Who’s Going To Be The NFL’s Worst Team?

I don’t like trashing teams.  Unless their is a serious issue within a coaching staff, or suspension, I don’t do it.  I’ve trashed the league.  I may have to do it again, depending on how the Josh Gordon suspension goes down.

The point here isn’t to rant on a team.  The point is trying to predict who’s going to own the No.1 overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.  Yes, I’m selecting my candidates for the worst team this year.  Unfortunately, I don’t enjoy this.  The teams that are candidates will probably be picking in the top five come May.  And if your a fan of one of these teams, well, good luck.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The most likely team to be really bad this year are the poor Jaguars.  Poor fans.  They selected Blake Bortles No.3 overall, and plan not to play him at all this season.  He’s shown in the Preseason that he could start, and is a lot better than Chad Henne.  Bortles has a rocket arm.  But, he doesn’t have receivers.  Justin Blackmon is gone for this year.  Cecil Shorts is good, but is constantly injured.  They added Marquis Lee in the Draft, which should help.  The problem is neither one of these guys are some one a rookie quarterback should trust.  I hope Blake Bortles turns out.  Watching him in this past year’s Fiesta Bowl was really fun.  He has the talent, he just needs some help.  No more than six wins for this team, and that’s being nice.

Oakland Raiders

The second most likely team to be bad this year are the Oakland (or San Antonio) Raiders.  They acquired Matt Schaub from Houston, and drafted Derek Carr.  Schaub didn’t deserve the heat last year.  He’s not great, but he lead a Texans team to the playoffs two years ago.  He did have a lot of help though.  The Raiders brought in a lot of talent on defense.  Justin Tuck came over from the Giants and brought back Charles Woodson. They also added LaMarr Woodley.  Overall, this team doesn’t have a good coach, they don’t know where their even playing, and they have no offensive weapons.  The receivers they have are good fantasy guys, and that’s it.  It’s not like Schaub is going to put it up in the air for them.  If all else fails this season, play Matt McGloin. (Yes, I said that)

Tennessee Titans

The Titans come in third, all though they could easily be first. Ken Whisenhunt is a very good coach.  He is offensive-minded, and can develop QB’s.  I haven’t gave up on Jake Locker.  He needs to stay healthy.  Locker looked great last season until he suffered a horrific hip injury.  If Whisenhunt can develop Locker into a top 15 QB, the Titans might be better.  They have other holes though.  The defense is really bad.  Their isn’t a name that makes you jump, and half the guys I don’t even know.  That’s one problem.  The offensive line is a plus.  They have it set for the future.  On the edges, their pass catchers are not good.  These are notable guys, but they haven’t proven themselves.  None of them are going to go for 1,500 yards and 12 TD’s.  If Locker is going to improve, the Titans need to surround him with people to pass to.  The Titans maximum win total is seven, and if Locker gets hurt, their done.

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