MLB Wild Card Games Preview

The MLB Regular Season has finally ended. Personally, the season is a little to long, but it depends on who you ask and their love for baseball. They could bring it down to 150 games, which would give teams a little more rest between the season and Playoffs.

The Postseason is a crapshoot. We all know that. It’s rare when the best teams wins. But hey, that’s what makes it fun. The Red Sox weren’t the best team last year, and that’s pretty obvious now. The A’s, one of baseball’s best teams his year, found themselves in the Wild Card game versus the Royals instead of AL West division winners, due to a massive ascent from the Angels, they had a mini collapse.

There is also the Milwaukee Brewers, another one of baseball’s best teams this year. Once August rolled around, however, the team completely fell apart, and led to the Pirates and Cardinals making the Playoffs.

I’ve always loved the Cardinals as a team. I don’t root for them, but they are always so fun to watch. We know they always play their best ball late in the season, and they proved it again. St. Louis won the NL Central, and cruised their way to the NLDS, where they will play Los Angeles Dodgers.

Previews of the Division Series will come out after the Wild Card Games are complete. 

AL Wild Card Game: Kansas City Royals vs. Oakland A’s

(Homerism Possible)

I’m a Royals fan. My mom grew up in Kansas City, and I have lived their before. The last time the Royals made the Playoffs, my mom was 15, a year older than me. In 1985, the Royals, with George Brett and Willie Wilson, won the World Series. They haven’t only been back to Fall Classic since then, they haven’t been back to the Playoffs.

But that came to a end this year. This team battled with the Tigers for the division, and ended up losing.  They couldn’t score runs, and their pitching staff is what carried them.  That’s my main problem with this game for the Royals.  They aren’t built for a one game elimination.  It’s going to take luck for them to win, unfortunately.

The A’s are set up perfectly for this game.  The A’s are starting Jon Lester, while the Royals are starting James Shields.  Lester came over in the huge trades the A’s made this year to get here, and losing would be devastating.  Lester can deliver, and with a poor run scoring team, this could be a bad loss for the Royals.  Their offense can explode.

The Royals will have to put up runs if they want to win.  The winner goes on to play the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.  Yes, if the A’s win, it would be a Angels-A’s ALDS.

Prediction: Oakland-7 Kansas City-2

NL Wild Card Game: San Francisco Giants vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

(Homerism Possible)

The Pittsburgh Pirates wouldn’t even be here right now if it wasn’t for having Andrew McCutchen.  I’m sorry, but he drives this team and city.  After snapping their massive playoff drought last year, they fought with the Cardinals, Brewers, and Reds for the division.  The Reds, by the All-Star Break, had fell out if it, and the Brewers were on their way down.  The Pirates settled for the Wild Card, since St.Louis always steps up this time of year.  The Pirates, who will start Edison Volquez, have a tough task ahead of them.  These Giants, stacked with the P’s, have a killer lineup.  Volquez can’t get ahead of himself. The Pirates can win this game. Getting around Madison Bumgarner, though, is where it starts.

The bottom line is simple. If Madison Bumgarner pitches like Madison Bumgarner, the Giants will win. This isn’t a scary Pittsburgh lineup. Pitch well, and you’ll be fine.

Mad-Bum is the perfect guy for this game. He keeps his cool. Under pressure or Panik (see what I did there), he won’t get ahead of himself. Again, pitch well enough, and the Giants will be in the NLDS with the Nationals. Prediction: San Francisco-5 Pittsburgh-3


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