year old to come in, and just deliver and play wherever and whenever, it’s outstanding.  He has been electric this year, and in Game 3 of the NLDS, he hit a two-run home run, which ended up sealing the game for the Cardinals.  He’s the real deal, and if he continues what he’s done so far, the Giants have a handful to deal with.

That’s one guy on this Cardinals lineup.  Matt Holiday, Carpenter, and Adams are all super dangerous, and can end your night with one hit.  They all have power and the skill.  Adams displayed the clutch trait in Game 4, where he hit a three run HR to win the series (not a walkoff, but was last run scored that night) in the bottom of the seventh inning.  It was a incredible moment, and giving that Clayton Kershaw gave it up, it was incredibly impressive.

The Cardinals pitching is very good.  The rotation featuring ace Adam Wainwirght, has been excellent this year.  The John Lackey trade has produced a ton of momentum and excitement int his clubhouse.  He brings that energy they coveted.  He’s also pitched very well, and giving what they gave up for him, he better be.

Michael Wacha, who broke out in 2013, hasn’t been the Wacha we know this year.  He struggled with injuries, but didn’t pitch well this regular season.  The Cardinals bullpen is excellent.  Pat Neshek is one of the more underrated relievers in the Majors, and closer Trevor Rosenthal is lock down.

Going against a great Giants lineup, no matter who is pitching for the Cardinals, they can’t give up close to anything.  They have to keep the Giants under control.  They can break out.  If they do, they win the series.  If the Cardinals can contain them, and provide the clutch hitting they have displayed so far, they win.

Prediction: Giants in 7

ALCS Preview

Who in eternity would have predicted this, let alone at the start of the season, but half way through the year!  Baltimore Orioles! Kansas City Royals!  Playing for the American League Championship and a trip to the World Series! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Nope.  It happened.  And we get to watch it unfold.

I was very hard on this Royals team.  I root for them, so it was hard.  But really, I’m starting to realize where they fooled me.  I was stoked when they swept the Angels, not only for the team, but the city of Kansas City,  and the fans.  So, I somewhat congratulated them on Twitter.

I was pretty happy, and totally let out my homer side.  The Royals now, have to play Baltimore, in what will be no easy task.  I haven’t been able to pick a Royals game or series correct this postseason, so by the end of this column, I won’t be feeling good about it, one way or the other.

So how can the Royals get past O’s?

The Royals have a excellent pitching staff, which have repeatedly proved itself.  James Shields has pitched phenomenal, redeeming the “Big Game James” nickname.  The bullpen has always been fantastic, and haven’t blown anything this postseason.  Led by Greg Holland, he hasn’t gave up a hit in the four innings he’s pitched in.

The problem, somewhat, resides at the plate.  The interesting thing about this offense is that during the year, they hit the least home runs, and stole the most bags.  That is crazy.  Speed has proved to be killer against other teams.  The Royals have used it to their advantage so far.  Getting that base runner 90 feet closer is huge with this clutch hitting the Royals have displayed.  Kansas City hasn’t just hit the ball out of nowhere in the bottom of 5th inning or anything, they’ve came up in the clutch.  Once they get a run, it seems almost impossible to stop them, and depending on who’s on the mound for the opposing team, they don’t stop at all.

This is a completely different Royals team than it was in August.  The hitting was terrible.  In mid-August, Alex Gordon had a batting average of .283, which was a team high.  It’s incredible how far they’ve came, and if they want to move on, they have to continue it.

The Orioles though, have to figure out how to stop this high momentum baseball team.  The Royals are on fire.  Baltimore knows that, and really their fans, are feeling the same way Royals fans are.  The O’s made the postseason in 2012, only to lose in six in the ALDS.  Baltimore hasn’t made a ALCS since 1997, where they lost again to the Indians.

This is a team, like the Royals, who I’ve predicted to lose in every series and game they’ve played this postseason.  They’ve burned me over and over.

The O’s hold the advantage in one obvious category, which is the offensive side.  Injuries ravaged this team late this year.  I thought it hurt them, but a very faulty Tigers bullpen helped them out.  Nelson Cruz has hit the ball insanely well, not only this year, but this postseason.  He’s drove this offense.  Adam Jones has also had a great postseason, and the KC bullpen has to be weary of him in clutch situations.  Chris Davis, who was suspended, and will be eligible for this series,  but won’t be on the roster.  It’s a interesting move, but they’ve been fine without him so far.

The big plus for the O’s is their offense vs. the KC rotation match up.  If the O’s can get past a Tigers rotation, they can probably get past the Royals starting pitchers.

The Orioles also have a good pitching staff, and maybe even better than the Royals.  We will find that out this series.  Featuring Darren O’Day and Zach Brtton, the bullpen is lockdown.  The Andrew Miller trade was huge for this team, and I praised it.  I knew it would help them out, and he has been amazing since joining.  I’m telling you, a change in scenery helps, winning or losing team.  With four 10 game winners in their rotation, their a handful.  Every night, you going up against a good pitcher.  Whether the Royals can get into his head, or get one spark of momentum, remains to be seen.

So it comes down to this.  A very, very tough call has been made on this game.  A call that probably won’t be right at the end of series, but hey, it’s all for fun.

Prediction: Orioles in 6





2014-2015 NHL Prediction Column

The NHL season kicks off tonight, and it’s time for the ultimate column: The Prediction Column. I’ve pretty much picked who’s making the Playoffs or not in previous posts, but now I reveal my seeding, and who barely makes it in.  This is a pretty short column, by the way. Warning: It may surprise you.

Western Conference

1. Chicago Blackhawks

2. Anaheim Ducks

3. Los Angeles Kings

4. San Jose Sharks

5. Colorado Avalanche

6. Dallas Stars

7. St. Louis Blues

8. Minnesota Wild

9. Phoenix Coyotes

10. Winnipeg Jets

11. Vancouver Canucks

12. Nashville Predators

13. Calgary Flames

14. Edmonton Oilers

I love this Chicago team.  They have so much talent it’s ridiculous.  I think they get the top seed, but in this conference, nothing is a sure bet.  Anaheim, the winner last year, will second the Blackhawks.  Another very talented and experienced team, they could overtake the Hawks.  I think the Sharks will rise this year.  They are super loaded, and I would be very confused if they didn’t have a good season.  The reigning champs will have a better record and seeding, but the Playoffs are a different story.  The Kings play great defense, which will take you along way in the West.  I feel like I’m putting them right where they should be.  I really like the Stars this year, and maybe a little to much.  Having them over the Blues concerns me, but hey, if it happens, it’s in print.

The Avalanche will slip a bit, mostly due to inexperience and the loaded conference factor.  I’m not going to touch on the Wild, since I wrote about them yesterday.  Even though I’m from Phoenix, I’m not a Coyotes fan, and I’m still being a homer for them.  They finished here last year, and it’s going to happen again.  Injuries always kill them, like Detroit, and it will be tough call for Playoffs.

The Winnipeg Jets could be this year’s big sleeper.  They could completely fall apart, or get a low seed in the West.  If they played in the East, it would be a easier task.  I’m taking the half-empty side to them, but won’t be surprised if they rise.

Already wrote about the bad teams…


Eastern Conference

1. Montreal Canadians

2. New York Rangers

3. Pittsburgh Penguins

4. Boston Bruins

5. Washington Capitals

6. Philadelphia Flyers

7. Detroit Red Wings

8. Tampa Bay Lighting

9. Toronto Maple Leafs

10. Columbus Blue Jackets

11. Carolina Hurricanes

12. New York Islanders

13. New Jersey Devils

14. Florida Panthers

15. Ottawa Senators

16. Buffalo Sabers

Yup, you that read that right.  The Canadians are the best team in the East, and P.K. Subban is one the league’s best players.  I love this team.  If there is one team that is a certain bet in this conference, it’s them.

My Rangers will get the runner-up.  This is way higher than last year, and it does have somewhat to do with the Cup appearance.  The Rangers didn’t have Martin St. Louis for the most the season last year, and that will be a massive difference.

Now, I’m somewhat regretting not putting Boston at three, but the Penguins are super experienced and talented hockey team, which earns them the third seed.  This will be a dog fight all year, and I really don’t know who will take it.

I put the Capitals at five, due to a reason like the Pens.  They are experienced.  It is so big in hockey to have expirence.  The Caps have one the better players in the league, and if he can stay healthy, they’re in good shape.  I shouldn’t have to name him.

The six, seven and eight seeds are kind of a crapshoot.  I put them in best team order, because I’m not sure what each of these teams are really going to do.  The safest bet is Tampa Bay at eight, and the reason is in the column linked up at the top.  I like Detroit, but again, injuries always derail them.

Toronto is the only team in the East that could go either way.  I don’t have them in Playoffs, but it is certainly possible.  Columbus is interesting also, but their just not built well, and really, last year they got lucky.

Well, there you go.  Have fun tonight, as we drop a new season of hockey.


NFL Week 5 Roundup

After a week hiatus, the NFL Roundup column returns to recap a great Week 5 that was just part of a incredible weekend in sports.  At one point, we had seven games within one point of each other.  We start, however, on a sour note, with the Thursday Night game.

Green Bay-42 Minnesota-10

The Vikings already had a slim chance of winning with Teddy Bridgewater starting, but when they sat him as a precaution after suffering a ankle injury in Week 4, it was Christian Ponder who got the call.  So, welcome to the Christian Ponder School of Quarterbacking!

It didn’t go well for the Vikings or Ponder.  He completed exactly 50% of his passes, and threw two interceptions.  The Vikings defense couldn’t keep up with the Packers.  Aaron Rodgers only threw 12 passes, and three of them touchdowns.  Eddie Lacy silenced his critics after a slow start, rushing for 105 yards and two touchdowns.  The Packers redeemed themselves against the Vikings, even though they still have their issues.

Cleveland-29 Tennessee-28

I took Cleveland in this game, mostly cause Tennessee, I thought, was miserable.  Well, somewhat.  The Titans jumped out to 28-3 lead after Jake Locker got hurt (again) and Charlie Whitehurst played excellent.  I swear, it was the photo shoot.  The photo shoot was a omen for the game.

Not bad.
Not bad.

It wasn’t all good, though.  Once the 2nd half came around, the Titans couldn’t do anything, and Brian Hoyer lead a ferocious comeback.  The Browns scored 26 unanswered points and came back to beat the Titans.  It was truly incredible.  Hoyer threw the game-winning TD pass with 1:09 left, leaving the Titans at 1-4 on the season.  Again, the Browns are lucky to be 2-2, and I don’t think they’re that good, whatsoever.  It is fun though, to see this team win games like this.

Philadelphia-34 St. Louis-28

This sounds crazy, but the Rams have been playing better football than 1-3.  Yea, even with Austin Davis at QB.  The Rams were down 31-7 at one point, but Davis lead the comeback, and came oh-so close.  It was the Eagles defense which held them down, and gave Philly the win.  Nick Foles threw 237 yards and two TD’s, while Austin Davis continued to put up massive numbers.  Davis threw for 375 yards and three TD’s.  The Rams probably won’t do much the rest of the year, but they are giving their fans some excitement, even with the loss on Sunday.  The Eagles are soaring as usual, and look like the best team in their division.

New York Giants-30 Atlanta-20

There wasn’t much excitement, there isn’t much to say.  The Giants simply outplayed the Falcons, which raises bright red flags for Atlanta.  Eli Manning only threw for 200 yards, but had two TD passes in the win.  Matt Ryan threw the ball 49 times as the Falcons run game couldn’t get going, and it seems like it never will.  Steven Jackson looks old and slow , and they have no one else really behind him.  The Falcon defense looks horrid.  They couldn’t defend a struggling Giants offense, and, well, it’s not looking great.  The Giants look a lot better, but not great.  This was a great win, but the offense is still a work-in-progress.

New Orleans-37 Tampa Bay-31 (OT)

I’ve been backing Mike Glennon not only this season, but from day one.  I love the kid, and Sunday, he looked great.  The Bucs outplayed the Saints for most the game.  Drew Brees and the offense couldn’t get it working until the second half.  The Bucs saw a opportunity and totally took advantage even though it remained close throughout.  The game went to overtime, and took six minutes for the Saints to score the game-winning TD, a 18 yard TD run by Khiry Robinson.  The Saints, even with the win, look really bad.  I’m worried, not only about the team, but their hopes of winning the division.  It really looks bleak for Saints.  Sorry if I disappointed you, cause trust me, I was way high on this team.

Indianapolis-20 Baltimore-13

I expected this game to be super high scoring.  I thought Andrew Luck and Joe Flacco would throw for 1,000 yards combined and 5 TD’s each.  That didn’t happen, whatsoever.  The halftime score was 3-0, and I was shocked.  Neither team put up massive numbers or points.  It was a pretty boring game.  Baltimore had a couple of turnovers, which were killer.  Really, Indy was the better team, and they earned the win.  I still have both of these teams in Playoffs, and don’t see much concern with either.

Buffalo-17 Detroit-14

God, this is such a bad loss and game for Lions.  With four seconds, the Bills kicked a 58 yard field goal to win the game, and to celebrate.  well….

You got to be kidding me.
You got to be kidding me.

Apparently, he told his players if they won, carry him off the field as celebration.   Jim Schwartz, former Lions head coach, is now the Bills defensive coordinator.  I’m not going to say anything else, but that pretty much summed up this game.

Matthew Stafford had a really bad game, and just looked off.  The problem resides at the offensive line, where they can’t block to save their lives, or their quarterback’s.  It’s a big problem for a pass heavy team, who now is without Calvin Johnson for the next game after suffering a knee injury, which is not and never good.  To add, Reggie Bush suffered a ankle injury.  It was a overall bad game for Detroit, and they have some serious kinks they need work out.

The Bills, on the other hand, looked great with Kyle Orton at QB.  Yes, you read that right.  Orton did really well, as they surprisingly slung the ball all over.  Sammy Watkins, the No.3 overall pick, had a great game, probably his first one this year.  I’m not sure what to think about the Bills, but they aren’t going to look any better than Sunday this year.

Dallas-20 Houston-17 (OT)

Wait? The Cowboys are 4-1?

Yea, and guess how many wins I had them at?


Anyways, Dez Bryant’s jump ball catch in overtime set up the game-winning field goal from Dan Bailey.  The game wasn’t all smiles and cheers for the Cowboys though.  The defense blew a 10 point lead to a Ryan Fitzpatrick led offense.  Yikes.

The Cowboys though, are really interesting.  They have a great offense that features DeMarco Murray, who is on a early season tear, and a really good offensive line.   However, the defense still sucks, and I think the only way they make the playoffs is if they win their division, which seems unlikely.

I’m not going to spend much time on Houston, besides that JJ Watt is a complete animal and is the MVP so far this year.  The offense has weapons and no QB, but Fitzpatrick has been doing pretty decent.  There’s still a 65% chance though that he completely falls apart,  and Tom Savage (ugh) takes over.

Carolina-31 Chicago-24

This Bears defense makes me and Bears fans cringe, and believe me, I know a couple Bears fans, and I know that they do too.  The Bears had a 21-7 lead at one point.  A big Jay Cutler interception turned the momentum, and the Panthers never looked back.  The Bears only put up three points after the fact, which lead to really bad, seven point loss.  Carolina has been on a roller coaster this year.  They’re up, then down, then up again.  They have a stout defense, which is keeping them in games.  The Bears blew this game, which led the Panthers to take the win.

Pittsburgh-17 Jacksonville-9

This was a thriller, wasn’t it……

Yea no.

The Jaguars are 0-5 after losing to the Steelers due to a terrible offensive performance.  Neither team played well offensively, but Blake Bortles and Jags offense couldn’t get first downs and didn’t score a touchdown the entire game.  Bortles threw two picks and only 166 yards in the loss.  The Jags couldn’t run the ball at all, with Storm Johnson being the lead back with 26 yards.  Yea, the lead back.  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, this team isn’t good no matter who is playing QB.  Done deal.

San Francisco-22 Kansas City-17

(Homerism possible)

Another bad Alex Smith decision cost the Chiefs a big win at Levi’s Stadium.  The 49ers ran the ball really well, with Frank Gore leading the way.  It wasn’t a huge game either way for the offenses, as both QB’s passed under 202 yards (Colin Kaepernick at 202) .  This is a loss that shouldn’t be felt as a heart breaker for the Chiefs, but giving they had a shot at, it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Denver-41 Arizona-20

(Homerism Possible)

There was a great article on the Cardinals website Friday, which talked about how this game wasn’t a must win, and a loss would be somewhat okay.  Well, they got blown out, but when Drew Stanton suffered a concussion and Logan Thomas came in to play QB, it got ugly.

You never throw that ball.
You never throw that ball.

Somehow, that throw was completed to Andre Ellington for a 81 yard touchdown and was Logan Thomas’s only completed pass of the game.  1/8, 81 yards, one touchdown was his stat line.  Me and my family, watching our beloved Cardinals, were laughing, not cheering, that the ball was thrown and caught.  At this time, we knew the game was over, even though the Cardinals made it a one possessions game with that score.  It got really ugly after that, Denver took a three possession lead and that ended the game.  The Cardinals have Logan Thomas as the only healthy QB on the roster, and boy, I’m scared.  I’m just praying to God they have someone other than Thomas playing Sunday.

(Cardinals did sign Dennis Dixon today, but that makes me feel no better)

The Broncos had some ridiculous stat lines during this game.  Peyton Manning threw his 500th TD pass in the win, along with a career high 479 yards passing.  Demaryius Thomas had eight catches for 226 yards and two TD’s.  Antonio Cromartie had no chance, and that’s part of what killed the Cardinals.

New England-42 Cincinnati-17

So much for Tom Brady future talk, and whether he’s done or is declining.  The Patriots made a statement Sunday night, knocking off the league’s last undefeated team.  Brady threw his 50,000th passing yard in the rout, while also throwing two TD’s.  The Pats just dominated, and that’s as simple as it got.  AJ Green had a decent game, while Andy Dalton threw for only 204 yards.  There isn’t much cause for concern in Cincy, but this should be a loss they take hardly.

Seattle-27 Washington-17

This game was a lot worse than the score said.  The Seahawks totally outplayed Redskins, and really, I can’t believe this wasn’t a all out blowout.  Russell Wilson ran for 122 yards, most on his team and most on Monday Night ever.  He also ran one in with his two passing TD’s.  The Redskins couldn’t run the ball, and surprisingly slung the ball all over.  Desean Jackson had 157 yards receiving.  The Seahawks look like one of the better Super Bowl defenders.  They haven’t really faulted.  The Redskins lost to a great team.  That’s as simple as it is.

On to Week 6…





NHL Outsiders and Sleepers

This NHL season has really came up on me.  Today we talk about the teams who will barely make the playoffs, just miss, and who could rise from the ashes.  This is the NHL Outsiders and Sleepers, and we start in the state I currently reside in.

I am not going to give my prediction here, for these teams.  Next column will have all predictions


Minnesota Wild

The Wild finished 7th last season in the Western Conference.  They totally made a name of themselves in the postseason, knocking out Colorado on a game-winning goal in OT.  They then lost in the same way they beat the Avalanche.  A game-winning goal in OT by Chicago ended their season.

This year, the Wild have a lot of optimism, but there is some concern.  The Wild have so many young guys on their team.  Guys who didn’t play much last year.  Guys who I’ve never heard of.  Minnesota has the young and proven talent already, featuring Zach Parise and Nino Niederreiter.  Nino got a new deal in the off season for 3 years/$8 million., and he’s shown he’S worth it.  Parise, isn’t totally young, but is for sure in his prime.  It’s amazing how respected he is here.  He’s a hometown kid though, so I understand it, but I’ve never seen so many jerseys of one player, especially in hockey.

I root for the Wild.  Their young and talented, and hey, I get them on TV every night, so what the heck.  They should be a lot of fun this year.  However, the young kids have to step up, big time.  If they can’t, it could be a narrow miss of the playoffs for the Wild.

Dallas Stars

Later this week, the prediction column will have some striking similarities to last year.  I don’t expect much to be different this year.  Seeding changes will be evident, but I think it’s pretty clear who’s good and who’s bad in the West.

The Stars barely snuck in last year.  They had a great offense, and will this year too.  That is no problem at all.  The problem resides on defense.  They have a lot of people who are going to fill in on defense, guys I’ve never heard.  Their young though, and that’s okay.  Their not going to be great, but aren’t going to be bad.  Again, the Stars can make the Playoffs.  They have to play defense.  That’s the bottom line.  In a competitive West, they can hang around, giving what they have currently.  This is a team that should make a move this year.  That would solidify them.

Tampa Bay Lighting

Notice how this is the only Eastern Conference in this section?  Yea, well, the East has it’s good, and it’s bad.  The Lightning are the only in-between team in Conference.  I don’t really know what to think about them.  They made the Martin St. Louis-Ryan Callahan trade, which in my opinion was huge mistake on Tampa Bay’s side.  They still finished 3rd in the East.  I’ll be honest.  I don’t think they’re that good.  They can’t win face-offs.  That’s my main issue.  I feel the face-off is totally underrated in the sport of hockey.  It’s a huge part of the offense.  That, however, isn’t what the Lighting need to worry about.  They can score, big time.  They’ve never had a problem with it.  They won’t miss the Playoffs, but I don’t think they’re going to be as good as last year.


Washington Capitals

I put the Capitals in my Outlook column as one of the top six teams in the East.  I like them a lot.  I put them here also, because I believe they could be better than that.  I said they would rumble up the East.  With Boston slipping this year, they could sneak up there.  They are just to talented not to be good.  Unlike other teams this year, Washington has expirence and leadership.  That’s key, especially if they want to make the Playoffs.

Detroit Red Wings

This is a team I felt would finish close to where they were last year.  They’ve grown on me, however.  Like other teams, they have a bunch of young guys that need to step up.  If that happens, watch out.  Like Tampa Bay, they can score.  They scored a ton last year, and can easily use that in their favor.  The problem is, well, it’s not their fault, but injuries kill them, every year.  Someone key gets hurt every season, and ends in disappointment.  Bottom line, if they stay healthy, they have a better shot at the Playoffs.

Prediction column coming tomorrow..

Sucks To Be You Column: It’s Only Going To Get Better

I have absolutely no words.  Saturday was so incredible, so crazy, that I don’t even know where to start.  No.2, No.3, No.4, No.6, No.8, No.16, No.17 and No.18 all lost in upset fashion.  The six ranked match ups mostly proved themselves.  It was one of the greatest Saturday’s ever, and looking around out of college football, it could have been one of sports greatest days.

I think I’m going to go in order of the upsets by ranking…

(Homerism possible)

The Arizona Wildcats kicked off the weekend by stunning the Oregon Ducks in Eugene.  I had the Ducks in the Playoffs, and I thought my Wildcats would get destroyed.  I knew that Arizona did this last year, however, and that there was a real possibility of a second upset, giving my doubts.  It really came down Oregon’s turnovers, two fumbles that cost them points.  I don’t know what it is with the Wildcats and Oregon, but Arizona is 5-0, and is now ranked 10th in the crazy AP Poll.

Moving to Saturday, Ole Miss hosted College Gameday for the first time ever.  Well, that may have just been a omen.  As I predicted, and boy, do I feel proud, the Rebels beat the Tide in Oxford, sparking a absolute party including goalposts being dragged around campus and Katy Perry taking shots with college students.  Nice.  Anyways, Bo Wallace did what he needed to do to get this win.  He played excellent, and even though he has his moments, I like him a lot, and I like this team a lot.  Alabama is still great.  Blake Sims didn’t have a great game, which contributed to the loss.  Ole Miss did this, Alabama didn’t let it happen.

No.25 TCU came in ranked against one the best teams in the nation.  At 4-0, this game was huge in proving themselves, and they did it.  At home, they used the crowd and pulled off the unthinkable.  Trevor Knight had a poor game, and Oklahoma really just let TCU pull ahead.  TCU jumped way to far up, the poll is becoming more like power rankings than a best team poll. For Oklahoma, one more loss could end their Playoff hopes. That would mean trouble in Norman.

I said Mississippi State was overrated.  I somewhat regret that now.  I honestly think Texas A&M could be overrated.  They looked awful.  I couldn’t believe how far they fell behind.  Kenny Hill had a huge game stat wise, but with three picks and just bad decisions throughout the game, it cost his team. As for A&M, they fell to far. I knew it would happen, but they’re better than No.14 They have even a tougher schedule ahead.  The Aggies have to get their game back.

I don’t have a lot to say about UCLA’s upset loss to Utah, mostly cause I didn’t watch much of this game, but UCLA can’t stop the run, what so ever.  It cost them last night.  Utah isn’t great either.  It was a really bad loss for the Bruins.  Their Playoff hopes seem dashed.  Though, if they some how win the PAC-12, that could be re-evaluated.

(Homerism Possible)

You have absolutely no idea how loud I was screaming after my ASU Sun Devils beat USC on a Hail Mary Saturday night.  I couldn’t believe it.  It was one of the few times my esophagus almost came out of my throat.   I had the Devils getting whooped.  I felt that without Taylor Kelly ,it wouldn’t be pretty for the second straight week.  Well, they got lucky.  This isn’t USC’s fault, and I really think they still should be ranked.  That says a lot giving how much I hate them.  Saturday was fun, but ASU has to have the skill to win games in this conference, not the luck.

Wisconsin can run the ball.  Their defense also can’t stop it.  Northwestern, a team that had huge expectations last year, ran all over the Badgers, which helped them beat No.17 in Chicago. I don’t know how to feel about Wisconsin.  They play in a bad conference and still could have a shot at it.  They got upset, it’s not like their a bad team.

And the last game I’m going to write about actually took place on Friday.  No.18 BYU had a rough night.  First off, their star QB Taysom Hill broke his leg and is done for the season, in what is huge blow for a very talented team.  Hill has been great this year, and was hoping to get them into a New Year’s Six game, which I found very unlikely, even before the injury.  Too add, the Cougars lost the game 35-20 in Provo  Again, it’s very unfortunate for a super talented to have such a bad night.  As for them going forward, I’m worried.  Hill drove them, and it’s going to take luck if they want to improve this year.

Heisman Poll

Starting this week, I will rank my top five Heisman Candidates in this column, until the Heisman winner is chosen.

1. Todd Gurley, Georgia

2. Amari Cooper, Alabama

3. Dak Prescott, Mississppi State

4. Ameer Abdullah, Nebraksa

5. Marcus Mariota, Oregon