Three Crazy, Insane Trades That Should’ve Happened At The NFL’s Deadline

As usual, nothing happened at this year’s NFL Trade Deadline.  All of the anticipation and rumors are never true; something doesn’t happen that we expected to.  It never lives up to the hype.

But what if it did?

What if it ended up like the MLB’s Trade Deadline?

Well, I’m going to make it that way.

The two trades that occurred on Tuesday both involved the Buccaneers, and the players who were moved I had never heard of.  That’s all you need to know how boring it is.

These trades are crazy ideas.  No need to tell me I’m dumb.  This is a fun column.  None of these should ever happen, and trust me, they won’t.

Oakland Gets: Christian Ponder, 6th round pick

Minnesota Gets: Darren McFadden

Without Adrian Peterson, we all expected this Vikings running game to collapse.  It’s really stepped up.  Jerick McKinnon has done great, with 392 yards rushing and an average of 5.2 yards a run.  Matt Asiata is the power guy, and has scored three TD’s this year.  With only 254 yards, it’s respectable because he hasn’t been featured.

McFadden would have boosted this running game so much.  Even though he wouldn’t of been going to a good team, anything is better than Oakland, currently.  McFadden would get to re-boot his career, because it’s been pretty sketchy so far.  He’s constantly hurt, which plays into it, but he’s had bad coaches who don’t know how to use him.  If you trade him, and he gets a new and better chance.

Ponder would give the Raiders a experienced QB not named Matt Schuab on the roster.  Ponder isn’t great, but unless Derek Carr completely collapsed, they could put him in.

Miami Gets: CJ Spiller

Buffalo Gets: Dion Jordan, 5th round pick

Now this is nuts.

The Miami running game has struggled since before I can remember.  No matter who’s on this team, they’ve never been able to run.  Lamar Miller has 469 yards this season and 4 TD’s.  He’s decent, but not great.

If your QB is second on your team in rushing, that’s not great.  Given Ryan Tannehill is your QB though.  He’s a mobile guy, so, it’s okay.

Spiller would’ve exploded this running game.  The Dolphins might’ve been entered into playoff consideration if it had occurred.

I’m not even sure a return like this is something the Bills would even consider.  They would’ve wanted way more than this.  Dion Jordan has had a disappointing career so far, filled with bad seasons and suspensions.  I haven’t gave up on him, but I’m biased since I’ve met him.  Good guy, by the way.  I’m throwing in the 5th round pick just to make the Bills happy.

St. Louis Gets: Matt Ryan

Atlanta Gets: Jake Long, two 1st round picks

Ain’t this perfect?

Sam Bradford is highly unlikely to be a Ram after this season, so why couldn’t they have swinged this.  Matt Ryan is wasting years with the Falcons.  They are going nowhere, and their GM needs to go as soon as possible.  The Falcons have no one on the offensive line, and haven’t for a while.  Even thigh Long was hurt, it would have solidified them help in the future.

The Rams could get Matt Ryan, who is a great QB, and surround with what they already have and add.  He’s got experience in the Playoffs, and can lead a team.  They wouldn’t of been relevant for awhile, but it’s not like Ryan would’ve had to develop.

See, these trades would’ve been great, right?

This won’t ever happen.  The NFL’s trade deadline will never be like the MLB’s.  NFL players are impossible to trade.  You build your team through the draft and free agency.   Again, this column was a fun one.


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