A Note From The Editor (And Writer)

I have been utterly shocked at the growth of hippelsportshub since we launched on July 1st.  I now have over 120 people following our twitter page, @hippelsportshub.  So far, I have had 313 views of my page.  It is completely fascinating and thank you.  I hope that we continue to grow.

The main point here wasn’t above, however.  I’m only 14.  School is starting for me today, the day after Labor Day.  I will be a freshman in high school, and I’m expecting a workload I haven’t ever had before.  I will still be posting columns, the site will still run, and I will be working on it as much I as can.  It is very unlikely that a column will be coming out everyday, like it has been for quite some time this summer.  The twitter feed will not be as quick in updating the news as it has been.  I do run the twitter feed, every tweet is one I post, no one does it for me.  I’m probably not going to be allowed on it every second of the day (duh).  Again, I’m going to do my best to keep it updated to the minute.

Once I get done with my school day and homework, I will use as much time as I have to work on this.  Again, columns will still be posted, and the site will still be running.  It’s more about the stuff I don’t write about that will dip in production (like the Panthers).  School comes first, and I hope everyone can understand that.


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