MLB ALDS Preview

The Wild Card games have concluded, and we are ready for the next round of the MLB Postseason, the Division Series.  Both match ups in the AL are super interesting, One I am totally sold on, one, I’m not.

The division series is a best-of-five series.  First one to win three game advances.

Baltimore Orioles vs. Detroit Tigers

I touched on the Orioles playoff hopes in the Chris Davis column.  I noted that injuries are killer to this team, and it will hurt them.  Well, guess what?  It still will.  The Tigers pitching staff is ridiculous, and the rotation they have slated for this series is scary.

Have fun with that, O’s lineup.

I really don’t care how good the O’s did in the regular season.  They play in a bad division, and had most of their injuries occured late.  Baltimore has a decent starting rotation.  It’s not great, but not bad.  Their advantage is the relieving side of pitching.  Compared to the Tigers relief pitching, the O’s kill them.

I’m not even going to talk about the Tigers relief pitching.  It is so bad.  The really humiliating thing is that these are names that should be doing well.  And their not.  If you ask a average baseball fan if they think Joe Nathan, Al Albuquerque, Jokaim Soria, and Jim Johnson are good pitchers, they would probably say yes, minus Jim Johnson, he’s got more of a notable name then game.

And what have they done?  Nothing. They’ve all been terrible.

And after all of that ranting, I’m still taking the Tigers.  If the starters can get past six innings for Detroit against a weak O’s lineup, they will be on to the ALCS.

Prediction: Tigers in 4

Los Angeles Angels vs. Kansas City Royals

You got to give it to the Royals.  As much as I gave them a hard time in the Wild Card preview, I still pulling for them, and good lord, look at what they.

Now, it really bugs me.  I don’t know which way to go.  Going against them could cost me, and going for them could be embarrassing.  They are so tough to figure out, and really, the Royals match up better with the Angels then the A’s.

The Halo’s pitching staff isn’t stunning, but is pretty good.  Garrett Reynolds had a devastating and unfortunate injury covering 1st, and he was their best pitcher.  That, will hurt them.  Even though the Royals can’t score, they are sneaky.  They proved it in the Wild Card Game.  The KC offense can burst, but against this Angels rotation, it will be hard.  It’s different when you have to face three good pitchers in three pivotal games.  The Royals faced Jon Lester for 7.1 innings Tuesday.  It going to be tough.

The Angels have a really good lineup.  Obviously, Mike Trout is the best player in the Majors.    Josh Hamilton hasn’t been great this year, but can hit unexpectedly.  David Freese, Albert Pujols, and Howie Kendrick are also featured.  It’s a great lineup, overall.  The Royals pitchers have a tough task.

As I said up top, I have no idea where to go.  Whichever one I choose,  I will probably be wrong.  The Angels may blow us away, or the Royals could do something completely, and spectacularly, unexpected.

Prediction: Angels in 5

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