What To Watch For: College Football Week 4

After a incredible weekend that included many upsets in Week 3, Week 4 may not return the favor, but will, as always be exciting.  Since a great game took place Thursday night, a recap is below, then we will get into the weekend.

Recap: No.5 Auburn vs No.20 Kansas State

This game was one of the most highly anticipated in Wildcat history.  In the Little Apple, Manhattan, Kansas, the hype was incredible.  All week was filled with pep rallies and parties.  Even though fans knew the odds weren’t great, it still part of the pride.

And the Wildcats came pretty close.  K-State missed three field goals and had multiple turnovers that contributed to the 20-14 loss.  The score was very puzzling.  I expected this to be a complete and utter shootout.  Both of these teams can score.

It came down not to the offensive production, but the offensive mistakes.  The Wildcats missed three field goals,  which would have made Auburn drive down the field to score.  The Tigers looked good, and they are with a doubt one of the top SEC teams.


No.22 Clemson vs No.1 Florida State

The Seminoles will be without Jameis Winston for the first half because of a suspension for a obscene phrase.  By now, mostly everyone has seen the story, or knows the phrase.  That’s as far as I will go.  As for football, it’s huge.  Clemson could easily pull out early and get ahead.  This isn’t in my upset alert, so I’m not taking Clemson.  It could be a dangerous game for Florida State, but I’ll take them anyways.  Prediction: Florida State-35 Clemson-24

Other Interesting Games

Florida vs. No.3 Alabama

This is definitely a statement game for both teams.  It can both ways.  If Alabama wins, which I expect, we’ll know that their not anyone to screw around with.  The Tide can’t be sloppy in this one.  For Florida, if they pull a unbelievable upset, this could get them ranked, and from there, it could a smooth ride to a bowl game.  Prediction: Alabama-28 Florida-17

No.4 Oklahoma vs. West Virginia

One word.  Shootout.  West Virginia can put up points, like anyone in the Big 12.  If they can score, they will hang with the Sooners.  The Sooners should have no trouble though.  They have a really good defense, and holding the Mountaineers back would be huge.  Prediction: Oklahoma-45 West Virginia-32

No.14 South Carolina vs. Vanderbilt

South Carolina told everybody last week to not write them off after beating Georgia.  The win pushed them to No.14.  The running game proved itself again, and should again this weekend.  The Commodores defense is really bad, and this could be a really ugly game.  The offense isn’t great either.  Vandy has to get their stuff together, unfortunately, this isn’t the game to do it.  Prediction: South Carolina-37 Vanderbilt-6

Upset Alert

Virginia vs. No.21 BYU

After what Virginia did last week to Louisville, they could be on the track for another upset.  Honestly, if they could pull this off against the Cougars, it wouldn’t be a upset.  The Cavaliers could be in for a great season if they could beat BYU.  Virginia has to be able to stop the rushing attack.  They average almost 260 yards a game rushing.  The Cavaliers have a huge opportunity, and if they take it, watch out.

Miami (FL) vs. No.24 Nebraksa

The Big 10 has had a rough season.  Multiple teams have lost games they should have won.  We may be able to add this one to the list.  Nebraska can run the football.  They always have and will continue to do so.  Miami has a great defense.  If Miami can control the Cornhuskers running attack, Miami can pull it off to add to a horrifying start for the Big 10.


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