Should The Clippers Change Their Name?

The Clippers have a new owner after the total catastrophe of Donald Sterling.  The league did a great job handling the situation.  Adam Silver handed down the death penalty in NBA terms, by suspending Sterling for life.  He battled all he could to appeal, and just recently, he gave up.  The sale of Clippers went through to Steve Ballmer, former CEO of Microsoft.  The guy is a total riot.  Energetic and smart, he’s going be to a great owner.  He’s going to hire a bunch of smart people, and will easily help this team succeed.  The issue Ballmer needs to tackle first is the name of the Los Angeles Clippers.  I believe it should be changed.

The Clippers have never been good.  They’eve had a terrible owner, and have been a bad team since Sterling bought them in 1986.  Honestly, the Clippers name and brand is trashed.  Clippers aren’t even related to Los Angeles, the name originates from San Diego.  Funny, because my Dad believes they should just move down there.  I strongly disagree.  Anyways, I have my ideas for a new name.  I’ve heard some of them from other personalities, and I have my own.

My first choice would be: California Condors

Why?- This is honestly a great name.  Condors is a very California name, and it flows.  Imagine Blake Griffin, part of Lob City, stuffing basketballs down hoops, and flying through the air like a condor. It’s prefect!  The only downside to the name is California part.  The Warriors have the “Golden State” trademark.  Honestly, “Golden State” really applies to Northern California, in the area between San Luis Obispo and the Bay Area.   I lived there for four years, and the Bay is nothing but golden hills in the Summer.  It’s not a huge deal, but California and Golden State are pretty close.  But everyone knows Golden State is the Bay Area team.  Again, California Condors flows, and it’s my first choice.

Other names and possibilities…..

Hollywood Knights/Nights-  This is definitely my second choice.  I believe that “Nights” is better than “Knights”, because it’s a total Southern California name.  Pair it with the song, and the jerseys would be awesome.  I also believe that the location name Hollywood would be a cool add on.  It’s a total revamp of a ravaged team.  Most of the Los Angeles area teams use Los Angeles as the location name, and so Hollywood would provide a different vibe.  They could build a new arena in The Hills, so they wouldn’t share Staples Center with the Lakers.

Stars/Superstars-  Another very LA Area name, it’s not my favorite.  San Antonio’s WNBA team holds that name, and it’s used in hockey (Dallas Stars).  That’s not a issue, but it is a negative.  Superstars sounds better, but it’s a little childish.  I’m not sure this is a right name for basketball team.

Steve Ballmer needs to change the name, that’s a fact.  It’s not urgent, and won’t happen until next season.  Condors is my choice, but I haven’t been seeing it as a candidate among personalities.

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