Sucks To Be You Column: The Tigers Go Down

Both Tigers, or two of the three Tigers in the SEC lost Saturday, both in dramatic fashion.  It’s kind of ridiculous that there are three teams in the SEC with the name Tigers (LSU, Missouri, Auburn).

The Mississippi State Bulldogs came in un-ranked, with a very talented offense featuring Dak Prescott.  It was a pretty emotional game for him.  Growing up in Louisiana, he was recruited by the Tigers, and ended up putting up a massive game.  Prescott went 15/24 and threw for two TD’s, also running for another.  Putting up 100 yards on the ground, he led the Bulldogs to the upset win in Death Valley.

However, the game didn’t come easy at the end.  LSU, being down by 24 at one point in the fourth quarter, scored three TD’s in 12 minutes, including two within 28 seconds.  With a last minute, crazy drive, the Tigers again had the ball.  A Hail Mary at the end would decide it.  The Tigers through it up, and ended up in the hands of Will Redmond of the Bulldogs, ending the game.

One team made a statement, both teams have my concerns.  For LSU to fall behind that far was insane.  They had serious trouble running the ball, and with the highly anticipated Leonard Fournette, it’s concerning.  The Bulldogs, even with the win, can’t let go of a 24 point in the fourth quarter.  It could have been disastrous.

Mississippi State made a huge statement Saturday  The Bulldogs are 4-0, and should definitely be ranked.  They have a tough schedule ahead, and if they can keep their cool throughout it, watch out.

The Tigers though, I’m more worried about.  They’re young, I understand that.  They have a new QB and new running backs.  It’s going to happen.  Here’s the thing, though.  This is a Les Miles coached team.  These setbacks and little mini problems, shouldn’t be around much longer, and in the SEC, they can’t be.

The other Tigers to lose in the SEC yesterday was the Missouri Tigers.  Led by Maty Mauk, I liked this team earlier this year, and I’m not taking that away yet, but this is concerning.

In Columbia, the Hoosiers rolled in and battled the whole game.  With 2:20, a Tigers kicked field goal to go up by three, boosting the home crowd back to life.  The Hoosiers though, ignored it.  Driving down the field with the limited time remaining, they scored the winning TD with 22 seconds left.  It was terrible defense by the Tigers, giving up big plays and not coming up in the clutch.  The offense isn’t a problem.  But, giving up almost 500 yards to Indiana, not good.

With the two upcoming games versus South Carolina and Georgia, sure to be dandies, the Tigers have to play better defense.  The SEC has multiple high octane offenses, and to be in it at the end of the season, it has to improve.

Sucks to be you, LSU and Missouri!

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