What NFL Teams Can Bounce Back This Season?


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The Atlanta Falcons’s 2013-2014 season was a absolute train wreck.  The team had high expectations after making the NFC Championship Game the year before. The problem wasn’t a bad team, it was injuries that crumbled them. Matt Ryan fell apart after losing Julio Jones and Roddy White to injuries, making Harry Douglas their No.1 receiver.  The defense lost names such as Sean Weatherspoon and John Abraham.  They couldn’t get sacks, which put their defense at No.27 in the league.

Will they bounce back this season? Somewhat.  The offense should be functional again. When Matt Ryan has his receivers, he is unstoppable.  The real question is the defense. They have to improve.  They need to be able play without their stars.  I don’t believe they make the playoffs.  The Saints are a very talented team this year.  Carolina will regress, which might open up the second place in that division.

Other teams that had disappointing 2013-2014 campaigns were the Houston Texans and Washington Redskins.

Houston Texans

Matt Schaub is now in Oakland after a disastrous first six weeks last season.  I don’t believe he should have gotten trashed as bad as he did.  After the Texans benched him, Case Keenum took over, and from there, it went downhill.  The Texans drafted Tom Savage, and signed Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Honestly, the only question mark on this team is the QB spot.  This is the same team from two years ago.  Names include, Andre Johnson, JJ Watt, and Arian Foster plus, the newly drafted Jadeveon Clowney.  This team has a ton of talent. Unfortunately, none of the quarterbacks on their roster are the answer.  This team should win more than two games, but don’t expect them to be over .500.

Washington Redskins

The Redskins are in a similar spot as the Chicago Bulls.  The Bulls need Derrick Rose to be at 75% if what he was in 2011 if they want to be a real threat.  Same for the Redskins with RG3.  RG3 during his rookie season was flashy and took his team to the playoffs.  He got hurt, and hasn’t been the same since.  The Redskins, like the Texans, are very talented, especially on the offensive side of the ball.  Desean Jackson came over from Philly, which should boost the passing production.  Really, the Redskins need let RG3 do what he does. Let him make plays out of the pocket, but make sure he is smart.  The defense is better, which could make this team a threat in the NFC East.

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