NFL Week 8 Roundup

Denver-35 San Diego-21

The Broncos really dominated this game.  Peyton Manning threw for 286 yards and three touchdowns, all three of those to Emmanuel Sanders, who had a ridiculous game.  Sanders had 120 yards to go with those TD’s, also.  Denver jumped out to an early  lead, and the Chargers couldn’t catch up with it.  Philip Rivers threw two interceptions which left a big impact on the game.  Brandon Oliver and rushing game couldn’t get going.  The Broncos, on the other hand, ran for 139 yards as team in the dominating win.

Buffalo-43 New York Jets-23

This was such a ugly game.  So ugly.

After three 1st quarter interceptions, the Jets benched Geno Smith.  A guy who I had defended in the past completely collapsed, and really let me down.  He only threw for 5 yards and went 2/8.  It was just a complete disaster.

Michael Vick came into play for the Jets, but I’m not thrilled with him, whatsoever.

Reasons are related to NFL and Ray Rice scandal/story.

The Bills passed for four TD, all from Kyle Orton.  Orton only threw 17 passes, but had a great day.  Sammy Watkins had only three receptions, but HAD 157 YARDS.

157 YARDS!

The dude went off today, and looks well worth the hefty cost the Bills payed for him.  After catching the game-winning TD last week, he had another today in the Bills win.

This Bills team has played great with Orton at the helm, but again, this team probably isn’t going  anywhere far.

New England-51 Chicago-23

Talk about domination.

Tom Brady threw 5 TD passes as Rob Gronkowski caught three.  The Pats were up 38-7 at halftime and never looked back.  The Bears defense completely collapsed for I don’t know how many times this year, and 487 yards to New England.  Jay Cutler had a pretty decent game.  Really, the Bears offense had a pretty decent game, but the defense just couldn’t get a stop.  The Bears are looking worse and worse each week, which is not what anyone had in mind.

Miami-27 Jacksonville-13

(Boring game alert)

One team’s stat line was great, the other wasn’t.

Guess who lost.

The team with the better stat line.

Blake Bortles two picks cost the Jaguars big time in the loss.  Jacksonville ran for 186 yards as team, with Denard Robinson leading the team.  He looks great.  With 108 yards today, he seems like he could be the featured back for them.

Ryan Tannehill threw for only 196 yards and a touchdown, but the team scored two defensive TD’s which contributed largely to the win.  The Dolphins won a game they should have, that’s as simple as t gets.  The Jags are now 1-7, but their young and have shown flashes.  Again, it’s growing pains, as every young team will expirence.

Cincinnati-27 Baltimore-24

In classic AFC North grudge match, the Bengals ended up on top, but just barely.

With under four minutes left, Andy Dalton and the Bengals drove down the field, and scored the game-winning TD with :57 seconds left.  The Ravens had a chance to get back at them, and did, but it just slipped away.

The Ravens wer pinned inside their own territory deep.  To get out, the Ravens threw a heave to Steve Smith.  He caught it and took it into score, Ravens win right?

The play took place with :47 seconds left.

Apparently, Smith pushed off, and the 80 yard TD catch was taken back.  In a way devastating loss for the Ravens, who came oh-so close to winning, they definitely remained competitive.   The Bengals though, got away with one, and should feel lucky being atop the AFC North, currently.

Stat wise, Andy Dalton had a decent game, with 266 yards passing.  He did throw a pick, but Joe Flacco doubled him on that.  Mohammed Sanu had a great game, and with AJ Green still out, I’m not surprised.  With 129 yards, Sanu lead the team.  Not much left to say….

Seattle-13 Carolina-9

I defended Seattle all week, saying how they’re going to be fine and everything.  That was saying a lot coming from me, a rival fan.

Well, Seattle barely defended me.

Russell Wilson threw a TD pass with 47 seconds left to win the game in Carolina, which broke the hearts of fans who were looking for a upset.  Marshawn Lynch ran for only 62 yards, which is interesting giving the reports that swirling around right now.

Cam Newton had a pretty bad game, and with two turnovers, it didn’t help much.  The Panthers running game had a decent game, especially going up against Seattle’s defense, you have to give them credit.  Kelvin Benjamin proved to us he isn’t human, making a ridiculous catch.kelvin-benjamin-catch-against-richard-sherman-c

That catch was made in between Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas, some of the best at their position in the league.

Minnesota-19 Tampa Bay-13 (OT)

Could this game have ended in a more Tampa way?

First play of overtime, and the Bucs fumble.  You know what the Vikings do with it?

Scoop it up, and take it into the end zone.  TD, game over.

The rookie, Anthony Barr was the one to take it in.  Pretty awesome way to score a first TD.  Welcome to the league, kid.

Teddy Bridgewater threw for 241 yards and TD in the win, that TD coming earlier in the game.  Minnesota’s running game has down well without Adrian Peterson, and continued that trend today.

After a couple games where he went MIA, Cordarrelle Patterson showed up and did something.  He caught six balls for 86 yards, and actually had 12 targets.  The Vikings need to work on him getting more involved.

I’m pretty sure none of these two teams are good, so lets not get to excited.

Houston-30 Tenessee-16

Arian Foster had a 151 yards rushing and two TD’s as he lead the Texans to victory.  Or as I should say, the franchise’s 200th victory.  He, with help from Ryan Fitzpatrick and DeAndre Hopkins, dominated the Titans.

The Titans started this guy, so… yea.

He looks like Sid from Ice Age.
He looks like Sid from Ice Age.

Zach Mettenberger threw for 299 yards and two TD’s in his NFL debut.  Though he couldn’t get the win, he did play very well.  The Titans couldn’t run the ball, either.  It was a sloppy game for the Titans, which is why they lost.

Also, Mettenberger got sacked by JJ Watt in his debut, so that didn’t help.

Kansas City-31 St.Louis-7

(Homerism Possible)

The first points of the game were scored by St.Louis.


They never scored again.

Jamaal Charles helped lead the way to victory with 73 yards rushing and 2 TD’s.  Knile Davis, back up running back, also scored rushing TD.  But that wasn’t all for him.

Davis returned the opening 2nd half kickoff for TD which, which really darkened the mood on the Rams side.  it didn’t get any better, as the Chiefs purely dominated the game.

Austin Davis didn’t have a great game, but I’m not sure how much he really contributes to this team.. They’re pretty talented around him.  The running game wouldn’t work, as it hasn’t been able to recently.  Zac Stacy’s name has oddly appeared in trade talks, which is strange to me.

It wasn’t a good day for the Rams, but they were playing a better team than them, so it’s okay.

Detroit-22 Atlanta-21

I only saw the first 10 minutes of this game, so I’m not writing about it.  However, I was pretty shocked to see the final score, because when I last saw a score, it was 21-0 Falcons.

I’m glad the London fans got a great game; it’s what they deserve.  However, I’m wondering who had a higher attendance.  The Tottenham game or this one?

Arizona-24 Philidelphia-20

(Homerism Possible)

What a game.

This game was back&forth the whole way.  Nick Foles threw the ball 62 times, and completed just over 50% of them.  He had 411 yards and 2 TD’s, but threw 2 costly picks.  Lesean McCoy had a decent game, but watching this whole thing, he really didn’t make a huge impact.

The Eagles defense didn’t have a pretty game, especially the secondary.  They gave up two 75+ yard passes, one I’ll get into later.  Carson Palmer threw for 329 yards and 2 TD’s, in a solid game for him.

The game came down to the wire, with the Cardinals down 20-17 with under two minutes left.  It didn’t take a game-winning drive, however.

My whole family was sitting at the dinner table watching the game.  Including the dog, almost everyone had some kind of Cardinals gear on.  When Carson Palmer heaved the ball downfield to John Brown, I screamed in my head “Please don’t throw a pick, please don’t throw a pick”.

He didn’t.  instead, a 75 yards game-winning TD pass.  It was so surreal.  The whole thing was incredible.  it was a incredible football game to watch.  Larry Fitzgerald and John Brown both had over 100 yards receiving, both hauling in a TD.

The Cardinals might have pulled that one out of their butt, but this team has something going for them.  I’m starting to believe this hype.  However, a tough game awaits this Sunday.

I tweeted rapidly during that game, because it was just so exciting.

Cleveland-23 Oakland-13 

This was a thriller, wasn’t it?

So look, the Raiders are 0-7, and the Browns should have won this game and did, right?

(Is that all I need?)

Talk about a game someone pulling out of their butt.  The Browns, lead by Billy Cundiff (look at the box score), beat the Raiders behind no one really.  The Browns had no one on their team have any kind of good stats.  Brian Hoyer had 278 yards and TD, and that’s about it.  This offense sucks, big time.  But hey, look at who they were playing.

The Raiders haven’t won a game, and looking at the schedule, they may not win another.  Their maximum win total this year is two.  They play St. Louis and Buffalo; those are the only games they even have chance in.

I’m totally driving the Raiders 0-16/LA move/fire Reggie McKenzie movement.  If the whole thing goes down this season, I’m taking the credit.  I bet you one of those happens.

Anyways, this team needs a re-boot, no matter what.  Something needs to change, because angry Raiders fans and friends (who know who you are) don’t deserve it.

Pittsburgh-51 Indianpolis-34

Another crazy, entertaining game took place on the banks of the Three River Sunday.

Ben Rothlisberger came within 22 yards of breaking the all-time mark of most passing yards in game, held by Norm Van Brocklin at 544.  Rothlisbeger had 522 yards passing and 6 TD passes in the route against Indy.  The Steelers also ran the ball quite well, rushing for 117 yards as a team.  Antonio Brown and Heath Miller had massive games, both over 100 yards.

Andrew Luck had a decent but shaky game.  It wasn’t necessarily his fault.  His defense did him no good, and that does have a effect.  The Colts could’t run the ball whatsoever.  Though, they did answer on the receiving side, with two receivers over 100 yards.

The Colts had a bad game.  The real shock isn’t that they lost, but more about how they lost.  Giving up 51 to ANY team is awful.  The only reasons it’s okay is if your offense answers.  The Colts didn’t.  They have to be able to that, because that’s what playoff teams do.

New Orleans-44 Green Bay-23

This game was like the shootout that was a blow out.  Both teams made incredible plays, and the game somewhat lived up to the hype.  Drew Brees had 319 yards passing and 3 TD’s, and Mark Ingram went off for 172 yards rushing.  The Saints dominated the game.  I had a feeling they would take this one.  Their season needs to get back on track.  This is the way you do it.

Aaron Rodgers had a good game, but his defense couldn’t stop New Orleans, which led to the loss.  Rodgers had 419 yards, but threw two picks.  More receivers had a good day, like Randall Cobb and Eddie Lacy.  Surprising, right?

This was a game where I wouldn’t have been surprised no matter who won.  Both teams are going to be fine, no matter their record.





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