The Oh-So Familiar Scene in Washington

If Washington fans weren’t angry and embarrassed enough, the injury to RG3 Sunday is the icing on the cake.  It’s so unfortunate that he got hurt again, but this might be a sign to the team and fans that a bigger problem may be developing.  It’s a very similar situation in St.Louis, where the Rams have a big decision to make.

As for Washington, Kirk Cousins, has a absolutely huge opportunity the rest of this year.  Even with the optimism, the only way RG3 will be coming back this year would be if they made the Playoffs.  And boy, if Cousins plays well enough to get them there, they probably wouldn’t put in RG3.

However, no matter what, I feel like the Redskins wouldn’t change QB’s after this season.  It would be such a disaster to have to bench, cut or trade RG3.  Giving what they gave up for him, from a PR and even sponsorship standpoint, I can’t fathom the idea of that.  The trade they made in the 2011 draft to get him was so massive, and lopsided (so far) it inspired a movie.

The Redskins won’t have a decision to make come Spring.  They believe in RG3, and his health.  He dislocated his ankle Sunday from landing awkwardly after throwing away the ball.  Tears streamed down his eyes on the sidelines, and he was carted off soon after.  RG3 has to be feeling lucky.  He could have easily had a fracture and ligament damage, which might of had career implications.

As said above, Kirk Cousins has a monster opportunity, though, a sign could be sent to the Redskins, that, he is a really good backup.

I’m writing this from the standpoint of how I feel the Redskins front office feels.  Cousins has shown flashes in his nine career games and four starts.  He certainly showed Sunday.  The best thing for Kirk Cousins to do is to play great this season,  get into the Playoffs, and prove the Redskins that you should start the Wild Card game over RG3.  That’s best case.

Worse case?  Well, throw 13 touchdowns and 25 interceptions this year, the Redskins fall into the top five of the draft order, and you remain backup.  Cousins, if he wants to start, for any team, has to play well in RG3’s absence.  The problem is, you convince the front office that you are a capable backup for a obviously injury prone QB.

As for RG3, he isn’t getting traded, they aren’t going to cut him.  It’s that simple!  I’m not going into it again.

He needs to learn how to A) Slide B) Be safe out of the pocket C) Just play QB and not look like some one who you know is going to get hurt.

C) is a little harsh, I’ll say.  Here’s the thing.  Whenever he runs out of the pocket, or even scrambles, he just looks like he’s vulnerable, or not comfortable with it.  It’s his specialty, yea, but it might be something that he has to cut out.

But that’s what makes him so fun to watch.  He scrambles like nobody else.  There is something different about it.  If that is what makes him the guy, then we have a problem.

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