Andy Dalton Cashes In

Mike Brown, the Bengals Owner and GM, has been scrutinized in the past. Whether it be not giving up the GM spot or not cooperating with Government, he is known for not being very successful. His resume was really buried in the toilet by the media when he gave Andy Dalton $16 million a year on Monday. Dalton was entering a contract year, and talks surrounded his free agency next spring.

So what’s the real problem with the contract? It’s the length.  This contract could be terrible in six years.  Dalton in year five he could be on the bench, because the Bengals didn’t realize that he has flaws, or they thought he would get them to the Super Bowl.

However, it could also be a great contract.  Dalton could develop more, and become a elite quarterback. The could become real contenders.  The Bengals are super talented. Great defense and receivers to back up Dalton.  If Dalton plays well, watch out.

If I were the Bengals, I would’ve waited until after this season. It is risky, but what team would be so desperate to get Dalton to the point were they would over pay him? Oakland? Jacksonville? Exactly.  See what happens this season.  Make sure you know he’s the guy.  Then, if you feel that he is, sit him down and work it out.  Dalton’s value is probably in the $12-14 million range. It may not seem different than what he will make with this contract. But when you have a injury and need to sign a cheap veteran, that’s when the extra $2-4 million comes in handy.  Again, the Bengals didn’t completely lose their mind, but they went on the pricey side.

The next quarterback who will get a decent extension will be Alex Smith of the Kansas City Chiefs.  He is a free agent this Spring, and would’eve been more sought after than Dalton.  It sounds like they are close, but are struggling to find middle ground.  If I had my way, he gets more than Dalton, but I wouldn’t of paid Dalton $16 million.  You pay Dalton $13 million, and give Smith no more than what Dalton is actually making.  If you lost me, you give Andy Dalton $13 million, and Alex Smith $16 million. Why? Smith is more experienced, has more playoff success, and threw less interceptions than Dalton this year, way less.  Smith has the better arm, in terms of throwing down the field.  Smith is older, and Dalton’s best days are hopefully in front of him.

The contract can go both ways.  But overall, it was a good move by the Bengals. A quarterback is very important in this league, and having one locked up is a priority.



One thought on “Andy Dalton Cashes In

  1. John Rich

    Great piece Hunter, I don’t think anybody can predict Dalton’s performance 5 years from now. And I agree with your thoughts on Alex Smith.

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