What To Watch For: College Football Week 8

Wait, it’s already Week 8?  This season has flown by so far.  This Saturday features five more ranked-ranked match ups, with one game that will have major playoff implications (It feels so nice to say “playoff”).

No.14 Kansas State vs. No.11 Oklahoma

(Homerism Possible)

In a conference that doesn’t have a championship game, every time you play a conference opponent, it means so much more than any other game.  Both of these teams have only one loss, and they sit 2nd and 3rd in the conference, only behind Baylor.  The Sooners have a defense that is comparable to a brick wall.  The defense has to contain an explosive Wildcats offense, which puts up 40 points a game.  If Oklahoma’s secondary can buckle up the Wildcats wide receivers, they win.  If Kansas State’s wide receivers get open, they win.  Prediction: Oklahoma-21 Kansas State-10

No.21 Texas A&M vs. No.7 Alabama

I really not sure how the Aggies are even ranked coming into this game, because there are some serious issues with them.  After a blazing first game, quarterback Kenny Hill has looked awful.  I’m not sure his vision is great, which is leading to the accuracy issues.  Even though Hill hasn’t played great, he puts up massive numbers, and in certain games can put someone away.  Last week, they were blown out by Ole Miss.    The Tide, though, are rolling, and have proved me wrong this year.  The loss last week doesn’t mean much, because Mississippi State is really good, like No.1 good.  Anyways, Alabama’s defense should be able to stop the Texas A&M offensive attack.  If they can play ball-hawk and take advantage of Hill’s accuracy issues, the Tide roll.  Prediction: Alabama-35 A&M-17

No.15 Oklahoma State vs. No.12 TCU

With TCU on fire, the Cowboys have a tough task ahead of them.  This offense slings the football, and that’s all they do.  Combining that with a stellar defense, TCU sets up perfect for this game.  Though, the last time they matched up, Oklahoma State dominated, and TCU’s offense collapsed.  It’s possible, but unlikely.  This will be a lower scoring game, because I’m not sold on the Cowboys offense, but another good BIG 12 defense helps them out.  Defense will win this game, no matter what.  Prediction: TCU-21 Oklahoma State-10

No.5 Notre Dame vs. No.2 Florida State

This is hopefully the one game I will be able to catch this weekend, but wow, we have a showdown here.  This is going to be a phenomenal game.  Both teams have the offenses and the defenses to win,  so it’s a matter of who executes.  A game like this is hard to predict because there are very few advantages going for either team.  The game is being played in Tallahassee, which is a plus for the Seminoles, giving the weather in South Bend the past couple of weeks.  Expect a lot of points in this one.  My pick, probably won’t be right with this one. Prediction: Notre Dame-47 Florida State-42

No.23 Stanford vs. No.17 Arizona State

(Homerism Possible, for both teams)

Now I’m rooting for the Sun Devils here, mostly because they need the win more than Stanford does.  Now these team’s rankings disagree.  Stanford is a better team than ASU.  Even with Taylor Kelly at QB, Stanford’s defense is just too good.  ASU shot up the rankings because of Kelly’s return for this game, which automatically raises ASU’s chances.  The offense was a disaster without him, even though the Devils beat USC.  Stanford, on the other hand, has the lower ranking, but has a little bit more relation with the committee and has more success in previous years.  We know what the Cardinal can do, and it’s more than likely they do it here.  Prediction: Stanford-24 ASU-14

Other Interesting Games

 No.4 Baylor vs. West Virginia

This West Virginia team is a shock compared to last year, and at 4-2, it’s a little intimating.  This game though, is going to be a tough one for the Mountaineers.  Baylor is coming off of the highest scoring game ever between top 10 teams, and with a odd ending that resulted in a Baylor win.  The Bears have offense, that’s obvious.  If West Virginia wants to keep this thing close, they have to do all they can on defense.  Prediction: Baylor-45 West Virginia-17

UCLA vs. California

UCLA isn’t ranked after the blowout loss to Oregon last week, which is somewhat of a shock to me.  This team is super talented, and they just haven’t been able to put it together this season.  California is surprisingly very sneaky, and were in first place in PAC-12 North at a point this season.  This is going to be a measuring stick game for the Golden Bears.  A win would surely get them ranked, and would send UCLA down the hole.  Prediction: California-28 UCLA-24

Missouri vs. Florida

Both of these teams should be ranked, and giving that Marshall is, well, that tells it all.  Florida has surprised me this year, because I thought they would be terrible.  They’ve redeemed themselves after almost pulling off a upset over Alabama.  The Tennessee win got them recognized more, which sets this game up.  Missouri has been in&out of the rankings this year.  They beat South Carolina, then laid a egg against the Todd Gurley-less Bulldogs.  I loved this Missouri team, but they’ve collapsed since, and this could be the dagger.  Prediction: Florida-31 Missouri-17

Upset Alert

No.10 Georgia vs. Arkansas

The Bulldogs will again be without star RB Todd Gurley, and really, it’s not looking good for Gurley to play the rest of this season, which would end his college career.   The Gurley thing is something that’s hard not to bring up, like the James Harden trade with Oklahoma City and Houston.   Anyways, without him, this could be a dangerous game.  Even though the Bulldogs steamrolled Missouri last week without him, Arkansas matches up differently.  The Razorbacks haven’t won a conference game this year, and sit at 3-3, but a powerful and sneaky offense can keep them in it.  If Arkansas can pull it off, they will gain more national attention, lose, and well, yea.  Georgia should win this game.  It would keep assuring everyone until November 15 they’re fine without Gurley.

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