Sucks To Be You Column: Ohio State Falters at Home

The debut of the Sucks To Be You column comes in Week 2.  This column will be written after a major upset over the weekend, so it won’t be a weekly appearance.

The Big 10 standings this afternoon might make you gasp.  They’re a little scary.  And trust me, they’re correct.  You wouldn’t of thought that Michigan, Michigan State, and Ohio State would be at the bottom of Eastern division.

Ohio State lost 35-21 to Virginia Tech Saturday night, in what was a overall bad performance of the Buckeyes.  A record crowd filled the Shoe, and weren’t very happy even at halftime of the game last night.

JT Barrett, Braxton Miller’s backup, had one of the worst games I’ve seen any Ohio State quarterback have in a while.  He threw three interceptions, went 9/29 for 219 yards.  Two of interceptions were absolutely awful decisions.  One, he lobbed up in the air escaping pressure, and the second he threw to the defender, staring down his receiver.

He was also sacked six times, and at one point, it seemed he was going down every other play.  The offensive line could not block Virginia Tech, at all.

It was bad.  Barrett didn’t play well, but also had no help.

As for Virginia Tech, they pretty much outplayed Ohio State.  Ohio State didn’t play well enough, and the Hokies took advantage.  It’s that simple.

The upset itself was big, but won’t be one that goes down for the ages.  I went back and forth on putting this game in the upset part of What To Watch For, but ultimately decided not to.  Don’t ask why.  Ohio State was ranked No.8, and they fell, a lot.  They were pushed all the way to No.22

It was overall a bad day for the Big 10.  Again, the standing are in shambles.  I didn’t have a Big 10 team in the Playoff.  If anyone came close, it would be Michigan State.  And they got steamrolled Sunday.  The Spartans hanged close with the Ducks Saturday night, then Oregon’s offense completely took off, and they Ducks won, 46-27.

At this point, the Big 10 probably won’t get a team.  This was the one game Michigan State had to prove themselves to the committee, and they stumbled.  It would be very hard for the Spartans to get in now.

Again, it’s only Week 2.  But, this is how the committee works.  It about who wins when, where, and against who.

The Hokies shocked the Shoe Saturday night.  That momentum should carry into next week, when they play East Carolina.  So, sucks to be you, Ohio State (and the rest of the Big 10).


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