Chris Davis Suspension: Is This A Shock?

People’s first reaction to the news Friday morning was, “it’s Adderall”, not performance enhancers. We’ll, it still got Chris Davis suspended for 25 games, the MLB announced Friday. The Orioles have 13 games left (as of Monday morning). The O’s comfortably sit 10 games up in their division. However, losses for the season include Manny Machado, for the 2nd year in a row, and Matt Wieters. Baltimore couldn’t be more banged to start the postseason.
Davis’s ban will keep him out at least until the ALCS, and that’s if the Orioles make it that far.
I can’t say how far the O’s will go yet. Their is so much uncertain with the AL Wild Card, which could go down to the final week of the season. They automaticity are placed in the ALDS, which is five games maximum. It’s likely that they would play the Athletics, and boy, I’m not sure how far they make it in that one.
Another factor here is that Davis’s numbers are absolutely terrible this year. He hit 48 home runs in 2013, and honestly, I think we know how he did. With the 48 home runs in 2013, he batted .286 and drove in 138 runs.
This year, it’s a different story. Davis has completely halted, and is batting
.166. He still has hit 26 home runs and drove in 72, but still the production isn’t there.
I still think the O’s will miss him. Again, injuries to Wieters and Machado hurt offensive production. Davis could’ve gotten hot, and provided a spark.
Overall, I think Chris Davis has played his last game this season. I don’t see Orioles going that far this postseason, though they could got and carry it into the Playoffs.

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