What To Watch For: College Football Week 5

Week 5 isn’t a weekend to sit on your couch all day.  The best game comes Thursday night, and only a couple of other games stand out on Saturday.  Week 5 probably won’t be the most exciting this year.  It’s the perfect time to have a vacation, go apple picking, or fly in family (like me)!


No.11 UCLA vs No.15 Arizona State

(Homerism possible)

This is a dandy.  The only problem is it starts at 9 PM Central time, on a school night.  But hey, that’s what a alarm clock set at 5:30 AM instead of 6:30 is for!

Anyways, the Devils will be without Taylor Kelly, their leader and quarterback on offense.  Kelly could be out a couple more weeks with a foot injury.  Since Kelly’s a no-go, the Devils chances slip.  They have a very good defense, and if the Bruin offense can’t get up to speed, the Devils have a massive advantage.  The Bruins, also have a question at QB.  Brett Hundley, star QB and Heisman candidate, has a elbow injury, though his status has good odds.  If Hundley starts, the Bruin offense will probably get going.  There are a ton of weapons that the Devil defense has to contain.  As hard as it is to say, the Devils have a slim chance without Taylor Kelly.  Prediction: UCLA-35 ASU-17

Other Interesting Games

No.17 Georgia vs. Tennessee

Georgia put up 66 points last week as they destroyed Troy.  I don’t think Tennessee will challenge the Bulldogs.  Todd Gurley is still a animal, that has never been questioned.  If the Bulldogs put up points, they will roll.  Prediction: Georgia-45 Tennessee-14

No.6 Texas A&M vs. Arkansas

Another high-octane SEC offense, the Aggies should roll through.  The Razorbacks could put up a fight.  They can score too.  Arkansas, if they want to hang with the Aggies, have to take this game to shootout mode, but A&M will steamroll due to a good defense.  Prediction: A&M-55 Arkansas-27

No.22 Ohio State vs. Cincinnati

The Buckeyes and Bearcats should be involved in a high scoring affair Saturday night.  Both teams average over 40 points a game, and both have decent QB’s.  J.T. Barrett has played well, just decent since taking over.  Barrett needs to limit the picks, though.  The Bearcats may put up a fight, but Ohio State should pull away.  Prediction: Ohio State-37 Cincinnati-28

No.8 Notre Dame vs. Syracuse

Hey look! A Notre Dame game that’s not on NBC!

Anyways, the Orange have a tough task ahead of them.  Everett Golshon has looked great, throwing no picks so far this season.  The Irish are undefeated and definitely look like a top 10 team.  Syracuse, however, is 2-1, and have had success so far.  The Orange have to play better defense if they have any shot at this.  The offense is fine, but to compete with the Irish will be tough.  Prediction: Notre Dame-35 Syracuse-15

Upset Alerts 

No.13 South Carolina vs. Missouri

I love South Carolina, I really do.  They have a great offense and a great coach, with a great complement on defense.  However, they are going to be challenged here.  The Tigers were upset last week against Indiana.  They have to be feeling overwhelmed.  This would be a huge redemption for Missouri if they can pull it off.  If they can expose the Gamecock’s flaws, the Tigers could come out victorious.


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