Todd Gurley Suspension: The Start Of Something Bigger Than Football

Remember before you read this, this isn’t a rant, this is strictly a idea with a prediction.  

I woke up last Friday morning sensing that something newsworthy was going to break that day. It just felt like it.  I waited all-day, through school and all that.  It was about an hour after I got home when it broke.


There it was.  I was shocked.  I tried to gather anything I could on it.  The news broke, and then exploded.

That was all I had for quite awhile.  It wasn’t until about 45 minutes after until the violation specifics were released.

Todd Gurley was suspended indefinitely for selling autographed memorabilia.  The NCAA prohibits this, as we all know by now.  The NCAA has some absurd rules regarding their athletes.

The NCAA is supposedly non-profit.  But yet, they drive in billions and billions of dollars from fans, schools, and TV networks.  The organization is a total powerhouse, and really, it’s a like a dictatorship.

They allow their athletes to do absolutely nothing.  The rules range from the water they use on campus to getting gifts from friends.  It’s crazy.  None of this has anything to do with sports, it’s all about the money they want to drive in.

Now, some people don’t realize, and maybe even I don’t, how busy these athletes are.  They are in class, on the practice field, playing in a game, lifting weights, or on a plane.  There is no way that they have anytime for a job.  So they have no money coming in, at all.

Here’s the thing, however.  If you’re a prospect, you’ve got a good shot of going pro and making millions.  That’s a plus.  But as Shabazz Naiper said after winning the NCAA Tournament in April “I go hungry at night”.

And really, I believe him.  That’s why something has to give.  Whether it be a breakaway or rule change, something has to done.  And that’s were the options pile up.

I wouldn’t be surprised if, by 2020 or sooner, we have two separate college athletics leagues/organizations/associations (leagues sounds to professional).  If that were to happen, the Power 5 conferences would split from the NCAA.

Let’s be honest.  In college football, the revenue that the NCAA drives in from games, comes mostly (that’s probably a understatement) from Division 1, let alone the Power 5.  Division 1 is what we care about.  It’s what the media and TV networks care about.  So, it’s where the money comes from.

Now I’m writing this from a football standpoint.  With college basketball, it gets to messy.  That’s where this whole thing gets derailed.  Now again, it’s not just football players who are getting in trouble for things like this. And really, they shouldn’t be getting in trouble for it.

College athletes should be able to sell their name for money.  As said above, these guys can’t hold down a job.  They’re to busy.  So why not make a little cash over autographs?

Now don’t get me wrong, Gurley and these other athletes know the rules, and if those rules are in place, they should follow them.  They know if their caught, there will be consequences.

Or on a less controversial standpoint, why can’t I buy a Andrew Wiggins Kansas Jayhawks jersey?  I can, but it won’t have his name on it.  Why?  The NCAA won’t let it happen.  They fear the athletes would be making money off it.

Now I’m against game salaries or yearly salaries.  That’s taking it a little to far.  This isn’t a grueling season for basketball or football.  45 games max for basketball, 15 for football.  C’mon, your playing for a career, not money.

The Power 5 schools are rich enough that they could pay their players per game.  But, they would have to split.  That would take balls and a lot of money.

It would be fun to see two college leagues.  One we would care about and has the best teams and events, and then others would be the NCAA.  I’m for Division 1 splitting away, not just the Power 5.  Let’s keep Division AA, they have the NAU Lumberjacks.  (Homerism alert).

With the new Playoff system we have, it would be devastating for the NCAA to lose it, since they spent so much money on it.  The NCAA would become a laughing stock compared to the new league/association.

We need a name for it, even though it’s not going to happen for the next six years, and maybe not at all!  I can’t think of a good one.

You maybe thinking I’m getting ahead of myself.  Well, this is going to happen soon, and fast.  It’s going to happen within the next six years.

College athletes deserve to be able to make money off their name and memorabilia.  Yea their young, and they have to be smart with that money.  This may not be the issue the causes a possible split, but if it were to happen, then it it would definitely be one of the main reasons.

The other option, which seems a little bit out of reach and complicated, we be for the NCAA to let athletes sell their name and make money off of it.  A rule change, actually.  Though, who would be allowed?  You would HAVE to allow all athletes, from all divisions, conferences, and schools, and all athletics, be able too.  If not, it doesn’t go through.

This is issue could cause a massive riff between schools and the NCAA.  Honestly, it’s going to be a riff that won’t be solved.

Prediction: Division 1 (FBS&FCS) split from NCAA before 2020, citing multiple issues with NCAA rules and restrictions.

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