The NFL One Player Per Position Team

This is pretty much a all-pro team. What I am really doing is listing the best players at their position, and putting them on one team.  Also, send me sports questions at  I will put a column together once I get enough.

The NFL season is approaching faster by the day. In one of my many previews, this one will go through the best player at each position. Not by conference or division, one team. This isn’t based on stats or expectations, or fantasy, it’s simply talent.


QB: Aaron Rodgers-  Rodgers has so much talent.  He missed most of the last season, but there is no way Peyton Manning has the season he did last year. Tom Brady, well he’s kinda like the Spurs, you can’t count him out.  But, receivers are on a shortage in New England, and age is creeping up.

RB: Adrian Peterson- Peterson gets the edge over Lesean McCoy.  Peterson is faster and more explosive, but McCoy is your power.  In a position that is disrespected and undervalued in this age, Peterson has all.

FB: Mike Tolbert-  Why?  He’s got it all. He can block and catch screens and passes out of the backfield and he can run for power up the middle on 3rd downs.

WR: Calvin Johnson-  This really isn’t a debate. Calvin Johnson has been the best wide-out for the past three years.  He’s big and fast.  Throw the ball up and he will get it.

TE: Jimmy Graham-  If his tag on says tight end, he’s tight end. Done.  Anyways, he plays like a wide-out. He runs wide-out routes and catches the ball.  Graham is a athletic freak, which solidifies the spot.

C: Alex Mack- The Browns recently locked him up, which is a good thing.  Mack destroys people on the offensive line.  He is a especially good run blocker, and will probably get better.

OG: Louis Vasquez- He is great in the pass block.  Very mobile for a big guy.  You can spread your line out and not worry about someone getting pass him.

OT: Joe Staley- Unlike Vasquez, Staley is better in run block, but is working on his pass blocking.  Staley is locked up until 2019, which is a great thing for the Niners.


DT: Haloti Ngata- No matter what, Ngata will make tackles. He is huge at 340 pounds.  Although he isn’t a sacker, he will still make plays.

DE: JJ Watt- Not many words are needed here.  He sacks and swats.  He is un-guardable. Watt forces turnovers and tackles anyone with the ball.

LB: Patrick Willis- Look, Luke Kechley is animal, no doubt, but he is still young and honsetly, isn’t close to where he will be in the coming years.  For right now, it’s Patrick Willis.  The dude is incredibly fast and can do it all. He makes the plays. Defending tight ends to sacking the quarterback.  Navarro Bowman, his teammate, is also a top 5 linebacker in the league. That’s scary core.

CB: Patrick Peterson- This has been in the news lately.  Lots of debate has taken place this summer about it.  Look, Sherman is really good.  No doubt.  Sherman has a attitude, and is very aggressive, but Peterson is faster and has better ball skills.  And yes, Darrelle Revis had consideration here. I don’t believe he will be Revis Island in New England, but he will definitely be a top five cornerback in this league.

SS: Kam Chancellor- Yup, we will see teammates in the safety spots.  Chancellor is huge.  At 6’3, 232 pounds, he’s the last guy you want to get hit by.

FS: Earl Thomas-  Unlike Chancellor, Thomas is tiny. However, the guy can cover, He reads the play faster than anyone. He is a key contributor of the Legion of Boom, and will continue to prove it.

P: Shane Lechler- Punters are people too.  Anyways, Lechler is known for his control.  Rarely does his punts go out of bounds.  After moving on from the Raiders, he went to Houston, a indoor stadium, which helps him even more with his control.

K: Justin Tucker- Tucker has played two seasons in the NFL, and has hit 91% of his attemps.  He is the next best in the league.

That’s it!  Again, this is one of many previews I will do.  It’s going to a busy next three weeks at hippelsportshub.

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