What To Watch For: College Football Week 6

Boy oh boy, this is going to be one crazy weekend, and as of Thursday night, it already has been insane.  We have not four, not five, but six games between ranked opponents.  We have SEC Conference match ups, heated out of conference rivalries, and other sneaky games.  In the Upset Alert part of the column, their will be no alerts on the ranked match ups.  Those picks will be in the first part, which is below.

Arizona vs. No.2 Oregon will be featured in Sucks To Be You

No.6 Texas A&M vs. No.12 Mississippi State

The first big game of the day takes place in one of the best conferences.  The Bulldogs, who are shockingly favored by -3, led by Dak Prescott, will have a huge home field advantage against the Aggies.  This game, with massively high powered offenses, should be high scoring.  This could easily be a 51-45 game, but both teams have tough defenses.  Mississippi State is a little overrated, and those holes will be exposed versus the Aggies.  Prediction: A&M-35 Mississippi State-25

No.4 Oklahoma vs. No.25 TCU

Another conference match up, one team will exit this game with a undefeated record no more.  The Horned Frogs are 3-0 heading into this game, which was good enough for them to earn a ranking.  Another situation where both teams can easily put up points, the Sooners should and will win this game, though TCU will put up a fight.  Prediction: Oklahoma-29 TCU-24

No.14 Stanford vs. No.9 Notre Dame

(Homerism possible)

Oh boy, this a fun one.  This is easily the Fighting Irish’s toughest opponent yet.  The Cardinal and Irish both have incredible defenses, and this great rivalry is pretty accustom to that.  Look, this is a simple equation for this game.  If the Irish turn the ball over, Stanford wins.  If the Irish play good, smart football, they win.  Don’t expect many points, at all.  Prediction: Notre Dame-12 Stanford-9

No.3 Alabama vs. No.11 Ole Miss

If your a Bulldogs (State) fan, you may not want to read this.

Ole Miss is totally underrated.  Totally.  I think their top 10, and better than Stanford and Notre Dame.  A good offense with a incredible defense usually means good things.  The Rebels have a very, very tough task ahead of them.  Alabama dropped to No.3, more due to a very scary Oregon team (which now, not so much).  They’re a great team, but this SEC schedule could display some problems for them, and it starts here.  Prediction: Ole Miss-24 Alabama-21

No.15 LSU vs. No.5 Auburn

ANOTHER SEC match up this weekend.  Can this get any better?  Anyways, the Tigers, wait, oh yea, there is to many Tigers in the SEC.

How I am going to write this without going crazy?

Okay.  I picked Auburn to win the SEC this year.  I like that squad, and so far, it looks pretty good.  They have a ridiculously hard schedule, but everyone in the SEC does.  This is the first test.  LSU has had a lot of problems so far, as expected for a young team.  The running game hasn’t showed up, which is still concerning me.  I don’t expect a lot of points, unless Auburn kills LSU.  That won’t happen, but the higher ranked Tigers will get it done.  Prediction: Auburn-28 LSU-17

No.19 Nebraska vs. No.10 Michigan State

A 5-0 Nebraska team and a 3-1 Michigan State team? What is happening?

Nebraska has pulled of some wild things so far, and it’s a little scary.  The BIG 10 isn’t good at all, and this may just be the best game this season within that conference.  I have doubts with both of these teams.  Neither will make the Playoff.

I’m trying not to just rip on this conference.  Let’s stay focused on the game.

Anyways, the Cornhuskers run the football, a lot.  The real match up is the Nebraska running game against the Michigan State defense.  If one can out do the other, that team wins.  Don’t expect a lot of points either.  My gut tells me Sparty, and I want to pick Nebraska, but I’m sticking with my gut.  Prediction: Michigan State-17 Nebraska-14

Other Interesting Games

Florida vs. Tennessee

All SEC match ups are great, though this is probably the worst this year.  Tennessee, 2-2, is favored and are located close to the bottom of the SEC East.  They almost pulled off a upset over Georgia last week.  I think they take this game.  The Gators have trouble throwing the football.  Tennessee could easily shut them down. Keyword: could.  See, the Gators without a passing game also have a running game, and it’s pretty good.  If the Vols can shut down the Gator offense completely, they win.  Prediction: Tennessee-28 Florida-17

Arizona State vs. No.16 USC

After getting stomped on by UCLA last week, ASU is looking to redeem themselves after it.  The problem is, they have to get past the Bruin’s crosstown rival, USC.  The Sun Devils will be without Taylor Kelly for the second game, which majorly contributed to the stomping last week.  USC has one incredible stat on their table: They are the only FBS team to not have given up a passing TD so far this year.  That’s a problem for the Devils.  It kills me to say they have no chance, but honestly, it isn’t looking great for Sparky and the crew.  Prediction: USC-42 ASU-28

Upset Alerts

No.20 Ohio State vs. Maryland

Hey look, another BIG 10 team finding themselves in this part of the column!

Ohio State has been better than I expected them to be after Braxton Miller was inured.  J.T. Barrett has been doing fine, but this week, the second Buckeye loss could occur.  I like Maryland.  They are interesting.  4-1 in the BIG 10 will get you somewhere this year.  They can score too!  The Terps have home field, which is huge against Ohio State.  I expect a lot of points, and this will end at the wire.




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