NFL Week 6 Roundup

In a weekend where we had a tie, other games stole the spotlight, even the games that there wasn’t much expected of.

Indianapolis-33 Houston-28

I think the match up was actually Indianapolis vs. JJ Watt.  I’ll have to double check.  Anyways, the Colts opened the game on fire.  They took a 24-0 lead at the end of the 1st quarter as it looked really ugly for the Texans.  T.Y. Hilton had a monster game, and if you had him on your bench in fantasy (like me!), you paid for it.  Hilton had nine catches for 223 yards and a touchdown.  He lit up the Texans secondary.  The Texans rallied in the game, but ultimately succumbed to the explosive Colts.  JJ Watt, the so-far MVP, had a 45 yards fumble return for a TD, so that ended the night on a positive note for the Texans.

Green Bay-27 Miami-24

In a crazy, close and exciting game, the Packers fought and eventually got it done, right at the end.  The Packers scored first in the game, and the scoring never let up.  Aaron Rodgers had a great game, and made a incredible pass to Randell Cobb later in the game.  Neither team ran the ball well at all, which lead to the great passing performances.  Ryan Tannehil played decent, throwing two picks to go with two TD’s.  He has to limit the turnovers.  It bites him and is hindering his success.

The Packers found themselves down three with 2:00 minutes left, and knowing how they preform, I had no doubt Green Bay was going to win.  Sure enough, it happened.  With three seconds left, Rodgers threw a four yard pass to Andrew Quarless, stunning the Dolphins and their home crowd that probably doesn’t exist.

Cleveland-31 Pittsburgh-10

Who saw this coming?

The Browns completed dominated the Steelers, bottom line.  The Steelers scored the first points of the game, going up 3-0.  They didn’t score till the 4th quarter, and let the Browns jumped to a 31-3 lead.  Brian Hoyer only threw the ball 17 times, which is probably the most the Browns wanted him to throw anyways.  Passing for 217 yards and a touchdown was decent, but it was the running game that carried the Browns.  Ben Tate and Isaiah Crowell both had over 70 yards, and three TD’s combined.

In a embarrassing loss for the Steelers, Ben Rothlisberger completed only 50% of his passes and threw for 228 yards.  A TD and a pick followed.  It was kinda weird how they got blown out so bad, because the stat line was decent for Pittsburgh.  A combination of a productive Cleveland offense and a great defense forced the Steelers to lay a egg.

Carolina-37 Cincinnati-37 (OT)

Yes, you read that right.  A tie.

I debated it, but I’m going write about.  They’re both good teams.

This game remained close throughout, obviously.  I knew this would be a great game at the start, and it surely paid off.  Both QB’s were making noise due to match-up of two of the better QB’s from the 2011 draft, Cam Newton and Andy Dalton.  The two QB’s played pretty well.  Both threw the ball over 40 times, both threw for over 280 yards, and both threw 2 TD’s.  The running game for both teams was strong, with Giovanni Bernard rushing for 137 yards and a touchdown.  Newton was the Panthers leading rusher with 107 yards and touchdown.

And with all this excitement, the game ended in a tie.  (Sigh)

New England-37 Buffalo-22

For the second straight week, Tom Brady redeemed himself after rumors of his unhappiness in New England by completely dominating.  The Patirots dominated the Bills Sunday, which included four TD passes by Brady.  Three Pats receivers had over 90 yards, and Brandon Lafell had two TD catches.  Overall: Complete domination.

It was a shock the Bills put up this many points.  Kyle Orton had a decent game, completing 24/38 passes and 299 yards.  The Bills couldn’t run the ball at all, which is usually what they do best.  CJ Spiller hasn’t looked great this year, and that has to be concerning.  It’s not a big deal yet, but if he continues to decline, there is a serious problem developing.

Detroit-17 Minnesota-3

Another game where a domination was evident.  The Vikings were humiliated at home Sunday.  Teddy Bridgewater actually looked like a rookie QB, and the running game couldn’t going.  Without Adrian Peterson though, it has pretty low expectations.  Bridgewater threw three picks in the loss, and had trouble relying on anyone.

The Lions on the other end, won this game.  Matthew Stafford didn’t do much, but he didn’t really have to.  Even with Calvin Johnson and Reggie Bush out, the Vikings turnovers played such a big role, that nobody really registered a huge role.  Joique Bell had a good game rushing the ball, while Theo Reddick had great receiving game.  This Detroit defense played great, with turnover and sacks.  That ultimately led to the win.

Denver-31 New York Jets-17

How was this even this close?

I had hopes for the jets this year.  I thought they could possibly contend for a Wild Card spot if Geno Smith played well enough.


That was a big if, and it’s proving itself.  Geno Smith has been horrendous this year, and it’s time for a change.  I noted that they have a solid backup if things were to turn ugly.  I’m still sticking with that, even though I hate his guts.

As for the game, Peyton Manning did Peyton Manning things, and that overall led to the win.  Manning had 237 yards passing and three touchdowns as he inched closer to the record for most TD passes in a season, which is currently held by Brett Farve.  Demaryius Thomas had a great game again, and the Jets just couldn’t stop the Broncos offensive attack.

Geno Smith had a pretty bad game.  23/43, 190 yards, two TD’s and a pick.  Not great.  It’s not what the Jets need in a game like this.  The running game was really bad, but this Denver defensive line is pretty good.

The Jets lost to a bad team, and I’m surprised it was this close, but from a overall performance standpoint, it needs to improve.

Baltimore-48 Tampa Bay-17

It was pretty amazing the Ravens didn’t score 80 points, because for a while, it looked that way.

At the end of the 1st quarter, it was 28-0 Ravens.  This was ugly from the start.  Torrey Smith, after a tough start to the season, finally got his mojo back and had a killer game.  Catching the first two TD’s the Ravens scored was only two of the five that Joe Flacco threw.  It was a incredible preformance.

Alright, I was a little harsh there.  I like Joe Flacco, I think he’s a really good QB.  He proved me he was Sunday even against a bad team.

Speaking of that, the Bucs seem really bad.  Worse than I thought.  This was a terrible performance at home.

Nice showing, Bucs fans.

Tennessee-16 Jacksonville-14

(Do I really have to write about this game?)

Yea somewhat.

Nobody tells me to write.  I’m my own editor. I’m not getting paid.  It’s for fun, so if I trash your team here.  Well, don’t complain to my boss, cause I don’t have one.  

This was a thriller, wasn’t it?

How bad can these AFC South games get?

Anyways, Blake Bortles played great.  He threw for 336 yards and a touchdown in the loss. Cecil Shorts, the Jags best option at wide receiver, had a good game with over 100 yards receiving.  It’s a shame they couldn’t pull it together.

The only reason the Titans are winning games is…

whitehurst shoot
I might just put this photo in every column.

Yup.  That’s it.  Both teams suck, on to the next game please.

San Diego-31 Oakland-28

First of all, how was this game so close?

Second of all, how did the Raiders score 28 points?

This game beat me.  I really don’t know how to feel about it.

In a great game from Derek Carr, he almost led his team to a massive upset over the Chargers.  Carr had four TD’s, with two of them going to Andre Holmes.  Darren McFadden had a great game, surprisingly.  With 14 carries, he had 80 yards.  Philip Rivers had another Philip Rivers game, continuing his great season.  Rivers threw three TD’s and 313 yards.  A huge game from Brandon Oliver (Yup, Brandon Oliver) contributed to the win, carrying the ball 30 times and for 101 yards.  Malcolm Floyd had a great game, adding another 100 yards to the Chargers offensive performance.

Overall, Tony Soprano infused this team with something.  Keeping up with the Chargers is no easy task.  Derek Carr looked great, and for someone like me who didn’t like him at all, he looks like he can lead this team.  Carr looks like the best player on this team.

Chicago-27 Atlanta-13

The Bears absolutely dominated this game.  Jay Cutler threw for 381 yards on 26 passes and a touchdown.  Matt Forte had two TD runs and ran for 80 yards (also gave me about 28 fantasy points!).  Alshon Jeffery and Brandon Marshall both had over 100 yards receiving.  The Bears played great on both sides of the field, even on the defensive side.  Matt Ryan didn’t have a great game, but played decent.  The problem isn’t him, though.  This Atlanta team has nothing else around him besides some stud receivers on the outside.  The Falcons offensive line can’t block and help out the running game.  It is terrible how bad they are.  There are a lot injuries, but it doesn’t matter.  The defense is horrid, too.   The Bears have a good offense, but giving up 100 yards to TWO receivers and 80 yards to a running back isn’t good.  Matt Ryan is wasting years, and GM Thomas Dimitroff needs to go, now.

Arizona-30 Washington-20

(Homerism Possible)

In Carson Palmer’s return, the Cardinals won a somewhat sloppy game over the Redskins in the desert.  Though the Cardinals didn’t turn the ball over, the defense had trouble tackling and defending Desean Jackson, who racked up 115 yards.  The Redskins had four turnovers, three of which were Kirk Cousins interceptions.  Cousins did throw for 254 yards and two TD’s, but made some awful decisions.

The Cardinal’s defense, giving all the injuries and criticism still played great.  The secondary is living up to the hype, minus Patrick Peterson, who hasn’t had a great season so far.  The defensive line is is still stellar, and shut down Alfred Morris Sunday.

The real show, however, was on the offensive side.  In Carson Palmer’s first game since Week 1, he threw for 250 yards on 28 passes and two TD’s.  It looked like he didn’t even get hurt.  The shoulder had no issues.  Larry Fitzgerald had his best game so far this season, with six receptions for 98 yards and TD.

The Cardinals are 4-1 and are travelling to Oakland next week.  This team has their QB back, which is huge.  Expect the Cardinals to continue to surprise everyone, including me.

Dallas-30 Seattle-23

DeMarco Murray, again, had a incredible game.  Rushing for 115 yards on 29 carries and touchdown led the Cowboys to upset win in Seattle.  Russell Wilson played poorly, which drove the Seahawks into a hole.  The game was close throughout, but the Cowboys were visibly the better team, The Seattle stat line was miserable, and part of it had to with Wilson’s rough game.

This Cowboys defense has been a shock so far.  The defensive line has played very well, well enough to get this team to 5-1.  I had them at 5-11 this season.

As for Seattle, there isn’t any need for concern.  The secondary isn’t playing like they did last year, but they’re still really good.  The offense has to get back on track.  That’s the key.

Philadelphia-27 New York Giants-0

So much for the Giants getting the offense together.

This game was ridiculously lopsided.  Unfortunately, to add to the rough night, Victor Cruz torn his patella tendon in his knee, and is out for the season.  The hardest thing to watch is a very popular player get hurt that seriously.  People reported hearing his screams and his balling on the field.  Watching from home, you could tell it wasn’t good, and he knew it.  Giving how quickly the injury was confirmed was even worse.

I’m not going to get into the stats or how the game played out, because it was so lopsided.  Adding to that, I didn’t watch much of it, but I was just in time, unfortunately, to see the Cruz injury.

San Francisco-31 St. Louis-17

What a weird game.  The Rams opened with a 14-0 1st quarter lead.  Austin Davis looked like Drew Brees, as Jon Gruden kept comparing him to before the game.  That eroded pretty quickly.  The 49ers got their act together made it a four point game at halftime, partly helped by a ridiculous 80 yards touchdown pass from Colin Kaepernick to Brandon Lloyd.  The rest of the night belonged the 49ers as they scored 24 answered points, and ended up taking the game.  The Rams defense collapsed, and gave up way to many big plays.  Kaepernick had a great game with 313 yards and three touchdowns  The 49ers running game really didn’t show up, not that it had to.  As the game went on, Drew Brees 2.0 turned to Brandon Weeden 2.0, and completely fell apart.  Austin Davis completed only half of his passes, due to poor communication between him and his receivers.  The simple answer to this game is the 49ers won a game they should have, no matter how they started.

On to Week 7… 



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