Sucks To Be You Column: It’s Only Going To Get Better

I have absolutely no words.  Saturday was so incredible, so crazy, that I don’t even know where to start.  No.2, No.3, No.4, No.6, No.8, No.16, No.17 and No.18 all lost in upset fashion.  The six ranked match ups mostly proved themselves.  It was one of the greatest Saturday’s ever, and looking around out of college football, it could have been one of sports greatest days.

I think I’m going to go in order of the upsets by ranking…

(Homerism possible)

The Arizona Wildcats kicked off the weekend by stunning the Oregon Ducks in Eugene.  I had the Ducks in the Playoffs, and I thought my Wildcats would get destroyed.  I knew that Arizona did this last year, however, and that there was a real possibility of a second upset, giving my doubts.  It really came down Oregon’s turnovers, two fumbles that cost them points.  I don’t know what it is with the Wildcats and Oregon, but Arizona is 5-0, and is now ranked 10th in the crazy AP Poll.

Moving to Saturday, Ole Miss hosted College Gameday for the first time ever.  Well, that may have just been a omen.  As I predicted, and boy, do I feel proud, the Rebels beat the Tide in Oxford, sparking a absolute party including goalposts being dragged around campus and Katy Perry taking shots with college students.  Nice.  Anyways, Bo Wallace did what he needed to do to get this win.  He played excellent, and even though he has his moments, I like him a lot, and I like this team a lot.  Alabama is still great.  Blake Sims didn’t have a great game, which contributed to the loss.  Ole Miss did this, Alabama didn’t let it happen.

No.25 TCU came in ranked against one the best teams in the nation.  At 4-0, this game was huge in proving themselves, and they did it.  At home, they used the crowd and pulled off the unthinkable.  Trevor Knight had a poor game, and Oklahoma really just let TCU pull ahead.  TCU jumped way to far up, the poll is becoming more like power rankings than a best team poll. For Oklahoma, one more loss could end their Playoff hopes. That would mean trouble in Norman.

I said Mississippi State was overrated.  I somewhat regret that now.  I honestly think Texas A&M could be overrated.  They looked awful.  I couldn’t believe how far they fell behind.  Kenny Hill had a huge game stat wise, but with three picks and just bad decisions throughout the game, it cost his team. As for A&M, they fell to far. I knew it would happen, but they’re better than No.14 They have even a tougher schedule ahead.  The Aggies have to get their game back.

I don’t have a lot to say about UCLA’s upset loss to Utah, mostly cause I didn’t watch much of this game, but UCLA can’t stop the run, what so ever.  It cost them last night.  Utah isn’t great either.  It was a really bad loss for the Bruins.  Their Playoff hopes seem dashed.  Though, if they some how win the PAC-12, that could be re-evaluated.

(Homerism Possible)

You have absolutely no idea how loud I was screaming after my ASU Sun Devils beat USC on a Hail Mary Saturday night.  I couldn’t believe it.  It was one of the few times my esophagus almost came out of my throat.   I had the Devils getting whooped.  I felt that without Taylor Kelly ,it wouldn’t be pretty for the second straight week.  Well, they got lucky.  This isn’t USC’s fault, and I really think they still should be ranked.  That says a lot giving how much I hate them.  Saturday was fun, but ASU has to have the skill to win games in this conference, not the luck.

Wisconsin can run the ball.  Their defense also can’t stop it.  Northwestern, a team that had huge expectations last year, ran all over the Badgers, which helped them beat No.17 in Chicago. I don’t know how to feel about Wisconsin.  They play in a bad conference and still could have a shot at it.  They got upset, it’s not like their a bad team.

And the last game I’m going to write about actually took place on Friday.  No.18 BYU had a rough night.  First off, their star QB Taysom Hill broke his leg and is done for the season, in what is huge blow for a very talented team.  Hill has been great this year, and was hoping to get them into a New Year’s Six game, which I found very unlikely, even before the injury.  Too add, the Cougars lost the game 35-20 in Provo  Again, it’s very unfortunate for a super talented to have such a bad night.  As for them going forward, I’m worried.  Hill drove them, and it’s going to take luck if they want to improve this year.

Heisman Poll

Starting this week, I will rank my top five Heisman Candidates in this column, until the Heisman winner is chosen.

1. Todd Gurley, Georgia

2. Amari Cooper, Alabama

3. Dak Prescott, Mississppi State

4. Ameer Abdullah, Nebraksa

5. Marcus Mariota, Oregon

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