2014-2015 NFL Prediction Column

The big one is here.  I will predict the record of every team, based on my feelings and schedule, division by division, then give a explanation.  I will also predict my playoffs seeds, but won’t predict playoffs outcomes.

Predictions for Divisions

NFC East

1.  Philadelphia Eagles-12-4

2. Washington Redskins- 9-7

3. New York Giants- 7-9

4. Dallas Cowboys- 5-11

This is one of the worst divisions in football.  The Cowboys have a terrible defense, and won’t be able to stop anyone.  They will be involved in a lot of high scoring games, but Tony Romo will take them out of them before he even steps on the field.  The Eagles fly this year.  Nick Foles won’t have the season he did last year, but he is very talented.  The Redskins go 9-7 IF RG3 stays healthy.  If he doesn’t, they are in trouble.  The Giants will have another average/below average season.  I don’t see them doing to well, especially since they don’t have a run game, which is what they are built for.  The Eagles will be the only playoff team out this division.

AFC East

1. New England Patriots- 14-2

2. Miami Dolphins- 7-9

3. New York Jets- 7-9

4. Buffalo Bills- 4-12

The Patriots are easily the best team in this division.  They will roll through this season.  The Jets are a very interesting team.  I was pretty high on them before I looked at their schedule, then it dropped.  I don’t know if their offense is powerful enough to beat teams like Kansas City or San Diego.  The Dolphins had their moments last year, then the scandal hit, and it kinda killed their season.  I don’t expect them to be great, and they honestly could be worse than 7-9, giving who’s behind center.  For the Bills, it’s looking like EJ Manuel isn’t the answer, which contributes to their poor record.  The Patriots will probably be the only team making the playoffs in this division.

NFC North

1. Green Bay Packers-  14-2

2. Chicago Bears-10-6

3. Detroit Lions- 9-7

4. Minnesota Vikings-3-13

I really couldn’t believe it when I had the Vikings at 3-13.  This really shows that Teddy Bridgewater needs to start.  With Matt Cassel, in a tough division, the Vikings could be the worst team this year.  Look at the top three teams here, all above .500, and all could make the playoffs based on a talent standpoint.  The Bears need Jay Cutler to stay healthy if they want to reach 10 wins.  I like the Bears to make the playoffs more than Detroit, but defensive woes continue for Chicago, which could allow the Lions to pull ahead.  Green Bay is going to be really good this year.  Aaron Rodgers is healthy, and the defense has improved.  Honestly, they could be a Super Bowl team.

AFC North

1. Cincinnati Bengals- 10-6

2. Baltimore Ravens- 9-7

3. Pittsburgh Steelers- 8-8

4. Cleveland Browns- 4-12

This division is so hard to predict.  Every division game is always a grudge match, no matter who is playing who.  All of these teams have good defenses, and most of the weight resides on how the offenses preform.  The Browns easily land at the bottom of the list.  They will hopefully improve if Johnny Manziel is playing, but no matter who is at QB, they need wide receivers.  The Steelers have another typical 8-8 season, but could exceed given how the other division foes preform.  I like the Ravens this year.  They added Steve Smith, another target for Joe Flacco, who should have a bounce back season.  This Ravens team could be fighting for a Wild Card spot late in the season.  The Bengals end up winning, because of their fierce defense and weapons on the offensive side.  This team seems built for the regular season, but not for the postseason, and that issue resides at QB.

NFC South

1. New Orleans Saints- 13-3

2. Atlanta Falcons- 10-6

3. Carolina Panthers- 6-10

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- 3-13

The Buccaneers and Vikings are two teams that I didn’t think about being this bad till I looked at their schedule.  The Buccaneers signed Josh McCown to a big deal in the offseason to be their starting QB.  Yes, the guy who took over for Cutler.  I’m not sure who lost their mind in the Tampa Bay front office, but it definitely will affect their season.  I’m not sure how much better they would’eve been if Mike Glennon would play, but he’s the better QB.  The Saints should be totally revamped and could make a trip deep in the Playoffs.   The Panthers were the breakouts last year will have a decent slip this year.  They lost multiple wide recievers and had four offensive lineman retire this offseason.  Cam Newton is great, no doubt, but his supporting cast is very weak.  The Falcons will have a bounce back year (see here) and should be a whole better.  They have their devastating duo at WR back with Roddy White and Julio Jones, which should help Matt Ryan rebound.  The Falcons will easily be in the running for a Wild Card spot.

AFC South (do I really have to write about this?)

1. Indianapolis Colts- 13-3

2. Houston Texans- 7-9

3. Jacksonville Jaguars- 3-13

4. Tennessee Titans- 3-13

This what a terrible division gets you, Indy.  The Colts will sweep every game in their division.  There is no chance that they lose a division game.  Meanwhile, the Texans will rebound, because there isn’t much anything worse 2-14.  This team has so much talent.  Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t the answer.  I had almost never heard of Tom Savage except for his Arizona Wildcat days.  So what do you?  Play Case Keenum!!! Yea!!!  He’s better than anyone else at QB on your team!  My lord, Bill O’Brien.  I’m not even going to talk about the Titans or Jaguars, except for the fact that hot shot down here needs to get his mind straight and play his No.3 overall pick.

KAHNNNNN!!!! (Jags owner)

Moving on to a couple of divisions that know how to play football, unlike some above.

NFC West

1. Seattle Seahawks- 13-3

2. San Francisco 49ers- 11-5

3. Arizona Cardinals- 10-6

4. St. Louis Rams- 5-11

The best division in football proves itself again, as three teams hit 10 wins.  The Seahawks are easy ten win team as they look to repeat as champions.  They will certainly get close if no there.  The 49ers defense has lost some key player, but a revamped offense should cover that.  The 49ers will probably make the playoffs, giving some kind of typical big NFL injury happening.  My beloved Arizona Cardinals end right where they did last season, a great team with a 70/100 QB and a ferocious defense makes it to ten wins, then get hosed because of limit of playoff teams (little rant there, sorry).  The Rams were already set up for a disappointing season after Sam Bradford’s ACL tear, and their schedule won’t help them be any good.  Hopefully their defense can keep them in games, and they could exceed my prediction.

AFC West

1. Denver Broncos- 13-3

2. Kansas City Chiefs- 10-6

3. San Diego Chargers- 8-8

4. Oakland Raiders- 3-13

Probably the second best division in football, the AFC West features three really great teams.  The Broncos, undoubtedly, will have another great season at 13-3.  This really doesn’t need much more debate.  The next two teams may stir some thoughts though.  The Chargers have a new, revamped, fast paced offense this year.  There is no doubt in my mind that it will be great.  It will work.  However, their defense is still a big question mark.  I don’t believe that they have enough talent.  This will be a interesting team to watch.  The Chargers will either prove me wrong, or they fall back to a .500 record.  The Chiefs will pull ahead of the Chargers.  That may be controversial, but I think that their offense and defense put together is enough for them to win 10 games.  I don’t feel great about it, but if they preform well enough, they can get there.

Playoff Seeds


1. New England Patriots

2. Denver Broncos

3. Indianapolis Colts

4. Cincinnati Bengals

5. Kansas City Chiefs

6. Baltimore Ravens


1. Green Bay Packers

2. Seattle Seahawks

3. New Orleans Saints

4. Philadelphia Eagles

5. San Francisco 49ers

6. Chicago Bears






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