What To Watch For: College Football Week 10

This is gonna be a fun one.  This weekend, we have four Top 25 match ups, one really interesting game that is going to end close, and a one big time upset.  We’re hitting the homestretch, as the newest ranking system has been released.  It’s getting nutty now.

No.3 Auburn vs. No.4 Ole Miss

What a game this will be.  Ole Miss is coming off a big loss to LSU, and is looking to redeem themselves, even though the committee sneaked them in.  The LSU loss was really bad.  The real problem is, this isn’t the game to redeem themselves.  Auburn deserves to ranked No.3.  Their offense is unstoppable.  They put up close to 40 points a game, as this game will most likely be a shootout.  Ole Miss has a great defense, but it’s going to come down to if the Rebels can keep up with Auburn.  Prediction: Auburn-45 Ole Miss-32

No.12 Arizona vs. No.22 UCLA

(Homerism Possible)

The Wildcats are one of this year’s surprise teams.  After a huge upset over Oregon, all they’ve done is continue to impress.  Now, they face the sliding Bruins, who seem like they can’t win a big game.  Their slide has been awful, as I thought this year they could have been a New Year’s Six team.  This game is one they’re gonna have trouble with.  Arizona’s defense has been stellar, which isn’t great news for the Bruins.  This is the main matchup.  Anu Solomon has been like the kid in your math class who gets awful grades, but then gets a A a certain test.  He’s super sketchy.  His accuracy his awful, and personally I don’t like him, but he’s getting the job done.  Prediction: Arizona-35 UCLA-17

No.17 Utah vs. No.14 Arizona State

(Homerism Possible)

What time to be a fan of Arizona football teams!  (Like me!)

Anyways, I know nothing about this Utah team.  I can’t believe they’re this high.

They do like to score, however.  Utah has been a excellent passing team this year, with their QB throwing no picks yet.  Neither team’s defense is great, but their not bad.  This game should be higher scoring.

Taylor Kelly is finally back.  He did play last week againist Washington, but this is his first big game back, so it will be interesting to see how he does.  I’m not nervous for the Sun Devils, but giving I don’t know a whole lot about the Utes, it does kind of scare me.  Prediction: Arizona State-32 Utah-30

No.7 TCU vs. No.20 West Virginia

Wait, West Virginia is ranked because they pulled only one upset?

Yea, just another reason how these rankings are becoming more like power than best.

Anyways, TCU has completely taken the nation by storm.  They’ve played great behind their incredible offense, and will probably do the same here.  However, the Mountaineers have different ideas, and want to snag another big upset.  West Virginia has to play good defense against the Horned Frogs, or else they’ll get burned.  Prediction: TCU-49 West Virginia-24

Other Interesting Games

No.9 Kansas State vs. Oklahoma State

(Homerism Possible)

This game has absolutely massive potential, and is sure to deliver.  The Wildcats have a unstoppable offense that takes a great defense to shut down.  Oklahoma State’s defense has a large task ahead.  The Cowboys have had a good offense season itself, but in no way is as good as K-State’s.  We could have shoot out on our hands, but the Wildcats will pull it off.  Prediction: Kansas State-35 Oklahoma State-17

Upset Alert

Stanford vs. No.6 Oregon

Oregon, like UCLA, has slipped heavily in the past weeks.  Marcus Mariota has done great, but his surrounding cast hasn’t been great so far.  Oregon only has one loss (to Arizona), but they’ve played a lot worse than that.  Stanford has a great defense, while their offense and QB Kevin Hogan hasn’t been great this year.  Oregon needs to play a good game if they want to win, because I see this ending in the Cardinal favor.  If the Ducks play better than past weeks, they win.  If this downward trend continues, Stanford wins.


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