What To Watch For: College Football Week 3

Finally getting into the thick of the season, college football has started it’s conference match ups.  Week 2 delivered a great game filled with screaming AD’s and defense, two teams put up 70 points, one major upset, and a lot of bad picks by me.  Week 3 doesn’t have multiple ranked match ups, but does have some interesting games, including upsets.

No.6 Georgia vs. No.24 South Carolina

South Carolina is a lot better than their ranking.  This team is good.  They’ve slipped, yea, but they will rebound.  This game though, eek, this isn’t the game to do it.  Georgia has blew me away.  Huston Mason proved me somewhat wrong.  I thought it would take him a little bit, but he has shined so far. The running game is strong as ever for the Bulldogs, and that will power them to a win. Prediction: Georgia-31 South Carolina-17

Other Interesting Games

Kansas vs. Duke

You might be thinking, really?  Yea, somewhat.  Duke is good, and were actually ranked last year.  If you forgot, they almost beat Texas A&M in the Chick-Fil-A bowl.  Anyways, Kansas is’t very good, but this is a match up we don’t see very much, so pay some attention to it.  Honestly, it might be the college basketball ties that makes me interested in this one.  Prediction: Duke-28 Kansas-3

Iowa State vs. Iowa

Ah, the battle for Cy-Hawk trophy returns.  Iowa State, I thought, wasn’t going to be good at all, and they have shown some very unexpected flashes.  They hanged tough with Kansas State, and almost pulled a huge upset.  The Hawkeyes are the better team, and I expect them to win, but this never fails to deliver. Prediction: Iowa-24 Iowa State-6

Tennessee vs. No.4 Oklahoma

I struggled trying not to put this in the upset alert section, but realized I was crazy to do it.  So it ends up here, because this is a good game.  Tennessee has gotten little respect for what they’eve accomplished this season, blowing out Arkansas State and Utah State.  Oklahoma, well, their Oklahoma.  They score, a lot.  Tennessee will put up a fight, but will eventually secede.  Prediction: Oklahoma-45 Tennessee-28

Upset Alert

Purdue vs. No.11 Notre Dame

Before you flip out at me, chill out and read this.

Purdue’s team stats aren’t pretty.  They don’t play good defense.  They don’t pass the ball well.  That’s reasons why they can’t challenge Notre Dame.  I do though, if things break they right way, think they can.  Notre Dame won a statement game versus Michigan last week.  They have a ton of momentum.  Honestly, this is their first challenge.  So why couldn’t they falter a bit? Ay? Nay?

 No.12 UCLA vs. Texas

UCLA is favored by -7.5.

(Is that all I need?)

Let’s just say that’s a start.

Charlie Strong done a decent job two games into the season so far.  A easy win with North Texas started the season great.  Then, against BYU, they laid a egg.  The Longhorns lost 41-7.  Strong called it “a embarrassment to this program and university”.  It was really bad.  That game should’eve been way closer, and the Longhorns obviously were off.  Anyways, this is redemption week.  This is how the Longhorns forget that horrid game.  You come out and redeem yourself and, according to Charlie Strong, the university.  I wouldn’t go that far, but if the Longhorns want to get back on the right track, this is how.



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