What Are Reasonable Expectations For The Media’s Teams?

There are teams in the NFL that media loves.  The teams that have the starry names, the teams that have the players who can’t shut up.  The media loves them.  They usually aren’t great teams, as you will see below.

Who are these teams? New York Jets, Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys.

See? Are any of these teams great? Even good?  No, not really.  This is where this gets confusing. How can the media become attached to bad teams?  It’s because of who they acquire (Browns), where the franchise is located (Jets), and the story lines the produce (Cowboys).  So what are their expectations?

Cleveland Browns

This team has had a media firestorm since they drafted Johnny Manziel.  It’s a constant story line.  Predictions, analysis, debates.  It’s all about him.  He needs to start Week 1.  I believe he is the better quarterback.  The issue starting him is that you can’t bench him.  You will ruin his confidence, and could lead to other issues.  If you start Brian Hoyer, which may be the smarter decision, you’ll have the crazy fans screaming “PUT IN JOHNNY!!!!!!!!!!!”.  It easily could be a lose-lose.  Josh Gordon will be gone at least six games.  I hope he would be.  It would be completely ridiculous if he got anything less. The media and other personalities are way to high on this team.  They have a good defense, but your quarterback is important, and the Browns don’t have one that could take them over seven wins, yet.  This team will probably go 6-10, and could be worse.  Cleveland has a lot to look forward to.  Now, they just have to be patient

New York Jets

The Jets brought in Michael Vick this offseason.  They did this to set a standard for Geno Smith.  It’s a threat.  It’s not serious though.  Geno Smith has the talent to succeed.  He needs the right teacher. With some help, he can be very good in this league.  Otherwise, this team is set.  With a top five defense last year, a reliable running back, the X-Factor is Geno Smith.  If he goes sideways, they have a very good backup in place.  If he plays well, this team may contend for a playoff spot.  The AFC is the right conference to do so.  The question mark resides in the secondary.  They lost their 3rd cornerback (depth chart wise) in practice for the season.  Dee Milliner suffered a sprained ankle, but should be ready for Week 1.  Again, they need to stay healthy.  If Geno Smith plays well, and the secondary holds up, watch out.  I think this team can get nine wins, given what I said above.

Dallas Cowboys

This team is one that nobody cares to talk about.  The Cowboys just feed the media, and can’t preform on the field.  Reports are suggesting that Tony Romo is no where close to 100% after a back surgery this off season.  This team’s defense is going to be horrendous.  They could be the worst in history.  It’s a complete cluster there.  The offense could put up points, but you need defense.  (This puts me in bad mood when I talk about them) Anyways, this team will win six games.  Vegas should put their over/under at 6.5.  I can’t really decide.  Their not going to be good, lets put it that way.

More NFL Preview To Come……


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