Is Josh Gordon’s Career Over?

I wrote a column in July about the Browns.  I wrote it with the mindset that Josh Gordon would be suspended for this season.  There was no way that he would’eve gotten anything less.  If he had, the NFL would get killed.

So instead of wimping out on it, the NFL came down hard on Josh Gordon.  A year long suspension really limits the Browns chances of doing anything productive this year.  I already have them as low as four wins.  Their starting Brian Hoyer instead of Johnny Manziel, they have no wide receivers, and their running game looks below average, but not bad.  It’s going to be a rough year in what was supposed to be a better year in Cleveland.

So is Josh Gordon done?

The thing that you have to consider is that he has 365 days to stay out of trouble, enter some kind of rehab, get some treatment, and get into shape.  The year long suspension means year long.  He isn’t able to join the after the season.  Gordon can re-join the team in exactly a year.  This is the part that has disagreed upon with the decision, but honestly, any suspension the NFL hands down is controversial these days.

If the Browns cut Gordon now, or after the season, it really wouldn’t matter.  I don’t think it would be smart too.  Their is no reason for him to be released, cause he can’t help anyone this season.  The Browns should wait until he comes back next year, see if he has gathered himself, see what kind of shape he is in, and if he can contribute to the team.  This is a ways off, but there isn’t much else to discuss at this period in time.

If they don’t believe he is going to be himself, or his 2013 season self, then trade him.  He’s still the same dude.  He may not be 100% of 2013, but Gordon is talented, and it’s such a shame he’s ruining it.

I don’t know what team will have a need for wide receiver at this point next year.  That’s the reason their isn’t much to say.  It’s hard to predict who will need what at this time next year.

Josh Gordon is special, and hopefully he can realize that.

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